We are very proud to announce the safe arrival of our 6 stunning Miniature Poodle Puppies

The proud parents


Melody, Blue Phantom, 41cm

past yearly health check, heart is normal.

Free of Patella Luxation, Clear Eye Screening

DAN test for prcd-PRA "B"/carrier

Jasper, Apricot and white, 39cm

past yearly health check, heart is normal

Free of Patella Luxation, Clear Eye Screening

DNA tested for prcd-PRA "A"/clear, DNA testd for vWD1 "A"/clear, DNA tested for HUU "A"/clear, DNA testd for MH "A"/clear

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Curlyfriends Mia/sold       Curlyfriends Mikesch/living together with Myra       Curlyfriends Myra/living together with Mikesch

Curlyfriends Mourice/going home with Stephanie       Curlyfriends My Fair Lady/sold       Curlyfriends Merlin/sold



 Melody the day she got married :-D

 5 weeks and 3 days done

 6 weeks and 5 days - her tummy is getting bigger and bigger

 7 weeks and 6 days

 8 weeks and 3 days

 The Puppies could come at any time now and Melody is enjoying it very much to sleep in my bed for the night, bless her.



Puppies are 3 days all and all are doing great :-) Melody is a superb mother who dearly loves her Babies <3 Her Milk has finally came in and all Puppies have started to put on white :-D



I have added the first Puppy Video :-D



The first week is done :-) The Puppies have spend most of the time with sleeping hihihi All of them are fine and have started to grow nicely. Melody did not had milke for the first day and day 2 and 3 have not been any better :-( But now her milk has come in and so the Puppies get bigger and bigger by the day :-D



The Melönchens are all fine. It is so nice to see them all with fat round bellies <3 The Puppy training is coming along nicely amd Melody has learned, that she is not really allowed to clean the Puppies when I hold them lol She is now happely laying in the nest while I handle her babies - but she is watching me, bless her. Here are a few photos and I will also add a video later tonight once its been uploaded.




Here are a few photos from our last night cuddle <3 They are 1 weeks and 4 days.




The Puppies are 2 weeks old and have started to open their eyes :-) They have also started to find their legs and are getting more aktive by the day. But the Minis are still not as aktive as a litter of Standard Poodles, bless them. Its amazing to see how different the Puppies in different sizes devellop.



Puppies are 2.5 weels old :-) Awww they are so cute and its so nice to see how they slowly explore the world <3 They start to play with them self and each other, they walk, bark and growl - well they try, bless them.




The Puppies are 3 weeks old :-D They are all up and running and their games and playtime are getting longer and longer. Melody has now started to accept my cats with her Puppies and I hope that she will very soon accept my doggies too. Kija and Lilly are despertly waiting to meet the Puppies but so far that has been a no-no. The Puppies also had their first Puppytrimm. Awww they look so cute now and they all done very well. Some have been still a bit unhappy, but thats something we will keep working on <3




hihihi the puppy-play-times have started first play-time was last night - kijara was soooo happy that she finally was allowed to meet the puppies but melody was still a bit unsure about the situation, bless her. the second play-time this morning was muuuch better and melody understood that she does not need to worry and so she enjoyed the extra cuddle with me kahlan and ilaris have been so very gently to the puppy but they have also been a bit confused about such tiny doggies hihihi the puppies are all of a good size but they look so tiny next to my spoos especial if they say hallo to castile.




Awww the very nice and sweet time has started. The Puppies have a great play-time with each others when I go to bed and I soooo much love to watch them. This is one of the best ways to finish the day <3 Here are a few photos and I have also added some videos from their last nights play-time. I have also set up the Puppy toilet today, I hope they will understand what it is hihihi




The Puppies are developing nicely :-D They have accepted the Puppy toilet and I am very happy to see how well they are using it already. All of them enjoy the play-times with me and the rest of my pack but it never last long as they still get tired very fast, bless them.




Awww time is running :-( The Puppies had their first meal today. They have all been quite restless for the last 2 days and they woke up as soon as they heard me as they though that Mummy would come so I knew that its time to start feeding them. Lady was the only Puppy who did not enjoy her first meal, but she did loooved the secound meal, bless her. I will now hand-feed the Puppies twice a day which will also help Melody as she has more time to "fill up" again.

Here are a few photos from today. I also have some videos and you will also find a video from the Puppies first meal on their individually Puppy-Page.


