Miniature und large Miniature Poodle Puppies <3 <3 <3

D.o.B. 13.02.2015

Curly Phantom Rhapsodie DeMannario, German import

Brown Phantom, 36cm

past yearly health check, heart is normal

Free of Patella Luxation, Primary Lens Luxation and Cataract

DNA tested N/N CLEAR for: 

DM - Degenerative Myelopathy, vWD1 (von Willebrand disease Type I),     HUU (Hyperuricemia),   MH (Malignant Hyperthermia),      PLL (Primary Lens Luxation),   NEWS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures),     MPSVI (Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI - mutation originally found in Poodle)

She has a DNA pass which clears her for 85+ diseases and she is DNA profiled

Her genetic health index is: 105

Mahooli Shades of Aslan (aka Leo)

Sable Phantom, 38cm

Clear for prcd-PRA through parents.

Eye examination: free of GPRA

Rhapsodie has given birth to 5 stunning Miniature Poodle Puppies on the 13th of Feburary. She woke me up at just after 7am in the morning so I thought that we would be done by luch as both of her previous litters where fast lol But NO ... Rhapsodie has enjoyed my attention and company all day long and the first contraction was at 6:06 in the evening. She then deliverd her first daughter at 6:49 and her last Puppy was born at 7:45. So she only needed 56Minutes for all 5! She was very fast and done most of the whelping on her own. I just made sure, that the heads are clean ;-) Rhapsodie is already a very proud mother and has settled nicely with her babies, bless them.

PLEASE CLICK HERE for photos of the Quality Streets and the Rascals play-time.

It will still take a while before I can decide which Puppy I will be keeping, so its also gone take a bit longer to name them :-)

Curlyfriends Quentina/going home with Jazmin            Curlyfriends Quality Joy/staying here with us           Curlyfriends Querin/going home with Jasmine

      Curlyfriends Queen Mäuschen/going home with Liz          Curlyfriends Quality life of Aslan/going home with Beth

Please klick here for photos of the whelping.



The first night is done and our little family is doing very well <3 <3 <3

Rhapsodie always needs a few hours to produce milk so the night was a bit of a problem for me as its my third night in a row with hardly any sleep and the Puppies got very unhappy as they where still waiting for milk! But the milk has started to come in in the early mornig and so the Puppies have calmed down, bless them. Rhapsodie eat all the afterbirths and she took both meals which I offered her last night and 2 meals this morning :-) She is doing very well and - like always - we have no problems with diarrhea :-D 




Rhapsodie and her little "Quality Street" are doing very well :-D They are 5 days old today and I have added their first video to the induvidually puppy page xxx


Here are a few Photos from during pregnancy :-D

Rhapsodie´s Ulrasound Scan


Rhapsody 6 weeks pregnant  


Rhapsodie 7 weeks pregnant   


Rhapsodie done 8 weeks yesterday and the count-down has started <3 <3 <3

My poor little girl has been very miserable with Baxton Hicks contractions for 2.5 days! She would not eat, could not settle and she just was not her self, bless her. I had to genely syring feed her puppy milk several times a day and night to keep her hydrated and to make sure she keeps her strength. 

But - since yesterday - she is all fine again and she sooooo much loves her food for as long as I offer her chicken necks and chicks, bless her.

I have also set up her puppy pen so she can get used to. I think its nice but she does not like it yet and rather likes to sleep in my bed.


3 days before the puppies arrived xx



Our little Qulity Street is one week old today and all 5 of them and Rapsodie are doingvery well :-D


Thought I would take a few photos while I change their bedding :-) Puppies and Mummy are all doing great xxx




Awww we had a few bad days here but all is sorted now :-D

Rhapsodie´s milk is very rich and she has plenty of it! So the Puppies have been overfeeding them selfs and got belly aches and on top of that Rhapsodie decided that she is no longer cleaning the Puppies as much as she should do. I knew that she would stop cleaning the Puppies quite young as thats what she done with her first and secound litter but we never had problems due to overfeeding with the previous litters as there where more Puppies and Rhapsodie had less milk. Rhapsodie has 8 teats but she only produced milk in 6 teats with her first 2 litters, but now all 8 teats are producing milk but there are only 5 Puppies and 2 of them beeing small lol 

The Puppies have been very uncomfortable, restless and would not nurse due to their full and aching bellys.

The mother has to stimulate the Puppies so that they can go potty but Rhapsodie is not duing this often enough. So I had 2 options. First - I have to stimulate the Puppies a few times a day by rubbing their tummy and hope they will soon feel better but I knew that this is quite time consuming as I would never be able to stimulate the Puppies the way a dog would do it and there are 5 Puppies! Or - secound option - let my Standard Poodle take over this job :-D

So while I am changing the bedding Kijara, Castiel and Kahlan will wash the Puppies. Lilly and La Vita checked the Puppies too, but they are not that bothered about washing hihihi Rhapsodie is not that comfortable with my decission yet and she keeps a close eye on everyone, bless her.

