Photos from our Quality Street and the little Rascals.  The Puppies are now old enough to enjoy their play-times together <3 <3 <3



This photos are from yesterday xx

Awww yes, they grow fast <3 and the Rascals are quite big already for their age <3 Its the Rascals secound play-time (out of their nest) and they are still a bit unsure, bless them. But the Quality Street is up and running and they disapear in all heavens direction hihihi I had to keep my other doggies out of the play-time for 3 days as Rhapsodie was very unhappy about her puppies escaping but she has now settled again and is now comfortable that her puppies do not disapear Zaphira is already allowd to see Melody´s Puppies so she is a happy aunty already and tomorrow I will try to get a few more doggies to join us ... thats when Melody is comfortable with the situation <3



Here are a few photos from yesterdays play-time :-)

Melody is all comfortable now with the others playing and interacting with her Puppies. But she still has an eye on everyone and no other dog is allowed to jump into the Puppy Pen - even if it is empty lol And she will not play! Which Mia things is boring. Each time when Mia or Jasper are trying to make Melody play, she will just tell them off but I know that this will soon change again <3

Rhapsodie is still producing looooots of milk! To much for her 5 babies so the Rascals are getting a "top-up" once or twice a day - depending on the amount of milk. Melody is not bothered about it and Rhapsodie seems to enjoy it. I think she feels much better after all that milk is gone, bless her. And the Rascals love it anyway hihihi ......And yes, I do know that we are encouraging the girls to produce more milk by letting the Rascals nurse from Rhapsodie! But I do not wean my Puppies but rather help the mothers by nursering the babies. This means, that Melody and Rhapsodie are still on 5 meals a day which all adds up to 4x as much as they normaly get and they have water AND puppy milk down to dring. Rhapsodie is in tip top condition and has even put on weight! Most breeders will wean the Puppies as its much cheaper then feeding a nursering bitch, but I and my girls preffer to go this way - a more natural way ;-)

There won´t be a play-time today and tomorrow so no photos. This s because of the mentaly devellopment which the Quality Street is going through right now as they are 29 days old. I have to be very careful with them right now and must make sure not to stress them or scare them. Things which have already been normal for them, can suddenly be frightening to them! This is also the reason why they are still sleeping in my bed room together with mother  Rhapsodie - the Puppies need their mother now more then they ever will and to keep them seperated can be as negative to the puppies as a play-time could be. I just wish that more breeders would take the puppies mentaly devellopment into account while they raise them :-(



Awww the quiet and easy time is over :-) The Quality Street is up and running as if they have Duracell Batteries and the Rascals will soon follow lol I am starting to get the puppies into a sleeping and play routine which will help all of us go through the day and so far its all going very well! We do not hear a pip from the Puppies untill I go into my bed room and genety wake them up <3 Both Mummies are then checking the puppies and the play-time will start after a quick feeding and toileting. Both litters are now getting 3 meals a day which is a mix of minced tripe, tongue, lamb and eco meat. They all like it, but Melody and Rhapsodie are still feeing their Puppies so much, that the Puppies are only having a little nibble of the meat, the leftovers are for the girls hihihi The mummies have started to put on weight so that they are now on "only" 4 meals a day, poooor girls ;-) We do have an evening routine which means, that the doggies and me are going into the living room where the dogs will sleep untill we go to bed and where I have my tea and get some rest. Normaly the mummies would stay with their puppies at this time and would join us later in the evening - doors are all open so they can go backwards and forwards as they like! But Rhapsodie has decided to only have a quick check on the Puppies and then come with us :-) This means, that she will jump into the puppy pen, wakes up the puppies, brings up her tea for her puppies and then comes to us :-D She is soooooo funny, bless her.

This photos are from the 17th ... well I think lol could also be the evening from the 16th

Puppies charging their batteris :-D


Awww the Rascals are tired and are going back to bed, bless them <3


Khalan playing with Mäuschen


Our first aktion-shoot :-D  


Its getting late and my doggies are already going to bed <3 <3 <3 The cages are surly no punishment but a safe and secure place!