That´s me and the Puppies back in the nest after a great play :-D I always stay with them for a little cuddle and all 6 of them truly enjoy it to snuggle up with me. I wait untill they all fall asleep and then I gently get up and go.




Awww another week is gone and the Puppies are 4 weeks old today :-D They are now old enough to be viewed. All of them are doing very well. They enjoy the food which i offer them twice a day, they are very playful already but they also love to be handled and cuddled :-D I dont have any new play-photos as the last few days have been to busy. To take the photos while we play is not a problem at all, but then to find the time to get them on the PC and to go through all of them and then add them to my website does surly take some time, but there will be loooots of photos duruing the week and there are a few photos of each Puppy on their webpage :-D xxx 



hihihi some updates and photos xx


1.Yesterday I decided that it is time to get the puppies used to the kitchen as that's where they soon have to stay during the night they all enjoyed their first play and they have been very brave to explore in the kitchen Non of them wanted to settle at first so I stayed with them in the nest for a cuddle and then they all got tired, one after the other. I did tried to wake them up after 1.5h but they have all been still very sleepy and - after going to toilet - they went back to bed I think they have accepted the new nest ... I will know more after our next play-time lol

 2. Awww the Puppies are just fantastic I woke them up again, then we had a little play together with Mummy, Rhapsodie and Zhapira. Then I feed the Puppies and they were all veeeery hungry lol I prepared the doggies food once the puppies were all full up and while I was busy the little once were still running and playing in the kitchen And then - it always seems like some kind of magic - all 6 of them went back into the nest and settled down with in 5 minutes I fed the doggies, done the washing up and then prepared Mum and my meal and the Puppies were not bothered about all the noises and rushing around in the kitchen

3. As the puppies had clearly accepted their new nest I decided to leave them in the kitchen for their first night hihih we did get up much earlier this morning as I don't like to let the puppies wait for to long for mummy to return :-/ but everything went well :-D when I went into the kitchen this morning, all puppies were still asleep and they slowly started to wake up as I switched on the light. They have all been relaxed and easy-going <3 <3 <3 and then they had a good play with everyone and of course went to see mummy for a breakfast, bless them.





The Puppies are 5 weeks :-)

They all are doing great and it is such a joy to watch them play and grow. They have adapted nicely to my dayily routin hihihi All 6 of them are happy to wait in the nest untill I return to them to let them out <3 They then get a happy play with all of us and get some food, then they go to bed and stay in the nest untill our next play-time. I have started to get the Puppies used to the hair dryer and I am happy to say that they are doing very well :-D I have added a video from their secound hair-dryer-training.




Awww sweet girl Kahlan is finally allowed to play with the Puppies, bless her. Melody has been very unhappy about Kahlan trying to get to the Puppies hihihi The Puppies have settled in the kitchen nicely and they are happy to stay on their own during the night. The toilettraining is coming along nicely and they all have a very easy-going and calm character which I will keep building up over the next weeks. I always wake the Puppies up so that they learn to stay calm and wait for me to come back :-D Here are a few photos and I also have added videos :-)




hihihi I have been collecting a few photos of the Puppies over the last days, just needed to find time to go through them. All Puppies are doing great They enjoy the chicken necks which they get once or twice a day - it really keeps them busy for quite a while hihihi. The play-times are getting longer and longer and I do start to wonder what sort of batteries they are running on I have started with the housetraining but so far I put the Puppies into a basked and take them out but I do hope, that they will soon start to follow me and Melody to the patio area without "leaking" The weather is surly not the best for the Puppies, but it really is time to show them a different place to relieve themselves as they try to get as far away from the nest as possible Its in the dogs nature to be clean - we just have to show them where to go Melody is still nursing her Babies several times a day, but they also enjoy their raw food which I give them. I will also start the car training hihihi Hope they like it, bless them.



The Puppies are exploring in their new big world


 They were all very confident and interested in this new world.


Aaaaand we got the first outside-toilets hihihi


Time to go back in The weather is just not good enough for the Puppies.


 loool Lady, it will still take some time before you can use the cat flap. She saw Ilaris going out through the cat flap, one clever girly, bless her.


Awwwww they are getting tired, bless them. I guess its time for bed.


Been looking for Lady after I but her 5 siblings back into the nest and this is where I fond her. She was cuddled up with La Vita in the dinning room and far asleep, bless her.


Myra, Mourice, Lady, Mikesch, Merlin and Mia

The joy of having puppies loool
Getting up early in the morning, bless them. Lucky its not raining!


