Curlyfriends Prentiss & Curlyfriends Homayra aka Ruby

Awww what a great day :-D After exercising all of my doggies Mum, Prentiss and me left home to meet up with Ruby and her Mummy and Daddy for a Puppy-walk  Prentiss only needed a few secounds to make friends with Ruby and so the 2 sisters had a great time playing and running together. Prentiss has showed nicely what she has already learned and so she stayed calm and friendly to other people and dogs which we met.

Prentiss is the daughter to Kijara and Castiel

Ruby is the daughter to Kijara and Adoro

Castiel is the son to Lilly and Adoro

... so it was also a family meeting <3 <3 <3

I really enjoyed this last walk with Prentiss and to see that all the love, care and time which I invest in raising my Puppies is paying out as its just amazing to see how well they are all coming along and to hear all the positive feedbacks from my Puppyfamilies, but on the other side, it does get so very hard to let them them go <3 <3 <3

When I done the breeding between Kijara and Castiel I knew, that this is just a test breeding to see what´s hidden in my dogs, to see how the quality is and of course to "test breed" Castiel as its been his first litter, so I knew, that I can not keep a Puppy. My head had to be stronger then my heart. 

BUT this breeding has given me all the information which I need for the future. The breeding showed me the weakest part in my dogs but also their strengthest part. And eventhought that it makes me very sad about only thinking that Prentiss will be leaving us on Sunday for her new life in a new family, I am still able to look positive and with joy into our future as it will hold some amazing Puppies for us - Puppies just like Prentiss and her siblings <3 <3 <3

        Curlyfriends Parti PoodleCurlyfriends Parti Poodle     Curlyfriends Parti Poodle   Curlyfriends Parti Poodle      Curlyfriends Parti Poodle


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