The next photos are from yesterday. Its been verynice here so I thought its gone be fun to take the Puppies out into the garden. They have been ixed feelings about i, but this will soon change and they gone love the garden once they are used to it xx



The Puppies are now old enough to be viewed :-D


The Puppies have been on a nother big adventure yesterday :-D First playtime in the kitchen and first attemp on stacking hihihi Just good to know that it can only get better ;-)


Aslan & Joy


Mäuschen & Quentina


Querin & Raluca


Ramira & Ranjana


Rasco & Raziel


Rhydian & Ryan


The next photos are are also from yesterday :-) The secound play time in the garden hihihi The Puppies have been much "happier" and we got some little playing going on. They also decided thst it is not too nad to walk on grass, bless them. But the best is, all of them come to me or call for me when they are "lost" or tired <3 <3 <3 They don´t go und cuddle up with my other dogs but rather want to stay with me, on my lap :-D This does mean, that taking photos or moving around getsd more complicated as I am always surronded by the Puppies, but it is sooooo lovely to see how well they have bond to me at such a young age! 


You just got to love them <3  


One big step for a dog but a big step for  Puppy xxx



Kijara anf Joy - synchronised looking hihih


My white angle - Guarders of the Puppies





Awww what a lovely but yet busy weekend :-) Loooots of playing with the Puppies and loooovely weather for the doggie walks. The Puppies are continuing with their devellopment and they are getting more brave by the day. But it is easy to see that the Rascals are 5 days younger, bless them. They always neede a bit longer to get used to new situations and they are not as playful as the Quality Street yet but they too have started to play with toys.

The kitchen is now an accepted playarea and the Puppies have started to follow the doggies into the conservatory and dining room hihihi They are soooo very fast!

We have also had the first families coming to meet the Puppies and I am very happy to say, that both mummies have been fine with the visitors playing with their babies and the Puppies have been very outgoning and playful too <3 <3 <3 Rhydian and Raluca have both a lovely family waiting for them xx


Our secound attempt on stacking :-D We are slowly getting there lol

Aslam and Joy


Mäuschen and Quentina


Querin and Raluca


Ramira and Ranjana


Rasco and Raziel


Rhydian and Ryan




Awww we had 3 very nice day where I took loooots of new photos and videos :-D Problem is, that I was also quite busy and did not had the time for my website so now I have to add them all at once + the weekly photos of the Rascals are not uploaded yet hihihih But thats all fine. I will do some of it now and the rest in the morning. I really enjoy it to chare my Puppies and all the fun we have with all of you and this is also giving their new families the best chance to watching the cute baby grow and devellop.

Monday the 23rd:

No photos from Monday, but loooots of Videos hihih I have stiched a few together to keep the number of videos down xx As you can see, the Puppies are already seperated from the Standard Poodles and some of the Minis. This is because I wanted to my doggies to just settle BEFORE I get the day old chicks out for the Puppies, otherways they would have thought it was teatime already hihihi As you all know, my dogs and the Puppies are on a raw diet. This aldo includes day old chicks. I hope I am not ofending anyone by showing this videos! It was so funny to watch the Puppies but they have only used the chicks as a toy rather then food hihihi But I bet that will change in a few days xx 

Yesterday was a great day :-) Delilah, Kijaras daughter from her first litter, has come home for a groom.
Its such a shame that Delilah was not brave enough to come into the room, bless her. She was ever so good to all Puppies who found their way to her <3 <3 <3
But she did interact with the Puppies later in the day when I showed the Puppies to her Mummy - silly me did not get the camera grrrr
The Puppies have been very outgoing to her and wanted to play! Not nervous or shy at all :-D But Delilah would just say "Hallo", she was not in for playing lol

And now to todays adventure :-D

Finally some sunshine :-D Which meams that I managed to take the Puppies out 3 times today! They still had 2 indoor playtimes lol
The Puppies have also been introduced to the patio area hihihi It did take some time for them to find the door, but their second play-time in the patio was muuuuch better! One step closer to house training <3 <3 <3   So far - due to weather - they are only toilet trained but that's coming along very good!