Yes Kijara, I totally agree... its to early to play lol




Its been a warm and sunny day yesterday so I decided to take the Puppies out into the garrden for some sunny photos :-) Melody went with us, but she was not of a good help fr me lol I think this or soething similary must have been on her mind hihihi "You took the Puppies out, so YOU gone take care of them!" But its has been a nice time and it was nice to see how much the Puppies respond to me snd how much they needed me to feel safe, bless them. All of them have a very strong bond to me <3 I will now take the Puppies out into the garden when ever the wether allows me to do so :-/





The Melönchens are 6 weeks old today :-) They are all fine and developing nicely. Melody has started to wean her Puppies so I am feeding them more and more hihih The house training is coming along nicely and they start to manage the long distance from the nest to the outside patio area :-D

The girls


Mia - Myra - Lady

The boys


Merlin - Mourice - Mikesch

And all 6 :-) They were so sweet as they all fall asleep within a few seconds, bless them.



Its been  such a nice and sunny day yesterday so the Puppies have spend a lot of time outside in the garden :-) They truly enjoyed it and have been much more plaful then they were at their first play-time in the garden, bless them. I know its quite a looooot of photos but bear in mind that I took 392!!! Photos so I did managed very well in cutting down on the amount of photos hihih

I also want to say that its been 3 days in a row now that the puppies run outside with me for toilet :-D And the nesst is clean during the hight as they all use the puppytoilet, bless them.




Awww time is going by to fast :-( The Puppies are 7 weeks old and they will soon be ready to go home. The weather has not been very good for the last few days so we had a lot of indoor play times, I am just happy that this are Minis and not Spoos lol It was also time to set up the large Puppypen for them as they started to escape the smasll Puppypen hihihi This is a very easy-going litter and they learn soooo fast, bless them.




Low batteries and no sunshine is not really the best time to take photos lol But we all had a great time outdoors and the Puppies enjoyed their new playground, bless them.



Now as it gets a bit more quiet here - Rhapsodie has had her Puppies and is all settled, my girls have almost all finished their season and Christmas is over - I found the time to start the car training :-D The Puppies loved their new playground and had a very nice play in the car with each other, all the toys and me :-) Then they all got tired and we ended our first car adventure with a nice cuddle. Here are a few photo from yesterday and I have also added a few videos.





The Melönchens are 8 weeks old and are soon ready to go home. They all had a tidy up and a bath, awww they looks so stunning :-)



Well, we did not had any sunshine but at least it was dry and some sort warmisch :-) The Puppies love their dayly playtime in the garden and the time they spenmd outside at one playtime gets longer and longer1 They are full of lífe, fun, joy and energy, bless them.



The Melönchens have finally been out for their first car ride and they done soooo very well :-D All of them settled within 5 minutes and then they slept untill we where back at home, bless them. We did stop at 2 shops so Mum could do a but of shopping and I stayed in the car with the Puppies - which is quite boring when they are all asleep lol Here are a few photos and please check the Video-Page too as I have added a few videos from the jourmey.




The Puppies are 9 weeks old today :-) All of them are doing great and they are soooo aktive hihihi Lucky the weather is quite dry at the moment so they all get to play outside. I have already added photos of the girls and the boys will follow once I got some spare time for a photo shooting :-) 

*** I have added the Photos from the boys :-D ***



Here are a few (lol) photos which I have been collecting during the weeks :-D




The Melönchens are 11 weeks old :-) All of them are doing very well and they are now spending the whole day with us hihihi They do not need to go into their Puppy Pen during the day for some reast. And I have to say its all going very well :-) They have learned to sleep and reast when my other doggies are having a break and to play and have fun when we are all getting aktive again :-D They also learned that I am not always available to play with but that they have to play with them self or each other.



Our little Puppies are 12 weeks old and are doing very well :-) They all had a nother bath which has turned into a normal and regular "thing" they are not bothered about it and are happy to be dryed hihihi Mia also had her first little "puppy cut" and she done very well and would hardly move around, bless her. Mikesch, Merlin and Myra are still waiting for the right families to join. Myra is a good mix of Melody and Jasper. Mikesch and Merlin seem to take after Jasper and Mia is taking after Melody :-) I do hope that the right families will soon come along for my little babies, but I am certainly in no rush to home them as the longer they stay, the more I can see and study the line.



