I am very proud to announce the birth of our 6 stunning and cute F1b Borderdoodles :-)

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KAIRO/going home with Kate      KATO/going home with Janet       KAHLIA /going home with Caroline   

   KAMY/going home with Carol       KAMERO /went home with Pamela      KARIS/going home with Liz//k  



Awww my little girl Zaphira is married :-) If Mother Nature means it well with us then we should welcome this very special Puppies at Withsun.

I only saw this little Man on photos and was speachles when I finally got to see him in real :-) He is a very happy, friendly and lovable boy who is well due for a haircut lol This photos are not very good as it was already dark and the couple could hardly keep still for a secound. They had a nice play before the marrige :-D He has a very nice coat and is inky black. The last time when I saw a perfect tuxedo Poodle was back in 2006 when we used to live in Germany. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to use him for Zaphira.


I have already had a lot of enquiries for this Puppies and looots of questions about them so here are a few FAQ

Are the parents registered and will this Puppies be registered? - Dad is KC registered but Mum is not as she is an F1 (I could put her on the aktivity register, but I have no time for Agility). The Puppies can be registered on the KC aktivity register if you want to do agility or any other dogsport with them. Pedigree information is of course available.

Will the Puppies be wormed, flead and Vaccinated when they go to their new homes? - All Puppies will be Micro Chiped and "freshly" wormed and frontlined when moving out. I can also arrange the first vaccination if wanted.

Will the Puppies be Vet Checked? - All the Puppies will be Vet Health Checked.

At what age is the Puppy ready to go home? - The ideal time is 7 weeks (please read the Puppies Development) but of course I can hold our Puppy untill 8+ weeks.

How will their coat be and do they requier grooming? - This Puppies should be low to non moulting and yes they will require regulary grooming !

Are they good for allergy sufferers? - NO as they are cross breeds. I will not sell any of this Puppies to families where there is an allergy sufferer. I do not mean to be rude, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to gurantee that the Puppy will not cuse any alergies. Please be honest with me.

When can I visit my Puppy? - Families are welcome to visit the Puppies from 5 weeks of age.

What food will they get? - All of my dogs (and my cats) are fed B.A.R.F. and thats what the Puppies are weaned on. However, I know that not all families are happy with the B.A.R.F. so the Puppies will also be used to James Wellbeloved. Each Puppy will bring enough food to last at least 1 week. So you have enough time to get him settled and then either keep his diat, swap to only B.A.R.F. or go onto James Wellbeloved.

Will this Puppies be good for Agility or Flyball? - Yes I am very sure that this Puppies will be aktive and playful enough to find the joy in this games :-)



The first week is done.

Zaphira is very well and is showing me all signs which I like to see when my girls are pregnant :-) It is still a waiting game but I am very positive already.



2 weeks are done :-)

Zaphira is now back to her old self. She is playful, funny and soooo aktive. It is very normal that she does not show any signs of pregnancy at this stage, but I do hope to see some morning sicknes towards the end of the week ;-)



3 weeks are done :-)

Awww no morning sikness. I feel happy for Zaphira but it also means that I still have to wait untill the scnan to know for sure what she is up to lol But on the other side, Zaphira has changed a lot :-) She already eats like a wolf, needs a lot of love, cuddles and attention aaaand she is happy to work with me :-D Zaphira is normaly far to busy for a bit of obediance training. She does not like to keep still and is not happy about all the repetitions, bless her, but now she realy enjoys the 1-to-1 training and gets even more cuddles as a reward which is the best for her ... awww it realy sounds as if puppies are on the way :-)



4 weeks are done :-)

Everything is still the same. No changes at all within the last week apart from me getting more and more nervouse lol I realy hope that Zaphira is just very good in hiding her little Puppies, we will soon know for sure. But the main thing is, that Zaphira is all all happy an health :-D



5 weeks are done.