The Hoover ....
The Puppies are not best friend with it yet, but they have all come to the conclusion, that they will not die, bless them.
Most of them are just staying out of our way but are happy to play in a distance which I think is good :-D

I loooove my little Wolfs <3 <3 <3

They are enjoying a leg of lamb. They will get it again tomorrow and the left overs will be for my doggies :-) I did had to tell my dog to "leave it" which they did, but of course I felt bad for them :-/

Sooo, thats it for today lol I will add the photos from today tomorrow hihihi

Good night x


Good afternoon xxx Here are the prommised photos :-D

A quick snak and then off to play :-)


Mia - what a stunning big sister <3

Tick, Trick and Track hihihi

Kijara and Quentina xx

And thats the reason why most of the photos are of the Quality Street! The Rascals will come to me as soon as I sit on the floor to take photos, bless them. They climb on my lap, they play with me and the camera or are just getting comfortable to sleep <3 The Quality STreet will also come to me but they are also brave enough to folly my doggies or to just have a look around. The Rascals will get their too in a few days :-)

Don´t they just look incredible tiny next to Castiel lol

Sooooo :-) Thats the big step in the corridor sorted! The Puppies are now able to go up and down.


Puppies enjoying their leg of lamb xx

And a few photos from getting used to the patio :-D

I forgot to add a video last night! This is little Joy. She is such a sweet girl <3



Its been raining almost the whole day yesterday but today was a lovely sunny day so the Puppies had 3 play-times outside which they all enjoyed. The House Training can now also begin as the front step is Puppy-safe. The first time running outside was a bit complicated hihih Most of the Puppies have not been brave enough and stood on top of the step crying, bless them. But at the secound round 10 out of 12 made it all the way down to the garden for potty :-D

A blanket does cover it all up - I just forgot to take a photo ;-)

Elias is joing is more often now as he preffers to be out side, bless him.

Happy Puppies <3


The secound play-times was in the patio :-)

As you may notice by the next photos: A Puppys tounge was faster then my camera and I did not noticed it lol

My sweet girl Joy <3 <3 <3

Double Trouble :-D 

And after a good sleep for the Puppies, lunch for me, walkies for the doggies and a bath for Jasper, we all went out into the front garden for another lovely play while the sun is still shining :-D


27.03.2015 - secound update :-D

I just wanted to show what a great finish the Puppies had to such a busy day :-D They have been munching and playing with the bones for just under 50minutes! I tell you, they where asleep with in secounds when I put them to bed, bless them <3 The left overs are for tomorrow for my doggies :-D  




Just a few photos of the Puppies! We have had a very busy weekend so I was not bothered about spening to much time on the PC to sort the photos ;-) The House Training is coming along soooo very well <3 <3 <3 The Puppies sleep untill I go and wake them up, then we go out for potty and a bit of play - depending on the weather - and then we go back indoors for a bit more play in the house :-D The Puppies are also going potty outside in the late evening and in the night! They are no longer worried about the darknes <3 I have also decided that its time to put the 2 litters together in one big Puppy Pen so they are now sleeping together. Melody and Rhapsodie are no longer allowed to see their Puppies during the night which both have addapted to fast. The Puppies are now getting 4 meat meals a day and they loooove it :-D We have had lots of families coming to meet us over the weekend and the Puppies have greated them all with happyines and excitement - they are not worried about women, man or childrean <3 Ramira, Ryan, Mäuschen and Querin have now also got lovely families waiting for them.


