Parti Standard Poodle

I am very proud to announce the safe arrivel of 11 Parti Standard Poodles. Mum and all Puppies are doing well.

This is Kijaras third litter and Castiels first litter. No words can describe how very excited I am about this litter :-) And how happy I am to know that all Babies have arrived safe. Kijara had a 26 months break from breeding, so I was excited but also nervous too.

I have planned this breeding over 5 years ago and its just amazing to see this beautifull Puppies laying here with us now <3.

Kijara´s first litter was to Audigoes Charlie Bubbles(F1, Blue Mismarked) who is the halfbrother to Lilly and Lilly is Castiel´s mother.

Kijara´s secound litter was to Adoro(F1, Blue Mismarked) who is Castiels father.

So this litter is to Catiel(F2, Cream Parti) who is a combination of the sires to the Kijara´s first 2 litters :-D 

Both of the first 2 litters had some very stunning Puppies in it and I am totally over the moon, to see that Kijara and Castils breeding have followed the pattern. Now we just have to wait and see how this Puppies keep develloping - its gone be a very exciting time watching them grow <3 <3 <3


Kijara, Brown Brindle Parti, 24"/61cm

BVA Hip score of 11    

DNA tested CLEAR for:  Degenerative Myelopathy, Hyperuricosuria, MH (Malignant Hyperthermia), Neonatal encephalopathy (NE) and von Willebrand disease Type I (vWD I

Clear Eye Examination

Castiel, Cream Parti, 26"/65cm

Passed yearly health check,

heart sounds normal without any audible heart murmur

Clear Eye Examination

BVA Hip Score of 8

Please CLCK HERE to see photos from the whelping.

Please  klick here to see more photos of this Puppies and the O-litter.

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Please click on the induvidually names to get to the Puppy´s page.

PRIMUS/going home with Ted        PERCY/went home with Adoro      PENELOPE/going home with Bridget    

PLICCOO/going home with Suzanna        PRINCE CHARMING/going home with Alexandra

Princess Roxy/going home with Elizabeth   

  PHARRELL/going home with Les&Sandra        PRINCE PEPE/going home with Emily    

PETER/sold         PHOENIX/going home with Sylvia        PRENTISS/going home with Jane

*****Please click here to see a few videos from the 22.10.2014*****


4 weeks done :-D


5 weekd done

Kijara´s tummy started with 50cm and she alread got 58cm :-D




6 weeks done and 3 to go :-)

 Kijara is all well and has calmed more down but still enjoyes her walks bless her. Her tummy is showing nicely now :-)




Awww 7 weeks done and 2 more to go :-D

Kijara is doing very well and she had the first family come to meet her. She enjoyed the extra attention and now we are all hoping for a little girl to be born :-D

She is now on 3 meals a day and Kijara surly lets me know when I am late lol She would eat all day long if she could have it her way, but eventhought that they need more food at the moment I still have to watch out that she does not get fat as that could lead to complications during whelping :-( poor girl, but I promissed adlibitum food once the Puppies have arrived :-)

And today I was finally able to feel Kijaras Puppies move :-D This is something which normaly starts at 6 weeks, so she kept me waiting hihihi




The countdown has begun :-D Just one more week.

Kijara is all fine, eating as if there is no tomorrow, she is veeeery cuddly  lol  Kijara is filling out nicely and we are now able to easily see the Puppies moving hihihi

I will have to re-arrange my bedroom today so that I can set up both puerperium. 




8.5 weeks done and the long waiting has started hihihi

Kijara is all fine and her Puppies are very aktive, bless them.




We are now on day 62 ... no signs of whelping but Kijara is all well.

Kijara weight now 26.7Kg and her tummy is 83cm big.




9 weeks are done and we are all very excitingly waiting for the Puppies :-D

Kijara is very well, but I do think, that she is getting fed up with her pregnancy :-/ The trouble is, that there are no signs at all which would show that the Puppies will arrive soon, so it could still be a few days for them and us.

Kijara now weights 27Kg and her tmmy was 83cm big this morning BUT I measured her just 5 minutes agao and her tummy is now 85cm !!!! Its hard to belive that her Puppies are still growing. If she is still pregnant by the morning, then I will measure her tummy again lol




Kjara is still holding on to her Puppies, bless her.