FIIIIINALLY Zaphira has started to show her Babytummy :-) She is doing very well and still loves to go for walks. But she is not that sure about other dogs, bless her. She is not nasty to them or anything but she does show me that she is not happy to say hallo or to play with other dogs when we go for a walk, but who could blame her. Its her first pregnancy and everything is new to her.


6 weeks done :-)

Zaphira is veeeeery hungry lol She would eat all day long íf Ilet her. Her tummy is growing nicely and she looooves to sleep on the sofa with me. She has also calmed down.



7 weeks done :-)

Zaphira is a very happy and playful girl. She does not seem to be bothered about her little babytummy and still loves to go for her daily walk.



We are nearly there :-) Just one more week and the Puppies should be with us (+- 4 days)

Zaphira is very well and she still likes to go for walks and to play - I wonder for how long she will be like this, bless her. Everything is ready to welcome the Puppies and Zaphira will be a very happy girl now as she will sleep next to my bed from this neight on. She and her Puppies will stay there untill they are about 4 weeks old.



8 weeks done :-)

Zaphira has accepted her new bed straight away and has already woke me up twice last neight lol She has lost her muccos plug  (I think)and has started digging in her bed, bless her. Maybe its just my imagination, but I think she already has the "I-had-enough" facial expression, bless her.



We are still pregnant lol But Zaphira is all fine and comfortable so we just have too keep waiting :-)


What a neight !!! Zaphira had all signs showing me that the birth are on the way so we all got very excited :-) It would have been a bit early but it would have not been a problem. But this was a false alarm lol Zaphira fall asleep after about 4h of beeing restles, uncomfortable and not to know wether to go for a wee or not, bless her. Zaphira is now a veeeery lucky girl as I decided to let her sleep in my bed.



We are still pregnant :-) Zaphira is all fine and comfortable. Her Puppies are very aktive and the food does still tast lol




Eventhought that it was very early in the morning, I was still very happy when Zaphira woke me up due to her panting. We all got up and spended some time in the garden so my other doggies had the option to play and run for a while as the rest of the day will be very quiet for them. Zaphira done incredible well for a first-time-mummy and she gave birth to her 6 Puppies within 2hr 30 minutes :-) All Puppies are very strong and aktive and are much bigger then I thought they would be lol There is only 1 small Puppy of 200g but even she is the size of a good sized Miniature Poodle Puppy. Zaphira has surprised me with a very colourful litter and all the good wishes have seemd to help as we got 3 boys and 3 girls hihihihi  My other doggies have been amazing too. They all knew whats going on and calmed nicely down once Zaphira was in labor. The whole litter was born in the dinning room and thats where we stayed untill  ww all went to bed later, my little family will then be moved into my bedroom. I can tell by the behavior of my doggies who is best friend with whom and it was so funny to see that Castiel was able to go and see the Puppies but Jasper not, bless him. It did not matter how hard Jasper tryed, he was not allowed. Melody and Rhapsodie did not even tryed it (I think Rhapsodie still had enough from her own babies) Kijara and La Vita only had a quick look when I was handeling the Puppies hihihhi Adoro had a look at the Puppies at the beginning of the birth and that was more or less it. And Lilly .... awww bless her ... she would loooove to swap with Zaphira. She just cant keep her eyes of the nest and she is so gently with the Babies. Its so nice to see them all like this.

And here are some Photo from the birth.

This Photo is from yesterday :-)


All 6 Puppies in a dry and clean bed :-)

Zaphiras Puppies are 4 days today and they all grow very nicely :-) All 6 of them are either enjoying the milk or they are far asleep with a fat belly :-D Zaphira is a fabulous mother who takes proud care of her Puppies. She has started to spend more time with us now and does even like to go out for a play, she will clearly show me when she wants to go back to her Babys. The first neight was a bit stressful for Zaphira and me as she tryed to curl around all of her puppies, bless her. But everything went well once she realized its easier when she lays on her side hihihi My other doggies are all enjoying the new Puppies and they get all excited when we go to bed as they are then able to say hallo to them. Lilly is totally in love with the tiny doggies and would love to help Zaphira but Zaphira is not happy with this. It is very hard for Lilly to know that there are Puppies but not beeing allowed to take care of them, bess her. I am sure that this will change within the next week as Zaphira is quite relaxed already :-) Zaphira has also found out, that my bed is a very good place to relaxe while Puppies are asleep lol




