Our little Rascals have safely arrived <3

Melody has given birth to 4 boys and 3 girls on the 18th of Feburary 2015

This are Jaspers last Puppies and he surly gave his best, bless him. I decided to do this repeat breeding as I am so very pleased with how their first litter has develloped and I wanted to keep another Puppy from Jasper before he gets neutered. I was hoping for a Black Mismarked boy - just like their son MERLIN from their previous litter <3 <3 <3 But Mother Nature thought to have some fun with us and so we got 4 cream boys hihihihi But never mind! I am just over the moon that Melody is all well, that the whelping is over and that the Puppies are fine too ... the rest is something I can "worry" about in a few weekd lol Because even though that I did not get my black TIGER, I am still very excited about the Puppies as I did get 3 surprises :-D Now we have to wait and see how all the Puppies grow and devellop - and I am very sure that they gone devellop into something BIG :-D

Melody, Blue Phantom, 41cm

Colour: at/at - B/B - E/e - ky/ky

past yearly health check, heart is normal.

Free of Patella Luxation, Clear Eye Screening

DAN test for prcd-PRA "B"/carrier

DNA tested N/N CLEAR for: 

vWD1 (von Willebrand disease Type I),     HUU (Hyperuricemia),   MH (Malignant Hyperthermia),      PLL (Primary Lens Luxation),   NEWS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures),     MPSVI (Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI - mutation originally found in Poodle)

She has a DNA pass which clears her for 85+ diseases and she is DNA profiled

Her genetic health index is: 104

Jasper, Apricot and white, 15.3"/39cm

Colour: at/at - b/b - e/e - K/K

past yearly health check, heart is normal

Free of Patella Luxation, Clear Eye Screening

DNA tested N/N CLEAR for: 

prcd-PRA,     vWD1 (von Willebrand disease Type I),     HUU (Hyperuricemia),     MH (Malignant Hyperthermia),      PLL (Primary Lens Luxation),     NEWS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures),   MPSVI (Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI - mutation originally found in Poodle)

He has a DNA pass which clears him for 85+ diseases and he is DNA profieled

His genetic health index is: 99

PLEASE CLICK HERE for photos of the Rascals and the Quality Streets play-time.

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Curlyfriends Ryan /going home with Karen         Curlyfriends Rhydian/going home with Anna      

      Curlyfriends Raziel/going home with Gai      Curlyfriends Ranjana

Curlyfriends Ramira/going home with Maggie             Curlyfriends Rasco     

  Curlyfriends Raluca/going home with Gaylyn

Please CLICK HERE for photos during the Whelping xx


Puppies will be picked in order of receiving the non-refundable holding fee. All families must pick their Puppy once the Puppies are 4 to 5 weeks old so all families had the chance to come for a visit.



So, we all - especially me - survived the first night ;-) I have been up for over 40h so I was very glade to go to bed last night, but to get good sleep was almost impossible for me :-/ Melody´s milk is only coming in slowly so I got up almost every hour to latch on the Puppies to encourage the milk production and even when I layed in bed it was hard to sleep as there was always a Puppy crying as the milk run out again, bless them. All of the Puppies have lost a bit of weight due to lack of milk, but thats nothing to worry about right now and we are working on this problem :-) But apart of that Melody and her Babies are doing very well. She is a great mother and takes proud care of her babies and she already knows what to do to make me stay just a bit longer for another cuddle hihihihi Mum always helps me with taking care of my Puppies - THANK YOU xxx - and so she takes over a few Puppy-watch- shifts when I am bussy with my doggies but Melody is a true Mummys-dog and she will not accept someone else at her Nest - to look at her Puppies YES but only when I am there too So this means, that the next days will be veeeery long for me ... at least untill I found a way to halve my self lol But we are lucky as we have wonderful springweather so I do not need to worry about muddy doggies when we come back from our walkis :-D

Here are a few Photof from during pregnancy xxx

             Melody´s Ultrasound scan


 Melody 6 weeks pregnant


 Melody 7 weeks pregnant


Melody has done 8 weeks today. So 1 more week to go :-) I am so very excited to see Mia´s little siblings. Melody is doing very well and still enjoyes to go out for her daiy walk - eventhought that her tummy is getting quite big now, bless her.