Its amazing, the doggies only need a few minutes and all done! And its also amazing and heart warming to see how gently the big girls and Castiel are to this tiny babies. Castiel is totally in love with the Puppies eventhought that they are not his Puppies! I think he has addopeted them already, bless him.

  But the Puppies are now feeling much better. Their tummies are soft again, they hardly cry and they are sooooo relaxed <3 <3 <3

I am also trying to increase the gaps between the feedings a bit so that the Puppies have a bit more time to digest. This is working very well as Rhapsodie won´t stay with her Puppies if I am not staying with her hihihi She is such a cheeky monkey but I love her for how she is. (This is also not new to me as thats what she done with her previous litters too) 




16 days old and all 5 Puppies and Rhapsodie are doing great :-)

The Puppies have all opend their eyes and they have also started to walk through their nest which is very cute to watch. My big girls are still helping me with keeping the Puppies all clean and comfortable and Rhapsodie is now happy with this. She still keeps a close eye on whats going on, but she is also happy to just take a break and relax, bless her.

Rhapsodie has now also started to claim for more attention - cheeky girl. She will only stay with her Puppies if I stay WITH HER! But I have to say, that I am enjoying this feeding-times a lot. One reason is, that I love to see them all together and to know how much my girls trust and relay on my but the other reason is that I also enjoy this 15 to 20 minutes breaks a few times a day where I can just relax, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and just don´t do nothing ;-) I did shave Kijara and La Vita a few days back to cut down on grooming time, but there is still a lot to do here - each day.



3 weeks done :-D This Puppies are such a joy to have <3 They are calm, relaxed and always in a good mood when I pick them up  Their playing is getting more which is sooo funny to watch especially if they play with each other or with my other doggies hihihi I now have to start taking the camera with me when we go to bed as they are always aktive at that time so I can film them. I still don´t know which puppy to keep as there are a few very exciting ways to go and the more I think about it, the harder it gets to make a decision hihihi We are now waiting to see what characters this puppies will devellop and if they devellop any faults (hopefully non lol). The remaining Puppies are available into PETHOMES! Thank you for all the inquire, but this Puppies will not be sold with breeding rights!

It was also time to set up a larger Puppy Pen and the Puppy Toilet :-)



They are getting big :-D


Awww 4 weeks old and the big fun and play has started :-D All 5 of them and Rhapsodie are doing ver well. They all had their first trim and theirt little characters are also coming through now.

This video is from Wednesday night. It was the first time that Rhapsodie has left her food for her Puppies, bless her. All 5 are still growing nicely and Rhapsodie has far to much milk - The Rascals are happy to help with this little "problem"- but I think I will offer food to the Puppies over the weekend and see what they think about it hihihi


A bit late but here we are :-)

The Quality Street was 5 weeks old yesterday. All are doing very well and they surly know how to keep me busy lol Their funny and lovable characters are comníng through nicely so they show what it meens to be a Phantom xx All 5 are quite big already, eventhought that they look tiny next to the Rascals. But this is due to the different line! The Quality Street is at least 75% German Line and the Rascals are 100% English line which gives us the different look/size in the Puppies. But the end result will be the same - stunning Miniature Poodles at a size of 16" and more :-)

I am still not sure which Puppies to keep - one day I think that Puppy the next day I preffer the other Puppy :-/ I do not only have to look at the Puppies from "Awwww how cute" but also need to take their quality, character and their future place in my breeding plans into account. Rhapsodie has now started to wean her Puppies which will help me a lot as she and my other girls will hopefully soon start to play and interact with the Puppies in a completly different way! Rhapsodie, and hopefully Kijara, will pick their own little Puppy and I hope that their decisson will match mine ... we will see <3 <3 <3

But untill then its a "wait and see" and keep going backwards and forwards over all the great possibilities :-D Rhapsodie surly gave her best in her last litter <3 <3 <3  



Awww 6 weeks already <3 <3 <3 And they know what they WANT looool playing, playing and mooooore playing. All 5 are doing very well. They had their first bath yesterday which went very well too and their thick Poodle Coat is showing nicely now. Rhapsodie is still very strickt with weaning her babies which they do not like that much, bless them. But on the other side, because she is weaning them she now started to play with her babies which is soooo lovely. Its like" Hey! You are not getting any milk right now, but do you want to play with me" I so much love to see how the mothers behaviour towards the Puppies change during weaning! it just shows, that they will do it in their own time and that we breeders should not interfere in this process! Rhapsodie will let her babies still feed a few times a day and this will carry one for a few WEEKS - but thats how it should be <3

We still have a few Puppies available from this litter, so please do feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested in giving one a 5* pethome xx This Puppies will only be sold into pethomes! I have used an outside Stud for this breeding and therefore I find it better to just place them in pethomes as I am bond to a Stud Contract and I do like to stick two my word! Thank you for your understanding x

And please, be prepared to come for a visit! I really do not like to home my Puppies via internet or phone xx