WOW, Zaphiras Puppies are already 1 week old. All 6 of them are doing very well and are growing fast. Zaphira is a great mother with plenty of milk lol. This Babies are already very aktive, they growl and bark already and they can get very loud if they get "lost" in the nest or if the teat is no longer giving milk ihihihi If they run out of milke during the day, then I just let them work it out on their own. Sometimes they need a bit longer to realise to just move on to the next teat. But if that happends during the neight, then I move the Puppy on :-D So I can go back to sleep. Zaphira has worked out a systhem on how to look after her Puppies. She is doing it very well and is already spening a lot of time with us. She knows what to do and when, clever girl. Today I waited untill she showed me that she now has time for us hihihihi then I showed her that I have time to bath her and to give her a little groom. Zaphira looks much better now. The photo shooting went quite well. Zaphira was very relaxed and watched me all the time. She did stayed in the nest and I showed her that I am taking a Puppy and I showed her also that I am bringing it back. She was sooooooo relaxed - not all Mummies are like this lol But on the other side it was the Puppies who made it a bit complicated, bless them. They were not too stressed but they would also not keep stil lhihihi Just little Kairo, he was an angle and fall asleep.

Here are a few group fotos and you will find more photos if you lick on the Puppies name by the top of the page.



The Girls


 The Boys


And the Audience



Puppies are now 1.5 weeks old :-) They are getting bigger and bigger by the day and also more aktive :-) I was very surprised to see that Kairo and Kahlia have started to open their tiny eyes - they look sooooo very sweet. Here are a few new photos from today. Its great fun to "play" with sleepy Puppies hihihi I van put them in almost all positions, and then I have to be quick to take the photos lol



The k-Kids are 2 weeks old and all have opend their little eyes :-) They look soooo sweet now. All of them are doing fine and are getting more and more aktive. I keep telling them that they are tiny babies but they will not listening to me :-( I will have to set uo the Puppy pen and the Puppy toilet as the Puppies are wandering in my bedroom to find a good spot for toilet but the they get a bit lost and dont find the way back into the nest, bless them. Now is also the time where I tart to get my Puppies used to the trimmer :-) They all done very well. you will find videos of their first training on the induvidually Puppypage. All Puppies will get a "cuddle" with the trimmer a few times a day untill they are old enough so I can start to gromm them. They have also had their tiny but sharp nails cut hihihi


The Girls



The Boys



Kamy and Kato :-) The smalles and biggest Puppy of the litter. Kamy looks so tiny compared to Kato but she still is of a very good Miniature size - maybe Kato is just to big ;-)





Though I will share a few photos of the puppypen. This is where the Puppies stay untill they are about 30 days old. I will then move them into a bigger pen where they slowly learn to stay alone for the night.

The pen gives the Puppies a safe place where they can sleep, play and start toilettraining, of course they will get to play with my other doggies, they will be handled dayly and as they get older get free-run-time in the house and garden :-)





All Puppies are growing nicely :-) The quiet and relaxed time has now finished as they all have found their legs, are starting to play and they love to be handled, cuddled and to interact with us :-) They have also had their first visitor today. Zaphira was very happy about it and she enjoyed the extra attention and the Puppies have also been great. Non of then got stressed or nervouse due to the smell and voice of the other person :-D BRILLIANT

I have quite a few videos of the Puppies. This videos show me hadeling and moving the Puppies around in my hand. It helps the Puppies a lot as they learn to trust and to not worry :-) This is my first litter when I done this (I always handled the Puppies, but never "shuffeld" them around like this lol) and I am more then happy with how the Puppies do. Non of them gets too stressed or nervouse and they are quite happy to stay in the position I place them - I am sure it will help them to devellop a fearles, open, friendly, playful character :-)

