F1b Borderdoodles

I am very proud to announce the safe arrivel of 6 very sweet F1b Borderdoodles. Mum and all babies are very well.


Zaphira, Brown Merle, 17.5"/44.5cm

clear for prcd-PRA through parents

Past Yearly Health Check, Heart sounds normal

Free of Patella Luxation, holds a clear Eye Examination.

DNA tested for MH "A"/clear    -   DNA tested for HUU "A"/clear    -    DNA tested for NCL "A"/clear    -     DNA tested for TNS "A"/clear    -     DNA tested for Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI "A"/clear    -     DNA tested Gray Collie Syndrome "A"/clear    -     DNA tested for Cone Degeneration "A"/clear    -     DNA tested for PLL "A"/clear

She has a DNA pass which clears her for 85+ diseases and she is DNA profiel

Her genetic health index is 116

Jasper, Apricot and white, 15.3"/39cm

past yearly health check, heart is normal

Free of Patella Luxation, Clear Eye Screening

DNA tested for prcd-PRA "A"/clear    -     DNA testd for vWD1 "A"/clear    -     DNA tested for HUU "A"/clear    -     DNA testd for MH "A"/clear    -     DNA tested for Cone Degeneration "A"/clear    -     DNA tested for PLL "A"/clear

He has a DNA pass which clears him for 85+ diseases and he is DNA profield

His genetic health index is 99

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OLIVIA/going home with her big brother Kato        OREANA/going home with Jean        OMERO/going home with Emily    

   OPHELIUS/going home with Brenda        ORION/went home with Debbie        O.M.G./went home with Tracy


**** Please click here for a few videos from the 22.10.2014****


4 weeks done :-D



 We done 5 weeks now and her babytummies is starting to show. Zaphira is doing very well.

Zaphira started with 36.5cm and her tummy is now 39cm :-D




6 weeks done and 3 to go :-)

 Zaphira is still as playful and aktive as always, bless them. Her tummies is growing nicely but I think Zaphira is still trying to hide hers lol but that is getting hader lol



Awww 7 weeks done and 2 more to go :-D

Zaphira has still not slowed down and she is as playful and aktive as always lol To see her playing and running with the others does make me feel a bit uncomfortable, but she knows whats going on - so I hope - and I am sure she knows her limits too. Her tummy is very small compared with her last pregnancy so I guess her Puppies are not in her way hihihihi

I have also been able to SEE Zaphiras Puppies moving for the first time today <3 <3 <3


The countdown has begun :-D Just one more week.

Both girls are fine, eating as if there is no tomorrow, are veeeery cuddly aaaaand Zaphira has finally slowed down lol She is reasting much more and has cutdown on her playing, bless her. Both girls are filling out nicely and we are now able to easily see the Puppies moving hihihi

I will have to re-arrange my bedroom today so that I can set up both puerperium. 


8.5 weeks done and the long waiting has started hihihi

Zaphira is doing great, eating well and is very comfortable. The Puppies are very active and are getting ready for whelping.


We are now on day 62 and both girls are happily holding on to their Puppies, bless them.

Zaphira now weight 13Kg and her tummy is 63cm big.

Zaphiras lovely babytummy <3 <3 <3


9 weeks are done and we are all very excitingly waiting for the Puppies :-D

Zaphira now weights 13.3Kg and her tummy is 65cm


Zaphiras Puppies have safely arrived <3 <3 <3

No.1 Green Spirit´s Olivia - Brown Merle girl - born at 11.04am - 328g
No.2 Green Spirit´s Oreana - Brown Mismarked girls - born at 12.21pm - 329g
No.3 Green Spirit´s Omero - Brown Mismarked boy - born at 12.33pm - 295g
No.4 Green Spirit´s Ophelius - Brown Merle boy - born at 13.04pm - 310g
No.5 Green Spirit´s Orion - Brown Merle boy - born at 13.24pm - 310g
No.5 Green Spirit´s O.M.G. (Omgy)- Brown Merle Parti girl - born at 14.01pm - 296g

Zaphira, die Babies und ich bedanken uns für die viele guten Wünsche xxx

Zaphira, the Puppies and me are saying thank you for all the good wishes xxx



Zaphira and her 2 days old PUppies are all well :-D She is a fantastic mummy and takes proud care of her little babies. The Puppies are very strong and aktive, its hard to belive that they are only 2 days old hihihi All of them have started to put weight on which is easy as Zaphira has enough milk for 10 Puppies, bless her.