She now weights 27.9Kg and her tummy measures 85.5cm ... I really hope that the Puppies will come very soon xxx



I am very proud to say that Kijara has safely delivered 11 Puppies yesterday. Mum and Puppies are all fine and I could not be more proud of her and Castiel

 No1. Curlyfriends Primus - Black Parti male - born at 5.18am - 370g

No.2 Curlyfriends Percy - Black Parti boy - born at 6.19pm - 410g

No. 3 Curlyfriends Penelope - Sable Parti girl - born at 6.48am - 368g

No.4 Curlyfriends Piccolo - Black Parti boy - born at 7.46am - 343g

No.5 Curlyfriends Prince Charming - Sable Tuxedo boy - born at 7.54am - 348g

No.6 Curlyfriends ??? (not named yet) - Black Parti girl - born at 9.05am - 375g

No.7 Curlyfriends Pharrell - Sable Parti boy - born at 9.28am - 366g

No. 8 Curlyfriends Prince Pepe by K. - Sable Tuxedo boy - born at 10.32am - 278g

No. 9 Curlyfriends Peter - Black Parti boy - born at 11.17am - 391g

No. 10 Curlyfriends Phoenix - Sable Parti boy - born at 12.03pm - 346g

No.11 Curlyfriends Prentiss - Black Parti girl - born at 13.39pm - 380g


Kijara, die Welpis und ich bedanken uns für die vielen und schöne Glückwünsche xxx

Kijara, the Puppies and me are saying thank you for all the good wishes xxx


Kijara and Zahira have no problems with sharing my bedroom.
I woke up twice during the night as Kijara thought its "cleaning time"
She done it all very well and then gentely laid her self down next to her Puppies beeing very wary not to lay on one.
But as I woke up the secound time I really thought that my heart will stop beating! There have only been 10 Puppies in the nest and I just could not find No.11
With one glance into Zaphiras nest I at least saw that she and her 7 Puppies are all fine ..... gosh I was soooo TIRED. I did need quite a while to stop looking for No.11 and just to grab him out of Zaphiras nest and place him with Kijara again. He found the way into Zaphiras nest all on his own and was happily feeding of her, bless him.



Kijara´s and Castiel´s Puppies are 1 week old today and all 11 of them and the Mummy are doing great :-) Hardly any of the Puppies have managed to double their birthweight, but thats not surprising with such a big litter! I am very pleased how the Puppies devellop and how relaxed and calm Kijara is. Yesterday was the first day since birth that she would enjoyed roughly 20 minutes of sunshine in the garden, bless her. She just does not want to leave the nest :-) Kijara is a great mother and she truly enjoyes it. Some of the black Puppies have started to devellop tickings ( this are black pigmentation spots on paws and legs which will grow black coat in the future) so I am very excited as this Puppies should stay inky black :-) KAHLAN (klick on name) is a Black Parti with tickings.

I have been playing with my sleepy Puppies :-) Its just a pity that the remining 3 have not been sleepy enough, bless them.



All 11 Puppies are well and so is Kijara :-)

I have added a video to each induvidually Puppy page from our grooming training :-)

Today, while I was handeling the Puppies and cut their nails I discovered that all Puppies have started to open their eyes and some of them have their eyes open already :-D Gosh, they look so cute now <3 <3 <3 The photo is of Penelope xxx



Our Spoos are 2 weeks old today and they are all develloping and growing nicely :-) And all of them have their eyes open hihihi Kijara is a great mother, but she now - like Zaphira - has decided, that its much better when I stay with her at the nest when she feeds her babies. So since about a week I am sitting by the nest with my 2 Mummies and watch them take care of the Puppies :-D ... every 1.5hours :-/ The good side about this extra care is, that both girls are enjoying the Puppies, are very happy and relaxed and they produce enough milk for all 17 Puppies so I do not need to bottle feed :-D I am so very proud of my gils <3 <3 <3



Another week went by and our Spoos have turned 3 weeks :-) All 11 are fine. They are growing and develloping very well <3 <3 <3 The Puppies are starting to get more active and are starting to explore my room hihih They also had their face and paws shaved and all of them done amazing - the early puppytraining is starting to pay out :-D Kijara is also well and she looks soooo good, bless her. But thats not to surprising by the amount of food she eats loool

Thank you to all of you who have contacted me regarding the Puppies and the Puppy visirs.

I am sorry, but so far we only have the boys available and it will still take another week before I allow visitors to come.