The Puppies are now 2.5weeks old so this training has now finished - Puppies are getting to big and they want to play more - but there are many more things on the Plan for them to learn :-)



The Puppies are 3 weeks now :-) All are doing fine, Zaphira has plenty of milk which makes then grow fast. I was hopeing to take the Puppies out in the garden now but unfortunately the weather has changed and it is just to cold for them. I hope that the sun will come back soon :-) The Puppies have also learbed what the litter try is for hihihi I can see them regulary using the try jeeepi. My clipper broke so I can not trimm the Puppies, but they are all used to the sound and vibration of it so I am very sure that they will be fine when beeing groomed. I will get their little faces and paws shaved as soon as my clipper is fixed. I have now started to train the Puppies to follow my hand. They all done great for the first time and I am sure that they will all improve over the next days :-D I will add videos later in the day - keep checking for them. (I have added the videos)

The boys The girls

And all 6 :-)




Soooo its time to get the Puppies used to the hair dryer :-) They have to get used to the sound and the warm wind. hihihi I am quite happy to say that Kato was the only Puppy who has not enjoyed it. "No one is perfect" and this makes Kato even more special for me <3 But I am not worried about it, my big boy will surly get used to it. I have added a few videos.

All of my doggies got the changse to meet the Puppies today. They all had a little play while I cleaned the Puppybed. My doggies have all been very gently to the Puppies and the Puppies have also been good and I think they also enjoyed it  :-D They will not get a dayly playtime. Zaphira done also very well but it was easy to see that she was happy once they where all back in their clean bed. It surly is hard to look after 6 babies which all head in different directions :-D

Here are a few Photos and 2 more videos :-D


Melody was not intrested in the Puppies lol She decided to nick one of their toys and have some playtime on her own :-)



Here are some new photos :-) All Puppies are fine and are enjoying their dayly playtime. They get more and more aktive and they are happy to have 4 to 5 playtimes a day which each last for about 30minutes already !!! But then they all sleep untill I go and wake them up hihihih I do not wait untill the Puppies wake up on there own I always go and wake them up. This might sound harsh but it is ablosulty fine and will show the Puppy that I always return to them. They do not need to get lowd, noisy or cry for me. This is the first step to a quiet and relaxed dog as the Puppies already learn that I come back when they are relaxed and quiet. They will enjoy to sleep as it makes me come back faster hihihi Zaphira and me are first at the Puppies, then Zaphira has time to feed the babies, after that they get a little cuddle from me and I give them time to go to toilet and then I let my other doggies come and join us - this will help to keep the Puppies easy and relaxed too as thats what the first 15 minutas are.




The Puppies have now a secound playpen which is in our kitchen. Thats where they will spend the day so they start to get used to the busy life of a family :-D The first 10 minutes have been quite scary for the Puppies as it was a new place, bless them. Zaphira stayed with them and done a great job in comforting her babys. She stayed soooo relaxed and calm. Zaphira was not to bothered about her crying and calling Puppies, she just made herself comfortable and was waiting for all of her Puppies to come for a cuddle. To see the Puppies like that and to see that they are quite helpless in the new situation might be very shocking for some people especial if you then tell them not to do anything but to do nothing and to just let the Puppies see that everything is fine is the best you can do for them. The crying and gently barking is not automaticle pure stress, but at this age it is also a way of staying in touch with each other - if I can hear you then I know I am not allone - simple and easy. The Puppies did not need long to find their way into the nest and they all fall asleed cuddled up safely with Mum, thats the best for them. And after a few hours of good sleep I had some very happy, playful and aktive Puppies who are all enjoying this new and exiting "world" They have not even been bothered about the washmashine. The Puppies will only stay in the kitchen for the daytime, they will still sleep in my bedroom untill they are old enough to be seperated from Mum during the neight.




Puppies are 4 weeks old and have been out in the garden for the first time :-) I have also added new Videos to the induvidually Puppypages.