My living room - My Office - my kitchen and central heating :-D

The doggies and me have been naughty and have been banned into the garage .... lol No, I am just joking :-) We have electical workers in the house so the doggies and me have to say out of the house during the days while the men are doing their job. So we got the garage for us sorted as its just to cold and wet to stay in the garden all day long! The doggies have settled with this new situation within a heartbet <3 Any place is good for them for as long as I am with them <3 <3 <3 We do everything together :-D

But not alot has changed for the Puppies! They still sleep in their Puppy Pen in my bedroom and we either play in the garden or in my room. If the weather should get to cold and wet, then I can even offer a play-time in the garage as its all Puppy Prove now :-D The Puppies are still having a play-time in the dinning room/kitchen/conservatory area in the early morning and late evening once the house is "ours" again hihihi



Well, for some reason the laptop will only let me write but won´t upload photos at the moment grrrr So here is some information and the photos which should come along the test will follow soon .. hopefully soon as I have been collecting them for a few days now and there are just toooooo many now :-D

31.03.2015 - hihihihi Just a "FEW" new Photos ;-) But they are from 3 play-times and I started with over 450 photos (lucky that I only have a small memory card for my camera) so I think I done very good in sorting them out :-D The first part are photos from our play-time in the garage. The Electical workes had to do some work in my bed room so the Puppies had to join me and the doggies in the garage. They where not bothered at all but had looooots of fun <3 And they all settled for some sleep once they got tired - no problem. The secound part are photos where I took the Puppies for the first time into the dog´s garden. We only stayed there for a little while as its been far to windy today. Sometimes the Puppies could hardly keep their little paws on the grond - they are not heavy enough lol But they enjoyed it and it gave the dogs a bit more time to run and play so a win-win for all of us :-D And the last photos are of the Puppies enjoying their chicken <3 They where munching on them for nearly 1hour! and the chicken looked rather nacked at the end hihihi The leftover where part of my dogs tea - they loved it too x

Part 1 - Lets see how many photos I can add befor the laptop gives up again ;-) xx

hihihi look at Kijara! She escaped the Puppies :-D


And the big game started after just a few secounds <3 All the Puppies followed us into the garage, had a quick look around and that was it, bless them.


Raziel checking out the heating :-D 


Kahlan too made the best out of the new situation paird with bad weather :-D


Castiel cuddled up next to me. He truned into an iceberg for the Puppies lol


No.1 is going to bed <3


Look at Ryan - poor boy :-) He was very unsury why Kijara suddenly has decided to lay next to him! She is a very strict girl and is teaching the Puppies manners so Ryan was not sure if he will be allowed to stay or if ne has to go. But all fine :-) He was allowed to stay and behaved very good hihihi


Sweet boy Rasco <3 He is still waiting for his own family xx  

Ramira don´t want to settle all on her own <3  


Thats 4 Puppies in the box :-D


I think we are up to 6 now lol  


Thaaaaaaank YOU Joy :-)  


8 Puppies! Yes, they all fit in it hihih



It starts to get to hot in the box with 8 Puppies so Ranjana has decided to sleep "outside" But she was not the only one who decided to find a cooler place to sleep - now thats what I call a "Central Heating" :-D


La Vita was very curiose about the box and the wanishing of the Puppies :-D 


Part 2 :-D



Part 3 :-D

They looooooove the chicken carcasses xx




The Puppies have had chicks again yesterday aaaaand :-) they finally work out, that they are not toys but food loool They really enjoyed them! They also had fish later in the day which the Puppies thought where great too :-D The Rascals also had their first bath yesterday and they look so sweet now <3 All of them done very well. Ralucars family has come for another visit yesterday. The Puppies where very happy about the great play-time and the family could not believe how much they have grown hihihih I have also started to get the Puppies used to dry puppy food :-/ I am not a fan of it, but its best for the Puppies to get used to it before they go into their new homes :-( The Pupppy Toilet has been very clean over the last few days as the Puppies are nearly house trained. All we get is the one or other little puddle in it. But after 2 small portion of dog food yesterday we had 6!!! poos in the toilet this morning!