Here are a few more photos :-D

Zaphira and all 6 babies are fine. They are all growing nicely. Zaphira and Kijara are sharing my bedroom with no problems :-D Zaphira even addopted a Puppies which has crawled into her nest last night, bless her. I just love my doggies <3



Our Borderdoodles are 1 week old today and all 6 of them are fine <3 <3 <3 They are growing like weeds and they are starting to get very round hihihi Zaphira has plenty of milk and is happy to feed some of Kijara´s Puppies too, bless her. Zaphira is spending the daytime together with her Puppies in our dining room, under the computer table.  Thats where she whelped her last years litter and this litter and she clearly showed me that she does not like to stay in my bed room alone ... I would say that she trained me very well :-) All of my other doggies know that the nest is a no-no and they respect this, even thought that it is getting hard for them to resist the puppies. Castiel has been asking to help with the puppies since they where born but Zaphira did not allowe him, but his patience has been payed out today as he was allowed to the the "morning wash" together with Zaphira. He so much loves is "adoptice babies".

The girls

The boys



I have added the first Puppy Videos from our Puppy-training :-D You can find them on the induvidually Puppy page.

All 6 Puppies are doing very well and so is Zaphira, bless them. The Puppies are 12 days old today and a few have already started to open their eyes! Gosh,they looks so cute now <3 <3 <3



Our sweet Borderdoodles are 2 weeks old today :-) All are doing very well and they all have started to open their eyes or they have their eyes open already. You don´t see it very well in the Puppy photos, but thats because most of them have fallen asleep, bless them. But let me tell you, they all look sooooo sweet now with their eyes open <3 <3 <3 It will only be a few more days untill I have to set up the Puppy pen so that I can start toilet train the Puppies and to stop them from escaping the nest lol The grooming training is coming along so very well and its nice to see that they all fall asleep on my lap while I run the trimmer over their little faces. All 6 of them have started to play, well they try hihihih.



A nother week went by and our Borderdoodles are now 3 weeks old. All 6 of them are well. They grow and devellop nicely. Their eyes and ears are now fully open and working quite good hihihi All of them have startede to play - with each other, my doggies, on their own and toys - its so nice to watch. They have also had their first timm and they all done very well. I think they look so sweet now with their shaved faces and paws :-) The toilet training is coming along very well and our daily routin is helping them to sleep and reast untill our next aktive play-time :-) The weekly photos will show you lots of sleepy Puppies as for some reason they all decided its sleeping time as I got everything ready for the photo shooting, bless them. But I have also added a small video from the Puppies too ;-) At the moment it looks like we gone have 6 Poodle-like Puppies. So they are low to non moulting BUT they will requier regularly grooming, just like a Poodle!



I have added a new video to each Puppy page from our Puppy training :-D All 6 done very well and I am very pleased with how they behaved xx



Gosh, they are 4 weeks now and suddenly they turn into doggies :-) All 6 are very well and there have been some great mentally devellopments during the week + the Puppy training is coming along so well too.

I have used the last week to get the Puppies used to the hoover. I have used the hoover 4 to 6 times a day while the Puppies have been in the Puppy Pen with their Mummies for a feed or after our aktive play-time when they got tired again. During this training they only saw the hoover at the other end of my room, but they could hear it and therefore they where able to get used to the loud noise. For the first days they all - including the Spoos - have been quite nervous about it, but the more I used the hoover the more relaxed they got untill they did not reacted to the noise at all :-D So yesterday I decided to give it a try and see if I can use the hoover while cleaning the nest and it was a totally success :-D The hoover is now a normal part of the Puppies life hihihi

I would also say, that the "toilet training" has completed as the Puppies are using the toilet for about 97% :-D

The 6 of them have also had their face and paws shaved again and the trimmer is no longer a problem - well it never really was a problem hihihi. But we need to work on the "keep still" over the next weeks lol I can not play with the Puppies AND trimm them at the same time ;-)

The aktive play-times are not getting any longer yet, BUT the Puppies are using this times much better with much more playing, running and having fun :-) Some have also found the way into the corridor hihihi I always leave a few cages open, so that my doggies are able to "ascape" the Puppies as no one is safe when they are free running, bless them.

