Its been a busy few days for my Puppies again :-D


Here are just a few random photos from the 11th from out puppy-play-time xx

        Curlyfriends Parti Poodle Curlyfriends Parti Poodle  Curlyfriends Parti Poodle Curlyfriends Parti Poodle 


Awwww we had a great Puppy-Training-Walk on Monday - it was not sunny but no rain either hihih
Mum and me went to the Needham Market lake with Prentiss. Zaphira, Melody and Kahlan came along.
Prentiss did not hunt the ducks OR the silly rabbit which run over our path lol
She walked off lead past other people without bothering them :-D
She did not run up to other dogs but stayed close to me when I tell her so and she of course comes to the whistle.
And for the first time today - she stopped happily at the bridge and waited for us to catch up with her and then we crossed the bridge together <3
She stayed close when a train went by (A fence stops the dogs from going on the railway, but there is only 2 to 3m gap between us and the train so its still very loud)
And as another dog run up to us she stayed calm and friendly and followed me after I blow the whistle.
I am TOOOOTLLY OVER THE MOON with how she is coming along - there is still a lot for her to learn, understand and see but its going good :-)

  Curlyfriends Parti Poodle   

Tuesday was a busy day too :-)

In the morning Mum, the 3 Puppies and me went to Ipswich into the town.

Then after a good play at home and exercising the doggies Mum, the 3 Puppies and me went all the way to Stanstat airport to pick up my sister who will stay with us for a little holiday :-) We left home at just after 3pm and we returned at about 6.40pm and the Puppies have been great the whole journey <3 <3 <3 Lucky they slept most of the time hihihi 

    Curlyfriends Parti Poodle

And then our long car journey :-D

... sorry, one video is sideways :-(

Wednesday was our "Boy´s Day"

Mum, my sister Kerstin, the Puppies Primus and Phoenix and me went to the Needham Market Lake for a lovely walk and some Puppy Training. Zaphira and Kahlan have joined us. It was a great morning - veeeery cold but sunny! All of the doggies have been fine and the Puppies had lots of opportunities to show what they have already learned, bless them. They too, stayed close when people walked by and they would not run off to meet other people or their dogs! Te ducks and other birds where very interesting, but not a problem and the whistle was still a great help :-)

     Curlyfriends Parti Poodle  

We walked passed this house today. The colours of the flowers are much brighter and so beautiful in real ... just to remember everyone lol its JANUARY hihihi


And if you think, that th puppies are now exhauste and tired,then you ae wrong lol We all had a good play in the garden once we where back at home and the puppies enjoyed it too xx

Curlyfriends Parti Poodle      Curlyfriends Parti Poodle     Curlyfriends Parti Poodle Curlyfriends Parti Poodle


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