D.o.B. 13.02.2015, 07.16pm
COLOUR: Black and Tan


1 day - 190g


1 week - 300g


This video shows the 3 days of Puppy traing which my Puppies already had in their first week :-)

The Puppies are 8 days old today and it was time to get their little nails cut so that they do not scratch Rhapsodie!

2 weeks - 497g

Joy was the first to open her eyes :-) She looks soooo cute now. I took the photos yesterday  when here eyes have still be closed, but last night when we went to bed she was already looking at me with one eye open and both of her eyes are open since this morning  <3


3 weeks - 769g


A quick nail trim while the Puppies are out :-) Please excuse the flirty Jasper in the background lol But Zaphira is in season and the 2 of them have other plans then playing with Puppies, bless them.

4 weeks - 955g

I will add a video later in the day xx


5 weeks - 1160g



6 weeks - 1340g

She also had her first bath amd dry :-)


7.5 weeks <3

8 weeks - 1510g - 19cm

Curlyfriends Black and Tan Miniature Poodle, Phantom Poodle, Klein Poodle, Phantom Moyen  Curlyfriends Black and Tan Miniature Poodle, Phantom Poodle, Klein Poodle, Phantom Moyen Curlyfriends Black and Tan Miniature Poodle, Phantom Poodle, Klein Poodle, Phantom MoyenCurlyfriends Black and Tan Miniature Poodle, Phantom Poodle, Klein Poodle, Phantom Moyen Curlyfriends Black and Tan Miniature Poodle, Phantom Poodle, Klein Poodle, Phantom Moyen


9 weeks - 20cm




Joy will be 4 months old tomorrow so I thought its time for a bath and groom :-)

She is develloping so nicely and has her mothers lovely character <3 Its like having a secound Rhapsodie but just in black. However, Joy has also her mothers size and should grow to about 14".

30cm - 3460g

And here are a few videos :-)



Just wanted to show a training Video from my sweet girl Joy <3 <3 <3 She is such a clever girl and so easy to train.


This photos are from the 25.06.2015. I totally forgot that I still had them on the camera

Joy is not only clever but also beautuful <3




Joy is doing very well and is surly in need of a new groom lol But this is a photo which I was lucky to get of her so I wanted to share it. She is only "tiny" standing at 14" but she can jump like the big ones, bless her.



Joy looks all lovely again :-) It is amazing how much she is taking after her mother! If Rhapsodie and Joy had the sae colour, then one could think that this are the same dogs <3

Joy had her first season back in January and she surly now looks like a young lady, bless her. She is no longer a Puppy and she is rather prod of her self lol

Rhapsodie - Joy

Mother - Daughter



This photos of Joy are a bit older already. I decided to get rid of her soft Puppy Coat and let her enjoy the summer. She is already getting fluffy again and I am planing on putting her into the lion-cut hihihi I think she will look amazing in that trim.




Joy´s coat is growing back nicely too and she is now in a new trim. We still have to grow much more coat but I think she looks lovely like this <3



My little Joy :-) Nearly 2 years old. She has been Vet Health Checked with an "all good" result. She is free of PL and DNA tested clear for DM and she is clear for prcd-PRA though her parents. Soooo :-) we are coming to the end of her health screening - just need to do her eyes and get her MyDogDNA pass and the VGL test done. I already had a very colourful Stud lined up for her. He would be a good match for her size and he would bring in the Parti Gene. But her breeding has been put on hold now due to us moving. I will either try to find an equal Stud in Germany (dream big loool) or will wait till I am able to come to the Uk to breed her to that one Stud :-D All of my dogs do now own a pet Pass Port so traveling will be no problem. 



Auch für Joy hieß es dan irgendwan "Alles muss runter" lol

Yes, even Joy had an "All comes off day" lol



Anfang des Monats wurde auch Joy frisiert und ich habe von ihr neue Fotos :-)



Aus dem kleinen Hexenbiest habe ich ein Nackidei gemacht hihihi Aber das ist nicht schlim. Ihre Wolle wächst so schnell, da kann man quasie bei zu sehen. Nur für Fotos hatte Madam keine Zeit lol


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