Soooo, what else hihihi ...

I know have to shut the Puppy pen gate hihihi The Puppies have worked out where the exit is and have started to climb over the fence - little monsters.

Our daily routine !!! Saturday has showed me HOW VERY IMPORTAND and USEFULL our rountine is! The Puppies are always so relaxed, happy, confident and still sleepy when I go and wake them up. Sometimes I have the feeling, that they are already waiting for me, but are still calm as they know I will come, bless them. But on Saturday morning I run late - about 20minutes - and as I went in my room I could see that the Puppies were still in their nest waiting for me, but as they realised that I am now there, they suddenly started to get hyper! And I mean really HYPER :-( I feeled so sorry for my Puppies and eventhought that Zaphira and Kijara have come along it still took a while before they all calmed down again and started to nurse :-( .... I feeled sooooo bad ... This incidence will surly teach me! But no worries - all 17 Puppies have been as happy as can be once I was back into our routine <3

I have also started to feed the Doodles :-) They had their first meal of freash tripe last night and another meal this morning. To say that they loved it is an underestimate hihihi They will now get 3 meals of fripe each day - feed by HAND! for 3 days in a row and then I will start to introduce beef, lamb and chicken :-) I bet they gone love it. I will not start to add the commercial dog food untill the Puppies are 6 weeks!



My Borderdoodles are 5 weeks old today and they are getting better and better - from the outside and the inside I am totally over the moon with my hybrids. I can´t wait to bath the Puppies as their Poodle Coat will then show more. And there will be a loooooot of learning and exploring this week hihihhihih The car training is on top of my to-do-list.



6 weeks are done and they all had their first bath :-) They have not been to impressed about the bath and drying but have been ok. They will soon get used to it lol All 6 Puppies have got a very thick Poodle Coat. Gosh, they look so cute all fluffed up hihih They all have a very out going, playfull amd nosily  character and their one-2-one training is coming along nicely :-) They can be a bit concerned in a new situation but yet they are brave enough to explore with me and to find out that everything is fine and that its gone be fun. The eye colour has started to change and it looks as if we gone have some lovely blue eyed Puppies <3

This is surly an amazing litter - from the inside and the outside! I am totally in love with the babies <3

I do have to admit, that we have not started the car training yet :-( There is so much to do with the Puppies that I have not found enough spare time yet. But I will do my best to hopefully get it sorted this week :-/



The Puppies have been 8 weeks yesterday and all of them are doing very well :-)

... I am sorry for the short update in the morning, but as its was another busy day I decided to just use one of the breaks where the Puppies sleep and to get at least the photos sorted hihihi

Omero has left for his new homes yesterday and so far its all goning very well <3

The reming 5 Puppies are doing so very well and they had great fun with a puppy family who visited us yesterday and one puppy family who visited us today - I am glade to say, that non of my puppies are people shy hihihih

Ophelius and Oreana have both found their families but both are staying just a bit longer with us. They both gone be family pets but I am happy to say that they will also be trained for agility and obediance. I bet they gone love it.

Orion, Omgy and Olivia are still waiting for their own family and they too would make great aktivity dogs. They are surly no couch potatos!



The Borderdoodles have been 9 weeks yesterday :-) They all had another bath and FFT trim.All 5 of them are doing very well and are full of life and energy, bless them. Its so funny to watch them play and its amazing to see how FAST they already are!

Olivia, Omgy and Orion are still waiting for their own family xxx



We have reached the 10th week :-) Oreana has left us for her own family and she is also setteling in nicely.

The last 3 available Puppies + Ophelius have been to the Vets today - 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon! - They are now Vet Health Checked, Micro Chipped and have also received their first Puppy vaccination.

Olivia - All well

Oreana- All well, but has an Umbilical Hernia

Omero - All well

Ophelius - All well

Orion - All well

O.M.G. - All well



We still have Omgy and Orion available to the right home. Both of them are doing very well and their training is coming along nicely :-D Please CLICK HERE to see photos and videos of their first whistle-training-walk.