On this site I would like to show more photos from our O-litter and P-litter. This will be a mixture of photos while they play, explore the worls and devellop. Please understand, that I do not have a preference on which Puppy I am taking the photo off, but that I will just take photos as the situation happens and then will later see on the PC if the photo is any good or not! To take good photo, which are focosed and not blurred, can be very complicated when the Puppies are aktive and playing. But I still hope that you all gone enjoy this page xxx


Here are some photos from our bivouacs :-) The view is from my bed.

All 17 Puppies :-D Now its time to let my doggies out again before we all go to bed. 

All doggies, my 2 families and me have settled for the night. I did made sure that each Puppy has a place at the milk to make sure that we all get a good start in the night.


Zaphira has left the nest for a drink and Kijara has made her self comfortable for the night. All the Puppies are now finding their place - either with a Mummy or under the heat lamp <3

Zaphira is also back in the nest and I have put a few blankets down which the Puppies love to cuddle up with :-)



Thought I will share a few more photos :-)

This onse are from yesterday, from one of our Puppy-cuddle-times which we now have 3x a day. My doggies are enjoying the short time with the Puppies and its nice to see how they care for them. The Puppies are more aktive and it seems that they are enjoying the visitors too - they try to play <3 <3 <3

I have more photos on the camera from last night when we went to bed, so I will try to get them online later today :-)


This are the Photos from last night :-D Castiel completly refused to go into his cage as he was still busy with cleaning all the Puppies, bless him. So I decided to let him do what he things needs to be done and to take a few photos hihihi I know they are not of such a good quality, but I still want to share them. Once he was all done, he settled next to the nest and as I told him to go to bed he got up and went to bed with out any problems lol He is such a good Daddy :-)



Soooooo :-) Now it was time to set up the Puppy Pens as almost all 17 Puppies decided that it is fun to walk around at night to find their Mummy which made me get up several times to put them back to bed. The pen is not big enough for both families so I had to seperate them but that quite good at the moment due to the mentally devellopment of the puppies. The Spoos are 3 days younger and they are "Spoos" so they need a bit longer for everything, bless them.

The Borderdoodles have already got their toilet and I am very happy to say, that they have already used it between the first and secound meal :-D The Spoos will get their toilet in a few days, once they are more mobile mentally "ready" for it.



Just a few Photos from last night :-) Adoro has been here for a visit and he has met the Borderdoodles and his Granchildren. He was such a good boy and it was so heartwarming to see them all interacting like this <3 <3 <3 One big family. Kahlan absolutly loves all this Puppies and she takes proud care of them. She will be an amazing Mummy in the future <3


Aunty La Vita, Mummy Kijara, Daddy Castiel, Grandma Lilly, Grandad Adoro, Aunty Kahlan and the 2 Puppies Prentiss and Peter <3 <3 <3



Just a few more photos from one of our yesterday aktive play-times :-)

Yesterday was the first time, that the Puppies have gone back into the nest as they got tired :-D And a few even came to me to cuddle up with me and to sleep, bless them - this is a very big step into the right direction :-D


Lilly was the first to escape the Puppies, bless her :-)

Lets eat Castiel hihihi

Elia has come to say Hallo to us <3

Awww - its time to go to bed and turn our adventure playground into my bed room again ;-)


*** SECOUND UPDATE :-) ***

I thought I will share a few more photos and a video from our play-time as the Puppies got a new toy :-)

My room lol all clean and tidy again ... untill the next play time :-)



Its been a very busy day for the Puppies :-) All 17 had a play-time in the garden and a play-time in our kitchen.They have been a bit unsure at first but then they started to enjoy it and started to play, bless them. The weather is really nice here so I guess that they will get lots of garden play-times hihihi And it is important for them to get used to the kitchen, as thats were they sone gone sleep.


Here are the photos of the Puppies secound adventure - of course after a very good reast and sleep in the Puppypens!