Puppies are 29 days old :-)

I am very happy to say that we all went through the last week without any problems. All Puppies have been great and Zaphira done a superb job <3 She has always been a great example for her Puppies, she stayed with them as much as possible and slept almost all night with them in the nest :-D which is a great help for the mentaly devellopment of the Puppies. It always fascinates me how much the Puppies seem to change over night hihihi There was no stopping this morning as I let them out for a bit of freerun and play. Some of them have also found the way from my Bedroom into the Kitchen, bess them.  I am sure that the Puppies will keep me reeeeally busy from now on and the time has also come where they need to learn to sleep on their own (all Puppies stay together but with out Zaphira) which means more work for me hihiiih They will get one more night with Mummy and then I will take over the night shift .


The weather was very heavy today so we have only been out for a little time at once. Non of the Doggies really wanted to play untill the weather changed in the evening, bless them. The Puppies have also been out today. They have been more brave today and enjoyed it. Here are a few photos and 2 more videos :-)


We also had visitors today :-) I am so very happy to say that Kato has found a fantastic home. I am really happy for him and his family <3



We all had a great day today :-)

The puppies had a visitor this morning and little Kahlia has now found her new home. I am so happy for her and her new owner.

Then, after a very good sleep, I decided to take the Puppies into out guestroom, one after the other. They have not been there before and nor are my other doggies allowed in that room so its a great place to learn and to build up self-confidence :-D

I was very happy to see that non of the Puppies have been to nervous. All of them have been happy to explore the room. We also had some nice playing going ón and some great responsing when I was calling for them.

I have added videos of the Puppies to their individually Puppypage.

The Puppies have also learned to sleep without their mother during the night and I am very happy to say that they are all fine with the new situation and are very quiet and relaxed in the morning untill I get up :-)

Its great to see that the Puppies are coming along so very nicely. Now I just have to hope that the weather gets better so we can spend more time outside in the garden. 



Puppies are 5 weeks old

Our little K-Kids are growing nicely :-) They devellop very well and their characters show more each day. They have all found the way out to the patio so housetraining will now start, but of course the Puppie will still have their Puppytoilet hihihi

This week we will repeat everything which we done last week and we will be adding the car to our prougrom :-) I will preper the car for the Puppies so they can get used to the new place and then - once the Puppies feel safe and happy - we will start to take them for a rid.

I have some new Photos of the Puppies but it does get quite complicated to take photos of them lol - they just dont want to keep still. Here are a few photos as an example how most of the Puppyphotos look like :-) But there are better photos on the Puppies page too.

Below you will find new videos of the Puppies exploring the patio.



What a great start to the morning :-) The grass is still very wet so we only played on the patio, but I am sure we will be able to go into the garden later :-D



:-) Puppies are doing so very well and they are soooooo playful, bless them All 6 of them had great fun with their new "toy" - a plastik bag lol Ofcourse the Puppies can only play with it while they are supervised! I have also hanged up a few plastik bags in the garden so they get used to things moving in the wind - no problem for them.

I am also very happy to say that all Puppies are now following me outside for toilet during the day :-D So the housetraining is coming along nicely. We do get the odd accidents in the house when they are allowed to free run and play indoors - the Puppies are still to young and need to pee more often ;-) But they will stop "leaking" as they get older.

I have also introduced the Puppies to a nother room. We had a one-to-one play in my Dad´s living room. It was really great and the Puppies enjoyed the time with me. They all explored the room, played with a toy or with me. They all start to show more and more of their little characters and so far I can say that Karis is the most aktive Puppy but with a great bound to me and Kamero is still the most calmest of the Puppies. His little world is just perfect as long as I am with him, bless him.

I have added a few videos below and there are more videos on the Puppies pages. Sorry that the videos of the one-to-one play are so dar :-(


Secound update :-D

Our car is now Puppy proof and we had our first playtime in the car. All 6 done very well and have explored the car. The Puppies will now get some playtime in the car each day and we will take them for a ride once they feel so safe that they fall asleep - a Puppy or a Dog who is scared will not like to sleep so its importand to wait untill we get to that point as we want to keep the car positive and fun :-D




I have collected quite a few photos over the weekend :-) You will also find 3 new videos on this page and 1 new video of each Puppy on their induvidually Puppypage. The grooming training is coming along so very well. It is still a bit hard for the Puppies to keep still but that will come as they get older.