The remaining 4 Puppies have all been to the Vet on Thursday and all 4 are happy, healthy and fit :-) They have received their Micro Chip, first vaccination and are Vert Health Check. Myra and Mikesch both have a very small Umbilical Hernia. This will not cause any problems to them and it could still be that the whol will still close up as they grow :-)

all 4 have been fantastice :-) They had a bit of a play in the car and then enjoyed the extra attention at the Vet hihihi



Myra had her first lead training this morning and she was aaaaaamazing.
Poor girl did thought that she gone die now as she could not run away and it was a new place, but once she figured out how to play this game she truly enjoyed it
she followed me, we stopped every now and again when she wanted to look at something and when I stopped she came to me and done a great sit with eye contact.
Changing direction was no problem at all and the cars and noises from the recycling place have been okey too hihih
After awhile with out any errors and her being very very happy I let her off lead and she did as good as on the lead
loooooove her
hihihi The other 3 have had their first lead training too

Mia - gooooosh, she was happy, playful and full of beans the second I put her on the ground
Mia was not bothered about the lead and it was funny to see her get tangled up while she was having fun and jumping around (in a playful and positive way!) hihihi
She immediately asked me what this new game is so I explained it to her and then we had a great time outside together. She was very confident and happy to see all the cars, digger and people + she was as good as gold off lead too

Merlin - Yeeeees Meeeerlin .... he surly got his own mind lol
He is not that food motivated and thought my game is booooring, bless him.
He has not been off lead and I guess that will take quite awhile before he can be trusted.
But not all has been bad and at the end he was nicely walking on the lead AND in the same direction then I walked lol
... there is a lot of work in front of us 2

Mikesch - what a great little star, bless him.
He was scared as I put him on the floor and asked for help.
So I told him that all is fine and we gone "play" a bit.
He did asked if I am sure about it and I again invited him to play with me and that was it. He gave him self a good shake and was a veeery happy, playful and funny Puppy.
He enjoyed "my game" and was perfect on the lead and off the lead and the recycling place was no problem at all.
The Melönchens had their second lead training today and I got some big surprises - positive and negative

She was at first not happy on the lead and tried quite vigorous to take it of but she did gave up in the end and was again as good as gold and she also enjoyed some off-lead training which was great too.

... She surly had a mind of her own today! She was very unhappy to be on the lead and I think she only behaved because of the treats but not because she wanted to play with me. But as she did all good and fast I decided to let her off the lead lol one big mistake hihihi
Took the lead off, asked for eye contact, then I asked her to come with me aaaaand what did she do!!! She run off into the other direction, back to our garden were she stood in front of the gate and was barking on top of her voice to be let in, not sure whether I should laugh about it or not -  naughty girl, but she was funny to watch hihih
I hid behind a bush - I could see her but she could not see me - and I called for her each time when she stopped barking. It took ages for her to fiiiinally come into my direction, following my voice, and she started running the second as she was able to see me. From that point on she was happy again and stayed with me, followed me and did not questioned anything lol
(this might sound very harsh but it was the best I could do in that situation, she really has to learn, that we only have fun together AS A TEAM and that she can not have it her way poor girl...)

Happy, playful, confident - a star on and off the lead and just happy to be with me, to play and to explore with me hihihih

At first it was the same like yesterday I was not able to get a connection to him and he was not "offering" something to me which we could work on....
So I decided to sit down and just wait. I cuddled with him when he came to me but he was also allowed to walk away from me - he was on the lead which is 2m long.
I wanted to see what he will be doing and give him time to make up his mind.
He went backwards and forwards several times and he was very happy to come back to me to say HALLO and then he walked off again.... I was very happy to see him like this, even thought that we did not get far. -
But then everything took a turn for the good
The wind has blown a leaf past him, he run after the leaf, picked it up, CAME TO ME, and we swapped for a treat
I could not believe this. I did try to make him fetch a stick or another leaf, but he would not do it.
Soooo we went back indoors and got a package of tissue as I know he loves them from his photo shooting hihih
Yep, he LOVES them and was suddenly a very happy and playful boy
He followed me, changing direction was no problem and he stopped when I stopped - no sit, but I am sure that will come one day.
And he is so very happy to retrieve the tissue and to swap for a treat
That's the was to go Merlin
The Puppies had a few days break from training as its been very busy here. But they have used the time to rethink about the traing from the days before and therefore I had some amazing Puppies diring todays training :-) I am so very happy and proud to see how my Puppies are coming along, bless them. I did take a few videos from the training which you can find on Mia´s, Mikesch´s and Merlin´s page.
Little Myra has moved out and is now happely living in her new family in Camarthen.