I have also started to feed the Spoos this morning and they all loved the tripe :-) So, while we where all busy in the kitchen I decided to get the Puppies secound meal ready and feed them there. I also TRYED to get some nice standing photos ... well, some photos are better then the other and I surly have to practise more lol But never mind, here they are :-D

Olivia and Oreana

Omero and Ophelius

Orion and Omgy

Primus and Percy

Penelope and Piccolo

Prince Charming and No.6

Pharrell and Prince Pepe

Peter and Phoenix

And last but not least




And here are a few photos from one of our todays adventure :-) This puppies are fat to entertaining lol its very hard to get off the foor and stop taking photos :-/

And this is photo which showed me once more, that it is a good idea to have the camera ready when the puppies are playing looool Omero is of course 4-legged, but this is just to funny xx




We all had a great playtime in the garden :-D The Puppies are getting more brave and are enjoying it to be out side now as they have been there a few times, bless them. It is still quite easy for me to keep an eye on all Puppies when we are out, as they are never to far away from our play area, but I so very well know, that this will soon change hihih

2 veeeery brave Puppies :-D Meeting the cat and the tunnel for the first time (Elias tried to avoid the Puppies lol)


Our strong boy Pharrell, bless him.

ups :-/ lol I was hoping that the Puppies would not find this place that fast hihihi Kijara used to dig here while she was pregnant.

WOOOW - someone is surly taking after his proud Daddy :-D This is Prince Charming <3

Pepe is enjoying a little snack hihih

Sweet boy Pharrell  



Well, its been that time already All 17 Puppies have been moved into the kitchen last night and they are now sharing a Puppy Pen again. I was a bit worried at first as I did not know how the Puppies will be and I feld bad about seperating them from us and the Mummies, but the Puppies have showed me veeeery fast, that I do not need to worry. We put them to bed at roughly 7:30pm and I woke them up again for a nightly play-time. All have been very relaxed and happy. They have been clean in the pen and the "leading the Puppies out" went very well too (apart of 4 puddles on the way out hihihi) Then I got a big surprise this morning When Kijara, Zaphira and me went into the kitchen we saw 17 very sleepy and relaxed Puppies. But they all came to life as they realised that its us, bless them. I have then unlocked the doors, put Kijara in to the Pen, told Zaphira to wait outside and then leaded the Puppies out to the patio. I got overtaking by quite a few Puppies who have been greeted by Zaphira. But there have been again 4 puddles lol The Puppies have been very clean through the night - one poo next to the toilet, one in the toilet and one puddle in the toilet. I have put all the Puppies back to bed after their morning playtime and all 17 Puppies slept in the kitchen and I hardly hear a sound from them - I am one proud doggy mummy. We have had a few play-times already today and we got down to 2 puddles in the conservatory when I leaded the Puppies out :-) All 17 are happy to go back to sleep when I put them into the pen and they stay calm and quiet untill I go and wake them up again :-D

Olivia and Omero


Omgy and Ophelius

Oreana and Orion

No.6 and Prince Charming

Penelope and Prince Pepe

Percy and Peter

Pharrell and Phoenix

Piccolo and Primus

And last but not least




Just a quick update :-D

All 17 Puppies are veeery well. They grow and devellop nicely. The house training is coming along sooooo very well and I am incredible proud of my babies (I know I should not talk like this lol)

When the Puppies are in their Puppypen and I let them out, then we go streight out to the patio for toilet and it works like a teat and today I tryed to get all the Puppies out for toilet while they where in the dining room playing or sleeping! - Through the dining room, into the kitchen, round the corner, through the conservatory to the patio with 17 playfull and some sleepy Puppies who just started to wake up and only 3!!! puddles half way out :-D

And for the first time today I tryed to lead the Puppies into the Piuppygarden.
Normaly Mum would have passed them to me through the windo or I would use a basket lol
But I think, that the Puppies did very well They did form small groups so I had to go backwards and forwards 3X to lead all the Puppies into the garden, BUT it did worked hihihih
The way back into the house was much better - one big group of 15 Puppies - so incredible sweet .
Prentiss stoped at the waterbowl to dring and another puppy was still at sleep, bless him.

I have added 2 new videos below. One to show our race from the Puppypen to the Patio and then a small video from leading the Puppies into the garden.

I also have quite a few photos safed on my camera, which I will post as soon as possible. The last few days have been quite busy here with all doggies, puppies, the training and the lovely families which we had here for a visit. All 17 Puppies enjoyed the extra attention and cuddles, bless them.



