Frosty mornings are the best :-D

All of my 10 Doggies and 5 Puppies are totally exhausted and tired after an over 1 hour play and run in the garden and the best is - they are still clean and almost dry lol I am still trying to get warm again and the coffee does not seem to help me hihihi I guess its better if I would run a bit more with my doggies instead of just standing there to take photos and videos ;-)

I know that most of the photos are out of focus, but thats as good as I can get them :-( Its still to early in the morning and therefore the light is not very good which my camera does not like grrrrrrr

But I hope you still enjoy them xx


And now a few videos :-D

Elias has joined us :-)

Awww bless her <3 I bet Omgy would like to be a Standard Poodle now :-D

Kijara and Prentiss

Mother and Daughter <3

The Minis are sooooo incredible fast! Melody loves to race around, bless her.

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