I thought it was about time to give an up-date on the Puppy Training :-)

Everything is going well and the Puppies are getting better and better <3 <3 <3 Prentiss and Phoenix have now finished their "single" training and are now beeing trained together and , every now and again, together with my other doggies. I am very glade about this, as it does get quite complicated to fit 3 Puppy-Groups into the day :-/   

Here are Photos of Prentiss and Phoenix together with Jasper, Castiel and Zaphira xx


And here are now a few Videos :-D

Happy Puppy <3 <3 <3

Prentiss is still trying to change the side when walking on the lead, bless her. But I am very pleased with both of my Puppies - and of course with my 3 doggies <3

Next was Charming and Primus, but I first had a small coffee break at home ;-)


And now a few videos of the boys :-) It is a bit more complicated to take videos of this 2 Puppies and to do the whistle training as they just don´t go far enough, bless them. They have a nice radius which they use, but its surly not as big as the radius which Prentiss likes to use ;-)

The 5 doggies, Mum and me set of for Needham Market once the Puppies finished their playing on the field and after they both went potty.

The Puppies are used to the ducks in the town, but Charming was still very fascinated by thies ones lol Both boys done very well! Eventhought that they where interested in the ducks and they could hardly take their eyes off them lol  

My Puppies love to be cuddled and they are happy to meet and great strangers BUT my Puppies firstly learn, to just ignore other peoples when we are out and about! If people come up to me and ask me if they can pet my Puppies, then I will then decided in the situation if they can or of its better to say NO(I would of course explain why its a NO!). This is not, because I do not like to "chare" my Puppies or because they are dangerouse, but rather because they are learning to just be calm and relaxed! Life will be much easier if the Puppy has learned to stay with me - and hopefully with their new families in the future - instead of pulling on the lead and going "crazy" just because they want to meet and great EVERY OTHER PERSON on the street! Can you imagine how much stress that would be!? And it surly would not be any fun to take such a dog out into the public. And, in the dogs world to "ignore" another dog means to "pay him respect, to be neutral" ;-) So the Puppies are doing that what their instinct is telling them - "respect the others"

But yes lol We still have to work on the "do not change side" ;-)

We still had to get some shopping done, so Mum done the shopping and the doggies and me waited outside :-D


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