And another busy morning :-)

After waking up the Puppies and gave them a good playtime, then taking care of the doggies and then again waking up the Puppies (for some reason they do not sleep very long between the first early morning playtime and the secound playtine lol) for their secound playtime and their hand feeding I finally found some time to fight my way through over 300photos lol I only safed the best ones as its just impossible to past all but I hope you enjoy them :-D

This photos are from I think Monday :-) At that time I still needed Mums help to get all 17 Puppies into the Puppygarden hihih


I passed the Puppies on to Mum through the window once we finished out playtime and this is how I found them by the time I got into the house :-D I guess they all had a great time <3 <3 <3

The following photos are from Tuesday - just a few to show our playground on the patio :-)

This photos are from yesterday :-) The Puppies are now following me out into the garden and back into the house which makes it much easier for me ;-) There are no photos from Wednesday as we had families come to see the Puppies so it was a busy day anyway. But I have to say, that the Puppies done very well and they loooooved the extra attention, play and cuddles, bless them.


Yesterday was also the first time that I gave hooves to the Puppies :-) The hooves used to be filled. but I first gave them to the doggies lol The Puppies really enjoyed them and it kept them entertained or quite some time. I will now use the hooved to keep the Puppies busy while I do the one-2-one training. The training dose not take longer then 10 minutes so they all get enough time with the hooves.

Chewing the hooves is such a hard job, bless them :-)

It was quite meeeessy and a tiny bit smelly, but the Puppies loved it so much and it was such a hjoy to watch them :-D This was the first time that I gave them large pieces of tripe and it will not be the last time hihihi Charming was the only one who did not like to share and so he tooked one piece and went off hihihi

So thats it .... for the moment ;-) I still have a few videos which I will add tonight xx



The steam iron station is no probem for our Puppies :-D

It was time to wake up the Puppies for toilet and some playtime :-) All apart of one came out hihihi

Oreana was still very tired and not to impressed of me trying to wake her up, bless her. We all went out into the Puppies Garden once I fetched Oreana.

The way back into the house went very well :-D Just 3 Puppies got "lost" hihihi (don´t worry, the poor Puppy is all fine. Its quite annoying of the legs do not work the way the head plans it, bless him.)


Dinner is ready :-D The Puppies enjoying their first chicken necks 2 nights ago :-) They done very well!


The Puppies have shown me yesterday how grown up they already are :-)
I normally would put the Puppies into their Puppypen when I am busy in the house as I am not able to supervise them and I really do not want to keep cleaning up after them. They ofcourse would have had a great playtime and are tired when I lock them up!
But I thought that the time is slowly coming where the Puppies should learn, that the House is NOT a playground.
So yesterday I let the Puppies free run with my doggies while I would catch up with the cleaning, that means they have the dining room, kitchen, conservatory and the door to the patio area is open.
All of my doggies knew whats gone be as soon as I started to prepare the mopping water and so they all settled nicely. And the Puppies done the same :-D
It was so relaxing and calm with in 2 minutes and I could not hear a sound while I was busy in my room and in the corridor. I did checked on my Puppies every now and again and it was such a blessing to see them like that.
The Puppies did started to get a bit aktive after some time but they kept them selfs busy with the hooves but they where still quiet.
Once I was finish we all went outside and I only had to clean up one puddle in the dinning room.
hihihi It looks as if I am taking over again ;-)
The Spoos are 5 weeks and 4 days and the Borderdoodles are 6 weeks - I am so proud of my little rascals <3 <3 <3

Here are a few photos from yesterday morning. Its still very early and most of my doggies - especially La Vita - would rather be in bed, bless them xx

It was also time to get the Puppies used to the pram :-)


Yesterday was another busy day :-)

The Puppies got a new toy but they have not been to impressed by it lol They checked it out and that was it hihih Aaaaand I finally found time to start the car training :-D Everything went well yesterday and the Puppies did not needed long to settle and to fall asleep, bless them. They have also been in the car today but today they played for a bit longer. I thought they will never fall asleep loool (the photos and videos are from yesterday)

And a few videos :-)

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