This is our Puppy Play Area. I can now let the Puppies go out when I am busy in the kitchen or when I am grooming a dog. They all enjoy their extra space, bless them.



But the Puppies have also got great fun while playing in the garden :-) They enjoy the grass and to roll in it or to just run and chase each other.


But even the bravest explorer need to sleep :-D


The car training is also coming along very nicely. The Puppies have been in the car for the 3rd time now and they where not bothered about it at all but enjoyed the fun and play :-) Elias has also come to join us. Unfortunately we had to leave the car before the Puppies had a changse to fall asleep as it just got to hot and the windos were OPEN !!!. We will keep trying but its gone be in the mornings so its still nice and cool.



Its been another big day for the Puppies :-)

They had their first car rid today The first few minutes were a bit noisy and hectic. Poor boy Kato did not know where to sleep. He was "singing" for quit a while. But luckily all Puppies calmed down within 15 minutes We stopped at the Vets to book an appointment (Mum stayed in the car with the doggies) and then stopped again for a bit of shopping(me stayed in the car with the doggies)and the Puppies were fine with it. They had a bit of playing and chewing on the hoofs before they finally fall asleep. The whole journey lasted for 1hour and 15minutes and non of the Puppies have been sick or started to drool. The Puppies were so deep asleep when we arrived at home that they started to lift their head as I started to talk to them. They did not noticed that we stopped again and that I opened the boot. I am sooooo very happy Then the Puppies had a bit of play in the garden with my doggies and are now far asleep in the Puppy pen, bless them.

There are also 5 new videos of the Puppies in the car :-D





The K-Kids are 7 weeks old ... awww they grow up to fast. 3 of them have already been to the vet and all went well. They have been little stars and the carride was no problem for them :-) No crying, no drooling and they have not been sick. The other 3 are due soon.





There are new videos of Kamy, Karis and Kairo on their induvidually Puppy-Page.

Kahlia and Kato have already left  for their new homes and I am very pleased to say that so far I only gor positive feedbacks :-)

The remining 4 Puppies - Kamy, Kamero, Karis and Kairo - are all fine. Their mentaly grows was hugh within the last week and they are much more aktive. All 4 of them have started to play the big-dogs-games, well they try but I do not let them ;-) I know it must be great fun for them if they could play with the others when they are having their mad 5 minutes, but the Puppies are just to small and it is therefor to dangerous for them. Its very funny as its only about 5 days ago where the Puppies would have run for it and hide as soon as they could hear that the adult dogs are playing, bless them. All 4 are trying to behave like an adult dog now hihihi but as soon as one got lost in the garden or is tired they suddenly change back into the little puppy they are. Zaphira amd Kijara have also clearly showed me that this Puppies are growing up. Both of them have started to play with the Puppies and to ttrain and teach them. I will be watching Zaphira amd Kijara closely when they play with the kids as that will tell me more about the Puppies character, but so far we have the same opinion :-)

Kamero is still the very easy-going boy. I hardly notice him when they freerun in the house as he does not like the mad-puppy games and would play on his own as soon as it gets to busy. He loves to interakt with me. He is quite a brave boy but will call for help (for me) if he geats worried. He is the ideal first-time-dog or the right puppy for a quiet familyhome. Children are alo fine, but they should be a bit older as I think he is to quiet and relaxed for little kids. Kijara and Zaphira are not to impressed about him. They both keep very calm and relaxed around Kamero.