Please feel free to send me a message if you have any further questions, thank you xx



Our Spoos are 4 weeks old today :-) All 11 are fine and they have turnet into such sweet doggies hihihi I am very pleased with their devellopment so far - nice body, nice long legs, lovely ears and head <3 Some tails are curly. But the best is, that they finally understood what this tray in their puppy pen is hihihi I have also started to hand feed the Puppies a few days back and they all love the tripe. But I have to say, that it is very time consuming to hand feed 17 Puppies :-/ The Puppies slowly realise that they have to be calm and quiet untill its their turn to be fed :-D I do apologise that there are only 2 new weekly Puppy Photos this week. But I totally forgot that I need to "safe up" some time for the photo shooting. But I think that this is not a big problem due to all the updates and photos which I post during the week :-D 

The Puppies are now old enough to be viewed.



5 weeks and we are growing and growing and growing :-D All 11 Puppies are very well and are develloping so nicely. The colours on the sable Puppies is changing nicely and its gone be very exciting to see how they gone look like in 2 to 3 years time. Some of the black Puppies are changing too! No.6 who is named Princess Felicity and Primus will turn into very stunning SILVER and white Partis <3 <3 <3 It was a big surprise for me to see their silver colour coming though. The next weeks will show if the others are changing too.



Our Spoos have reead the 6th week too. All are doing very well and have been such brave Puppies during their first bath <3



Our Spoos are 7 weeks old today and they are all very well <3 I only have added 2 photos of each Puppy as its very time consuming to do a photo shooting of 11 Puppies, but I will add more induvidually photos once the Puppies have been bathed :-) There will also be more videos hihihi



Awww the Puppies have been 8 weeks old yesterday and I find it very complicated to find time for the photo shooting and to get my website updated ... there is looots to de done :-/ However I did manage to bath 7 Puppies between wednesday and thursday and I have added their photos hihihi the reming 4 will follow over the weekend.

Pharrell, who is now named Pinto - was the secound Puppy to leave us yesterday. He is all fine in his new home and he already made frinds with his new doggy frind Blue who is also a Standard Poodle. Pinto was great in the car, happy at home but he did cryed in the cage when it was bed time but then, once the cage was open, he settled on his blanked by his Mummies bed and sleps through the night bless him. 



And a nother week went by! Our Puppies are 9 weeks old.

This has been such a busy week and I am glade that we gone have a very relaxing day tomorrow hihihi Ok, I might have to catch up with some grooming and gardening, but there are no appointments lol I will also try to catch up on Photos and VIDEOS! This Puppies are getting so big and beautuful <3 We are now down to 7 Standard Poodle Puppies and 4 of them - all boys - are still looking for a home. The Puppies who have already left for their new homes have all settled in nicely <3 <3 <3

Prentiss and Penelope are now cage trained and are sleeping in my bed room at night. So Pepe´s cage training will be starting tomorrow and I am sure that he will be fine too.

I will also start to get the lead training done hihihi Thats gone be some fun - hopefully lol I will keep you all up-dated om how we are getting on xx

Most Puppies have been to the Vets now and the others will get their appointment soon.

Roxy - all well, but has an reducable Umbilical Hernia - sold

Percy - all well, but his Puppy Bit is slightly off - available

Piccolo - all well. but his Puppy Bit is slightly off - sold

Pharrell - all well, but his Puppy Bit is slightly off - sold

Peter - all well, but has a non-reducable Umbilical Hernia - sold

Charming - all well - available, he is also available as a future Studdog.

Penelope - all well, but her Puppy But is slightly off - sold

Pepe - all well, but his Puppy Bit is slightly off - sold

I have only got a very few Photos for today, but I will try to get some more very soon :-)



I have 4 lovely boys still waiting for a great family.

Our big Spoos have been 10 weeks yestersay and all of them are doing great xxx I have allready added Videos from Primus and Phoenix and their photos will follow soon. Charmings Videos are still uploading so he will follow hopefully tomorrow and Percy still needs to be bathed and I need to take his videos and photos.



Primus, Charming and Phoenix are still available to the right home. All 3 of them are doing very well and their training is coming along nicely :-) Primus and Phoenix are available as ture pets, but Charming would also be available as a future studdog!

Percy is reserved for a few weeks, but if you are interested in him, then please feel free to get in touch with me. Percy is only available as a ture Pet.

Please CLICK HERE for a few photos and videos from Primus and Charmings first whistle-training-walk.



We still have 3 Puppies looking for a home - Prentiss, Primus and Phoenix - and here is an update on their training :-D



Our sweet boy Prince Charming has safely arrived in his new home in the Netherland :-D He is settling in nicely and is enhoying his new K9 friend too.

HERE are a few new photos of our reming Puppies xx



Prentiss was the last born of the litter and she is the last one leaving for her new home xxx She will be leaving us on Sunday and today we took her out for her last Puppy-walk with us. HERE are some photos from today :-D xx