Ronja and Murphy are the proud parents of 3 beautifil girls and a stunning boy.


curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle X

If Mother Nature does mean it well with us then we hope to welcome this Puppies around the 23rd of May.

Murphy is just a bit smaller then Ronja but we still hope to get nice large Moeyn/Klein Poodle Puppies but Miniatures are also possible.

Murpy has produces Partis and Phantoms. So this means it could end up in a very colourfull litter of blacks, black Mismarks, black Partis, browns, brown Mismarks, brown Partis and - depending on Ronja - black Phantoms and brown Phantoms.

Ronja is DNA tested clear for prcd-PRA and she holds a clear eye screening test.

Murphy is also DNA tested for prcd-PRA and is also clear.

All Puppies will be hereditary clear for prcd-PRA


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Gailyana/Lana sold         Gawila/Luna sold       Galaxi/sold       Gabriel/Spyro sold

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All Puppies have found their new families. Gailyana is staying here untill she is a few months older. I hope that she will be grow into a good sized Miniature Poodle but if she does stay to small, then she will be looking for her very own family. In the meantime she will enjoy the life as a very happy Puppy within the pack and will go through the whole Puppytraining.


 Here are some more Photos od Ronja and Murphy

 phantom mismarked miniature parti poodle



Well 3 weeks done and a nother 6 to go.

Ronja has been a bit unwell over the Weekend and she has also been sick in the morning so all looks good. She does enjoy to go out but she stoped to play and to run with the others and Ronja looooooves her kuddles in the evening when she is allowed to sleep on my lap while watching TV Ronja has shown me all signs which lead to a pregnancy so I am very exciting to take her for her scan at the end of the next week.



Ronja is pregant :-) We have been to the Vet to get her scanned and we were able to see 4 little Puppies. They are still very very tine. The heads diameter is 0.77cm and the whole Puppy has a length of 2.15cm. All look good and Ronja is very well.

This is Ronja at about 31 days gestation.

curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle 



6 weeks done and a nother 3 to go. Ronja is doing very well but she did managed to worry me for a few days so we have been back at the vet today for a nother scan which showed us that everything is fine but Ronja found a way to hide all of her Puppies. Her tummy stopped growing for a few days and it just did not look nor did it feel like a 6 week gestation. The reason for this is that one Puppy is laying under her ribs and the other three are all very close together :-) Ronja is truly enjoying the extra cuddles and the extra food. She is very happy and tryes everything to get more food lol



A nother week is done. Ronja is still very aktive and playfull. She enjoyes to go for walks and has now find a way to tell me that she is hungry lol she will stand in the kitchen and will stare at the pantry untill I give her some food, very clever girl.


The COUNT-DOWN has started :-) onja is expecting her Puppies with in the next week. She is fine, happy and still very aktive but has also started to get jealous as soon as I pay attentiomn to my other pets so I might not need to wait too long lol



I am so very excited and I am sure that it will not take that much longer. The Babys are surly getting ready :-)



Yeeeepiiii Ronja has given birth. She deliverd 4 health Puppies yesterday. All are fit and aktive and Ronja is a very proud mother:-) She has 2 black Parti girls, 1 brown Parti girl and 1 black Phantom boy who has white markings. Here are a few photos from the birth. More photos and induvidually Photos of the Puppies will follow.

  phantom mismarked miniature parti poodle  phantom mismarked miniature parti poodle poodle birth, hunde geburt, pudel geburt phantom mismarked miniature parti poodle     




The Puppies are 2 days old and all are doing well. Little Galaxi is trying hard to catch up, she is truly a little fighter. Ronja is a very proud mother and does not like to leaver her nest, bless her. I am just a bit worried as she has too much milk. Her milk line looks like a cauliflower lol  

   phantom mismarked miniature parti poodlecurlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle      curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle   curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle



The Puppies are 1 week today and all 4 of them are doing well. Ronja is still enjoying her Puppies :-)

curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle 



WOW 2 weeks already.