Our Rascals are 3 days old today and all 7 and Melody are very well. Melody´s milk has finally come in and all Puppies have got their birth weight again or are just above it :-D Melody is also very hungry now as she has started to produce milk lol She has up to 6 meals a day which add up to nearly 4x as much as her normal amount of food and she drinking up to 3 cubs of puppy milk! I don´t think that I have to worry anymore that I will be busy with hand feeding her babies hihihi Lucky me and LUCKY Puppies <3



Melody and her little Rascals are all doing well :-) The Puppies are 5 days old today and the "Puppy Training" has started :-) I do handle the Puppies from day one, but now I will give them different things to sniff at as this will stimulate their little brains. I will also "shuffle" them around in my hands more and more and they will also learn to relaxe and sleep in my hands which will help me to create an "off-switch" for my Puppies but thats still some time from now <3 


Our Rascals have finished their first week :-) All 7 and Melody are doing very well. So far they have only been sleeping, nursering, sleeping and more nursering which has been interupted with crying as there is always one hungry Puppy in the nest hihihi But thats ok! All are growing nicely and Melody just needs a little bit time to produce more milk ;-) I have also started the gently puppy training and so far so good. This Puppies are very aktive already! They are 5 days younger then the Quality Street but they behave as if they are 1 week older! I am so very sure that they gone keep me veeeeery busy once they are up and running, bless them.




11´day old and they are getting more aktive by the day :-) Melody and her Puppies are all doing very well. She is a great Mummy and is also taking proud care of her Puppies - non of my other doggies are allowed in the nest! But Castiel loooooove the Puppies and he keeps asking Melody for premission but so far its always been a NO, bless him. But he knows how to behave and he also knows that he just have to be kind and respecful towards Melody and she will soon allow him to see her Puppies.

Melody too is enjoying the extra attention and cuddles from me during the feeding time but she also enjoyes to just lay with her Puppies for hours and hours :-D



2 weeks old today :-) And all are doing good xx

The Quality Street was quite a bit slow with opening their eyes so the Rascals decided to hurry up hihihi Ramira, Raluca and Rhydian have started to open their eyes already on Monday and the others have followed yesterday. Only little Rasco has his eyes still closed, bless him.  



This video has still been on my camera so I thought its time to post it ;-) The little Rascals are getting so aktive that it is mearly impossible for Melody to eat her food in the Puppy Pen so she gets her food in my bedroom and I get some lovely playtime with the Puppies while she is busy eating. Its amazing how much the Puppies respont to me already <3 <3 <3  


3 weeks are done The Rascals are now all up and running. They play, bark, growl and are making lots of other funny soises, bless them. all 7 of them are growing nicely and their lovely long legs are starting to show <3 The weather has been soooo nice yesterday that I decided to do photo shooting outside which gave me better photos of the black girls hihihi Melody is still a very prode mother and is keeping her puppies all to her self lol Castiel is still not allowed in the nest but on the other side she is trying to take ovver Rhapsodies Puppies lol I have seen her several times in their nest checking on them and cleaning them, bless her.

The Puppy Toilet and a few toys have been added to the Puppy Pen :-)




My "little" Rascals are 4 weeks old today All are doing very well and they are getting very aktive and playfull, bless them. All of them have had their little faces and paws shaved :-) They done very well and I will add the videos tonight xx They look so sweeeeet and they are also growing nicely! The Rascals are 5 days younger then the Quality Street, but they are much bigger already  We also have some very nice long legs on this Puppies


Our Rascals are 7 weeks old and all 7 of them are doing very well and they grow nicely too :-) Melody was already 4 months when I got her so I don´t have any weights from her as a Puppy, but I do have 1 from Jasper :-D Jasper was 9.5 weeks old and weight in at 2150g and he was 20cm tall (39cm as an adut) - The smallest Puppy in this litter is Ranjana and at ONLY 7 weeks she has 1900g and stands at 20.5cm. The biggest Puppy is Rhydian and he weights in at 2600g and already stands at 23cm <3 <3 <3 All the other Puppies are between 21cm and 22cm :-D They all gone grow into some stuuunning large Minis <3  And I am totaly in love with their long ears and tails Ramiras and Rhydians families have come for another visit today :-) The Puppies - and my doggies of course - loved the extra attention xx

Rasco is the last Puppy from this litter who is still waiting for his own family xx