That must have been deliciouse :-D 


There are no videos of the bathing as silly me fortog to charge the battery from my camera grrrrrr But I will make sure that I will film the Puppies next bathing day! I have also decided to not add any weekly photos this week from the Rascals or the Quality Street. I still have all the other photos which I hope to add soon and then is the busy easter weekend. But next week should be all calm again so the next photo shooting will take please when the Rascals are 7 weeks old and the Quality Street 8 weeks xx But the regulaarly up-dates on this page will come :-D

The Hoover-Video is already a few days old as I forgot to post it :-( Its from the 31st of March. But here it is anyway and I will get new video done tomorrow :-D The Puppies are surly not to9 bothered about the hoover anymore and are happy to play with a bit of a distance to us - they are not to fearful about it nor do they try to attac us xx


Sorry that its been so long since our last update x

The Puppies are all doing very well. They are very playful and love to adventure in our garden, bless them. I am very happy to say, that our sweet boy Raziel has also found his family now :-D Rasco and Aslan are our last 2 Puppies who are hoping to join their forever family soon. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in one of them.

I have been collecting a few photos and videos over the last days, but I think that both of my cameras are giving up!  The timing could not be any better loool

This photos are from the weekend x


Awww they loooove their meaty venison bones :-D


And this photos are from today :-D Its been such a lovely sunny and warm day. The puppies enjoyed all that playing in the garden and they have been full of life today, bless them <3


Awww Happy Puppies and no mess in the kitchen hihihi


And a short video from today :-)


Awww the Puppies had their first car ride :-D
And they where amazing <3
Joy has been sick twice (after we have been on the road for 2h already lol) but that could have been due to the dry Puppy food which they got? She was fine the rest of the time and enjoyed to sleep or play, so I am not worried at all <3 <3 <3
It was an 2.5hours round journey and we only had 1 toilet accident in the car!

The Puppies have been asleep most of the time in the car so the car journey was followed by a good play-time in the garde :-) Then the Puppies slept again which gave me time to take care of my doggies and then it was another play-time for the Puppies and the dogs in the garden while I was cleaning my bed room. I left the front door open so the Puppies kept going in and out and where checking on me lol ... or they where trying to nick my dustpen and brush, the kitchen paper roll, the plastig back with rubish ... and anything else which could be fun, bless them.

The only thing I did not managed to fit into my busy day was to bath Ryan and Ranjana, but well, there is always another day and tomorrow afternoon seems to be free hihihihi

Here are a few photos from the car ride xx


Where are we goin Mummy!?! 



A little frog hihihi  


Soooo sweet <3 <3 <3   


All asleep :-D




Awww and another busy weekend is over. Little Mäuschen and Quentina have left us for their new homes and both are settling in very well :-) Both of the Puppies live in families who already have dogs and they all get along very well <3 Quentina - now named Indi - has a German Shepherd as a K9 friend and Mäuschen - now named Florence - has a mixed pack of Mini Poodles, Papilions and a Bichon as friends :-)

I have also done a lot of thinking and went backwads and forwards lots of time about my keeper Puppy or Puppies ... And I came to the dicision, that Aslan will be staying with us and Ranjana is now available (Pet or breeding home). There is nothing wrong with Ranjana but I just can´t keep all of the Puppies <3 It surly is very tempting to keep her too, but then, in 2 years time, I will be facing the same problem which I am facing right now ... If I keep all the girls, then where do I find a suitable Stud! I am not only after colour and quality but I am far more looking for a EALTH TESTED Stud and they seem to be very rare.

