We are proude to announce the safe arrival of our 5 Miniature Poodle Puppies

The proud Parents

Rhapsodie, Brown Phantom, 36cm

past yearly health check, heart is normal

Free of Patella Luxation, Clear Eye Screening

Clear for prcd-PRA through parents



Jasper, Apricot and white, 39cm

past yearly health check, heart is normal

Free of Patella Luxation, Clear Eye Screening

DNA tested for prcd-PRA "A"/clear, DNA testd for vWD1 "A"/clear, DNA tested for HUU "A"/clear, DNA testd for MH "A"/clear



Please CLICK HERE for photos from the whelping.

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Curlyfriends Nekita/sold      Curlyfriends Nando/sold     Curlyfriends Nuriel/sold      Curlyfriends Nilaja /sold     Curlyfriends Narnia/sold


 Rhapsodie is 4 weeks pregnant and her tummy is slowly growing :-)

 5 weeks and she still got her fluffy coat... not for much longer lol

6 weeks and ready to welcome the Puppies

 7 weeks. This photo was taing in the very early morning before breakfast - she is still tired :-)

 8 weeks and the count down has started <3

 day 60 - 2 days before whelping, bless her.



The Puppies have arrived :-D

Its been such a long waiting and for me it seemed as if the 9 weeks pregnancy would never go by! But the long waiting was well worth it as Rhapsodie has safely delivered 3 girls and 2 boys - all very fit, aktive and sooo stunning <3 I do have to add, that I was expecting more Puppies but instead we got quite big Puppies. Her biggest Puppy is 268g - gosh, she could make 2 Puppies out of that one! But now I am just feeling happy and relieved as Rhapsodie is is very happy with her Puppies, we got them all out without Veterinary help and all are fine :-D There is not much more that I can ask for <3 All The Puppies are Brown Mismarked and 2 Puppies have clear Phantom pattern too. The other 4 Puppies have clear Phantom Pattern under their tail so we have to wait and see if they will turn into true Phantoms or if the colour will grow out in time.  

Please click HERE to see photos from the whelping.



The Puppies are 2 days old and are doing very well and so does Rhapsodie :-) She is a great mother and she absolutly loves her little angles, bless her. Her milk came in just a few hours after whewlping and the Puppies have put on quite a bit of weight already :-D Here are the birthweights and the todays weights:

Nikita: 162g - 208g

Nando: 209g - 255g

Nuriel: 268g - 333g

Nilaja: 221g - 282g

Narnia: 212g - 278g



The little Ninjas are 1 week old ... sleeping and nursering was their favorite aktivity during this week hihihi. All of them are growing nicely and Rhapsodie is a great mother <3



The little Ninjas are 2 weeks old and they are doing very well :-D The early Puppy training is coming along nicely and their colour is coming in very nicely hihihi Rhapsodie is doing great and she does not mind my cats in the nest with the Puppies, bless her.




Awww it was time to set up the Puppy Pen hihihi All 5 Puppies have worked out how to use their little legs and there is just no stopping, trouble is, that they do not find the way back into the nest, bless them. I have also weight the them and I am so please on how they develop and grow. Nuriel is still the biggest Puppy and I do not think that any of the others willl catch up on him lol He has 1017g at 17 days!




The Puppies are 3 weeks old today and they are all doing great :-) They are getting more aktive and have started to play with them selfs, each other, Mummy and toys. I love to watch them when they play, they are sooo funny, bless them.

For some reason I am unable to edite photos. I do hope to get that sorted ASPS so I can post some new photos soon :-/



Awww I am happy lol as ozr PC is working again and I am able to catch up with all the photos hihihi.

The Puppies are all doing great and they have been enjoying play-times with my other doggies for the last few days :-D  Here are a few photos which I have been collecting over the last days.




Our sweet little Ninjas are 4 weeks old <3 <3 <3



Here are some more photos hihihi It does get very difficult to take photos of the Puppies while they play as they just won´t keep still or I have one of my other doggies in front of the camera, bless them. The Ninjas also had their first play time in the kitchen yesterday which went very well and they all enjoyed it to explore the new room and to play but they have been asleep with in secounds once I returned them into my bedroom, bless them.




The Puppies are 5 weeks old today and all of them are doing fine :-) They are quite a bit bigger then the Puppies from Rhapsodies first litter but I think that they are still tinie as I see them playing with my Melönchens hihihi




The Ninjas have been moved into the kitchen and the first nights went very well They slowly get used to the rhythm of play-time and sleeping-time hihihihi The Puppies already had a few play-times in the kitchen, dining room and conservatory so that was nothing new to them and I am very pleased to see that they already happpy to follow us out side to the patio area I guess it will be easier to house train this Puppies instead of trying to get them toilet trained. I have also added a new video to each of the Puppies page to show how well the dryer-training is coming along :-)




Awww the weather has been very nice today so I thought its about time to take the little Ninjas out into the Puppygarden :-) Tghey really enjoyed it and even thought that they have not been out for long - as its still cold - they have been out in the garden several times today. Here are some photos from this morning, fro their very first time out on grass, bless them :-D





The little Ninjas are 6 weeks old :-) All of them are doing great and they are enjoying their new big world hihihi




The Ninjas had a very busy day yesterday :-) Loooots of playing in the garden as the weather was beautiful and then they had their fi´rst car training which wenz so very well, bless them.




Our Ninjas are 7 weeks old and all of them are doing very well :-) They are  such funny and playful little Puppies hihihi This is my first litter which is not sleeping in the puppypen during the day! They just did not accept it :-/ They do use the puppypen for the night but for the daytime they just do what my doggies are doing, bless them. The weather has not been to good for the Ninjas so they only have limitied playtime outside, but therefore they are enjoying every single secound in the garden. They all had their first bath and I am happy to say that all of them done very well :-)




The Little Ninjas are 8 weeks old and they are all doing well. Here are a few photos from yesterday cartraining.

Please note, the photo on the induvidually puppy page, does not show the puppies true colour due to the sun!




Our little Ninjas are 9 weeks old :-) All of them are doing great and they are full of joy and fun.




Awww time is just flying by and therefor it was time to take the Puppies to the Vet. All of the Puppies are now Micro chipped and Vet health checked so that they are ready to go home. All 5 of them are happy, healthy, fit and in a good condition, but they also have very small Umbilical Hernias :-/ The Puppies have been great in the car and enjoyed a little play, then they have been enjoying the extra attention at the vets and they have been veeeery brave while they received their Micro Chip. Rhapsodie went with us and so did Mia as she is only young and there is still a lot for her to learn.


And here are a few photos of little Nekita and our big boy Nuriel :-) The size difference is just amazing <3



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Here are a few videos from the car training :-D



 The next 2 videos show how very well the Puppies are in following me :-D Such stunning and cleaver Puppies and they are only 5 weeks and 6 days old <3



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