All 4 are growing nicely and they start to develop a nice thick and curly coat. All 4 have opend their eyes. The girls are still available and I was very happy to see that little Galaxi is a BROWN TRI PARTI.



awww its been such a nice day. My pack and me had a great morning. We had a big play and run as it was not too hot. Then in  the afternoon we spended a few hours in the garden and the Puppies have joined us today. They are 3 week tomorrow so old enough to enjoy the warm sun and to stick their little noses into the freach air. Here are are few photos. I have also updayted the weekly Photos of the Puppies but will add their weight tomorrow lol They all had there little paws and faces trimmed which was no problem at all, bless them.




Gabriel and his sisters are 4 weeks old now. All are doing fine and are growing nively. Gabriel´s color is coming through nicely and he is a big boy. Galaxi is still the smalles and she is still smallther then our Toys, I stll can´t belive that she is a toy. ailyana and Gawila  have a nice miniature size, there coat is very thick and full. Both have inheritated the ticking from Ronja, time will tell how spotty they will be. Gailyana and Gabriel are very easy going and laid back while Gawila and Galaxi are more aktive and playfull.



Puppies are 5 weeks old. They are very aktive and have taken over the house lol The weather has not been too good this week but we did managed to go out 2 or 3 times. The groomingtraining is coming along nicely and I will now start to get them used to the car and hoover.





I have started with the cartraining :-) The Puppies will slowly get used to the new suroundingm, smell and sound which will hopfully help them with their first rids. This are photos and videos from their first training. we had a little play in the car boot. Gawilia did not really like it and was quite scared but then calmed down and started to play with her siblings. Please scroll down to see vides *g-puppies-26.06.2012-cartraining*

 curlyfriends parti poodle, brindle standard poodle, sabble phantom standard poodle, multi colourd standard poodle, miniature parti poodle, tri miniature poodle curlyfriends parti poodle, brindle standard poodle, sabble phantom standard poodle, multi colourd standard poodle, miniature parti poodle, tri miniature poodle 



The Minis are 7 weeks now and are full of beans :-) They had their secound bath which went fine. I have started with the recall training with all the Puppies and it works great. It funny how fast the puppies learn just for a little bit of dry Puppy food lol But this training is very importand as the puppies will learn that it is nice and fun to come back and that their is a treat waiting for them. Keeping this training up as the Puppies grow will help to devellop a very good recall in the adult dog which will make the life easyier and better for everyone.

I only havve a very few photos of the Minis as my camera broke. I will post more photos as soon as I have my new camera.



Puppies Pedigree

Landsdowne Prince

Brown Mismarked, DNA tested for prcd-PRA clear

pShiryma Im Your Ma

Shanandi Special Assigment


Arrowflight Figaro at Shanandi

Shandandi Camena

Minarets Could It Be Magic


Shiryma Strikes Again

Minarets The Marchones

Girl In Swansong


Kensed White Knight


Captain Nelson

Glimmer Girl

Good Golly Miss Molly


Wylderhope Cocoa Jambo

Odinas Touch of Peach

Fourwinds Our Chequers

black Parti, DNA tested for prcd-PRA clear + clear eye screening test

Captain Gibblesworth

Black Parti

Maizes Blory


Kenzed White Knight

Mar M´Lady

Rollaxend Missed Parti


Parti Pooper At Rollaxend

Little Louise Of Frensham

Lucky Charming Blue Dahila

Black parti

Kenzed White Knight

Captain Nelson

Glimmer Girl

Lucy Funtime


Wyderhope Coco Jambo

Princess Josephine






Videos from the first car training.


The secound cartraing was fab. Gawila was not scared at all and had great fun to play with the others. this time we where on the back seat and I was opening and shutting the door lol They did looked a bit unshure at the beginning but then it was okey for the little Puppies, bless them.




I have started with the hoover training today and I am sooooo very happy to see that the Puppies have not been scared at all but have been very intrested in their food. A scared Dog or Puppy would not take food or treats. I will be using the hoover dayly now so that it will become a normal routine for the Puppies. Kijaras Puppies are in the same room and they all have been nice and relaxed too. Awwww what clever Puppies.


The Minis have turned 6 weeks yesterday. They all had their first bath which went realy well. Gawila has not been to happy about the hairdryer but everything else went great. The Puppies are all very fluffy and have a really good coatquallity and underneth all this Puppyfluf are very nice squer bodys with great trailsettings and nice sized ears. I am very very pleased with this Puppies. Not only because of their quality but also because of their very easy going caracters :-)