Keeping Aslan and breeding him to Mia in the near future will give me all - quality, colour, size and HEALTHY PARENTS <3 <3 <3  

Joy ...... Joy is a very hard decission and I am still not 100% sure. If I breed Aslan and Mia, then I want to keep a Puppy from that breeding for sure so I would not "need" Joy, but then, she is such a sweeeet little girl and she stole my heart the secound she was born <3 I am not ready to let her go at the moment, so we will see what the next few weeks will bring.

Ranjana - Black Puppy with yellow collar - is available and her Brother

Rasco - Apricot Puppy with red collar - is also available.




A normal but busy day hihihi 1st play-time in the morning means playing in the patio area + conservatoir, no photos. 2nd play-time was in the Puppies Garden where I cut the grass, no photos but a video. 3rd play-time was in the dogs garden with photos, 4th play-time was again in the Puppies garden, with photos. 5th play-time was a "feeding-time" in the Puppies garden, witth photos. 6th play-time was in the front garden while I was cleaning, no photos + taking care of the doggies + catching up on grooming....I should be able to lose some weight if it would not be for all the chocolate which I eat looool I just don´t know where the Puppies get all that energy from!

Lilly says its to hot to play lol


Ranjana - she is available x 


Awww bless him <3 This is how the Puppies tell me its time to go to bed <3 They will all come to me for a cuddle before they would fall asleep. The weather is warm enough so I could let the, sleep outside. But I prefer to go back indoors so that the Puppies learn to play outside and sleep indoors :-D


Puppies have recharged their batteries hihihi


Rasco - he is also available x 


Even Kahlan gets tired with such busy days, bless her <3  


Bed time <3 <3 <3


We are making the most out of this beautiful weather so the Puppies got to enjoz their chicken carcasses in the garden. The leftovers where for the doggies, but I have to saz, that the leftovers enough to make "treat" for the Doggies as the Puppies are ripping off nearlz all the meat and thez are even able to crunch up the bones! This little Puppzteeths are verz sharp and strong.


The first Video below:

Come back indoors after our puppy-play-time - counted the Puppies to make sure they are all there - go into the kitchen and put on the kettle - go into dinning room switch on the laptop - go back into the kitchen and make a cup of coffee - go back into the dining room and all asleep apart of Querin, bless him. But he only played for a few minutes and then he fall asleep too <3
Its hard life being a K9 :-D


A week full of "Vet runs" is over, more Puppy families came to visit and 3 more Puppies have gone to their new homes <3 <3 <3 Querin left us on Monday and Raziel and Ryan have left us yesterday. And I am very pleased to say, that so far all 5 Puppies - including Mäuschen and Quentins ;-) are settling into their new homes nicely :-)

All the Vet visits have gone very well and the Vet was very pleased with the Puppies he has seen so far :-D The Puppies have all been very good and they enjoyed the extra attention and cuddles from the nurses. I only take a few Puppies to the Vets at any time - no more then 4 as than we have 2 baskets with 2 Puppies each. The reason therefor is, that not all Puppies are comfortable at the Vets and the waiting area can be very full with other dogs which could scare the Puppies. And then, if there is only one Puppy who is a bit nervous, then 1st: The other Puppies can get nervous just because of that Puppy but for no other reason. 2nd: I would not be able to see WHY the Puppy is getting nervous so I can´t help him getting though this situation on a positive note. 3rd: If there is one nervous Puppy, then its best to give him a bit more space but if the cage or - in our case -  basket is too full, then I would not be able to do so, so the Puppy has no chance to settle ... So you see, a simple Vet Visit could end up in a nightmare for a Puppy x

We have had loooooty of playtimes outside in the garden but I did not take any photos during the week as I knew I would not be able to sort them, soory :-(

The lawnmower has come out several times and all is fine :-) The Puppies disaper and play some where else as soon as I start it but they are very happy to come to me when I turn the lawnmower off and call for them.