Kamy has changed a lot! She was very independent a few weeks back. Everything was very importand in interesting for her and she had hardly any spare time for moe. But now she is much more focosed on me. She has started to play fetch and is learning the new game very well. Kamy is still happy to put the other Puppies in their place if they get to rough with her but yet she preffers an easy and calm game and is trying to avoid any mad puppy plays. She still likes to explore but will happely stay in touch with me. Kamy would also be fine for a family with older childen but she is very aktive, playful and inteligent so she will need a lot of menatly exercise to be happy. Kijara is very relaxed with Kamy too. She will not allow Kamy to play with her but is happy to give her a cuddle. Zaphira does like to play with Kamy but only if Karis is not available to play lol


Kairo has it all what I would be looking for in a puppy :-) He is aktive, inteligent, playful, brave but yet very easy-going and he really looooves to interact with me. Kairo does like to play fetch or tug, but it also happends a lot that when I call him that he will drop the toy to run to me. So I have a higher value then the toy :-D He is high inteligent which also means that he needs menatly exercise to be happy. Eventhought that he is the "perfect" puppy for me, I would still say, that he is not a beginners dog and even a family with children could be wrong for him. It is very importand for him to know his place to be happy. He does not want to be a "toy" or "just" a familymember, he wants to be part of everything! I am sure that Kairo would go his own way if he is unhappy and that this could easely end up in a naughty boy. He always tests his limits with my other dogs, but yet he will accept a no straight away, but if his family will not be strict AND clear to him, then he will find a way which is more fun for him. It is his way or your way, there is no room inbetween. Kijara and Zaphira are "telling" me the same about him - strict, clear, fair and he will be a trustworthy packmember :-)

Karis... she also has the character which I love :-) She is a bit more "work" and a bit more "carzy" but with a very good Puppytraining will turn into a great dog. It will be very importand to show her that there is only one way to go and that this is your way and not hers. She is very high inteligent and can already get very frustrated if she cant have it her way or if she cant work out how to get to something she wants - she is trying veeery hard! she is also very atktive and will bothere the other puppies or dogs untill she finds someone to play - if you are looking for a lazy lapdog, then Karis is a big NO-GO. For Karis it does not really matter if her new family has children or not as in either way she will need a very good puppyfundation - with this she will be fine in either homes and without it she can be very complicated in either homes too. It is very easy to motivate her for something and she is brave enough to explore and to try. But it has to be easy as she gets to frustrated if it is to coplicated for her. Karis used to play fetch with me but has learned that she can take the toy and run for it lol so when she done it I stoped the game and left her. After a few times I started to swap with her and now she started to realize that it is more fun to work/play with me instead of on her own. Zaphira and Kijara are always having a good eye on her. They play with her a lot but yet are very strict with Karis too. They both think that she would be a great addition to our pack but that she really needs to know her place and I totally agree with them. But, she will make a great trustworthy and loyal member once she is trained :-) Its a lot of work with her but it is well worth it.



All Puppies are doing well, but the weather is far to hot for them. Non of my doggies are enjoying their meal untill the evening when it gets cool again, bless them.I got a new toy for the Puppies but I think they jhave outgrown this kind of game already so it might just be a new toy for our future Puppies :-) Below are some new videos :-)




Its been a busy day for the Puppies :-) They first had a good play in the garden and then we went to the vets for the last Health Checkes, Micro Chips and Vaccinations. All 6 Puppies passed with flying colours which I am very happy about. Once we were all done at the vets we went to say hallo to my grandad so the Puppies also enjoyed to run, play and explore the garden. Kato amd Kahlia have settled into their new homes very good and the other 3 are leaving us at the weekend. Kamero is on hold for viewing so he will stay with us for a bit longer. I will know at the beginning of the next moth if he comes available again.




It starts to get quiet here at home. Kairo and Kamy have left for their new homes and Karis will be picked up today so only our black pearl Kamero left :-( I am very happy to have such great families for my Puppie but it is also very sad to see them all going that fast. Lucky that I have a few more week to enjoy Kamero :-D Zaphira has now completly weaned her Puppies. She also had a haircut lol and now she feels much better and is enjoying to play and run with her Puppies. She has been a fantastic mother and I am so very proud of her <3

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