Puppies´ rules

If I take it, it´s mine.

If it´s in my mouth, it´s mine.

If I can take it from you, it´s mine.

If you are playing with it and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine

If I´ve chewed it, slobbered over it and I´m bored with it, it´s yours - until I want it back



*** Unsere Welpen ***

A-Litter: Antonia, Aaramis and Anjana

B-Litter: Bakari, Bojan, Bella Luna and Bilgin

C-litter      D-Litter

E-litter    F-Litter

G-litter     H-litter

I-litter curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, parti standard poodle, apricot parti poodle, red parti poodle, multicolourd poodle, brindle sabble phantom poodle, f1 standard poodle, parti poodle puppy   J-litter

K-litter  L-litter

M-Litter    N-Litter

O-Litter      P-Litter

Q-litter    R-litter

S-litter    T-litter

U-litter    V-itter

W-litter  X-litter

Y-Wurf   Z-Wurf

A-Wurf       B-Wurf

C-Wurf                   D-Wurf

E-Wurf                  F-WurfCurlyfriends Parti Poodle. Moyen Poodle. Intervariety Poodle.