I also done a bit of gardening today - not a lot, just picking the weeds from in between the stones - but it was a good lesson for the Puppies lol
They had to learn, that I was not available to play so they had to entertain them self, they could not take my tools and the bucket is mine too hihihihi But even that went well. Best was, that when they finally got tired, they came to me very carefully, and where showing me with their body, that they are not up for trouble and then they cuddled up next to me and fall asleep <3
 Housetraining ... well, I think the training is over :-) The 1 maybe 2 accidants during the day are because I have not been fast enough. They either wait untill we go out or they SHOW me that they need to go out <3 The Puppies will look at me and then they walk to the door and if I don´t see this, then they will mess by the door - so thats totally my fault for not paying enough attention to my Puppies. Joy and Aslan are sleeping together in a cage for about a week now and they have been clean since their first night :-D The others are still all together in the big Puppy pen where they have the toilet which they still use at night, but I think this is only because they CAN use it lol
The sleeping and playing rotine is amazing <3 My dogs are using every given opportunity to sleep as the days are very busy for them too and it even happends that La Vita and Kijara would not even go out in the garden with us for the Puppy-Play-Times, bless them. The Puppies are using every given opportunity to PLAY :-D But they all settle indoors within a few minutes and have started to stay calm and settled even if I am busy with other things :-D They are not always running after me and checking on me what I am doing <3 
I do hand feed my dogs and Puppies. The dogs - as its faster and less washing up ;-) and the Puppies to help build up a strong bond, to make sure each Puppy gets the amount they need AND to train the Puppies not to beg for food :-) The Puppies will sit in the kitchen and watch me when I cook or I prepare their food, but they don´t bother me, they don´t jump up on me or start to cry and if it takes to long, then they will just settle and sleep or they will go and play :-) But YES, they do get very excited once they know its FEEDINGTIME lol
hihihi I got this sandpit for quite some time now but yesterday was the first time that I thought that it would be a good idea to turn the top upside down :-D
Sweet girl Ranjana <3
Rhapsodie looooves her little son Aslan
Ramira - just a little bit hungry loool
Look what happend to Castiel ;-)
Razziel <3 <3 <3
Raluca - someine is getting tiiiiired, bless her <3
Razziel and Rhydian enjoying a little play in the tunnel x
Rasco and Rhydian :-)
Rhydian <3 <3 <3
Rasco and Raluca :-)
Double Trouble hihihihi
And here is a little Video :-D

And now some photos from the afternoon while the Puppies enjoyed their fresh trip :-D



This is the last up-date on this page xxx I hope you all enjoyed to watch my Puppies grow and devellop and to see them through their little adventures <3

Ramira has left for her forever home on Tuesday and little Aslan has left for his new home yesterday. Both Puppies are doing very well in their new homes, bless them.

We are now down to 5 Puppies, but the work has only just started! The Puppies are now coming into an age where they are much more aktive and they sleep less which means, that they need more of my time but yet I have to take care of my doggies too <3 <3 <3 Its just good, that we are goin into the summer so the days are getting longer loool

All of the Puppies are doing very goods and - beleive it or not - we only had 3 little accidants in he house :-D I think we are now at a point where I can say, that my Puppies are house trained!

I try to do 2 lots of gardening each day - each time no onger then 30 minutes - the Puppies are happy with this and have accepted to not bother me, to not take my tools and to just stay away from the lawnmower :-)

What else ....

Visitors are fantastic hihihi No one is safe and the Puppies truly beleive that visitors are only coming into the house to meet and to play with them :-D The Puppies dont know "strangers"

We had another trip to the Vets during the week with Aslan, Joy and Rasco. All well and the Puppies have been the  stars again. Rhapsodie, Mia and Melody have come along for the rid and they too have been fab :-) Just one more Vetvisit next week and we should all be done untill the secound Vaccination is due in about 4 weeks time lol

Here are a few photos from yesterday morning before Aslan was picked up xx

No Aslan, the ball will not come to you! You have to go and get it lol

Yes I know lol Castiel still needs a tidy-up :-D


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