I am very proud to announce that Zaphira is expecting :-)

Tokki is a very stunning, over-grown, KC registered Toy Poodle. I had the pleasure to meet Tokki in the summer of 2015 as he is one of my grooming clients and is sharing the family with Aslan and Larissa (and little Daisy, but she is not from me lol). Tokki has ticked all boxes for being "one of my Studs". He is a good example of the breed - I know he is over sized, but that makes him even more perfect for Zaphira! He has a very good coat quality, good confirmation and has an amazing character <3 He loves everyone, is a very happy boy and knows how to behave! He was not only amazing when he came to us and met all of my dogs - Puppies, Bitches, Stud Dogs - but he was also a true gentleman when he had his honeymoon with Zaphira. He played with her, made her feel comfortable and would wait till SHE was ready <3 He did not put a paw wrong and new how to get "the job" done without going carzy!!! I want that the breeding happens when BOTH argree to it and not because the Stud gets "out of control" because a bitch is in season. It should be a pleasure for both <3 Tokki lives quite local to us and therefore the journey was no problem at all - for once hihih Tokki is one of 4 dogs in his family and it was a pleasure to see them all play together and how Zaphira and Tokki got closer to the wedding as they all played, bless them. We did had to hold on to Larrissa - Standard Poodle - as she too was very interested in the wedding but she was not in season nor was this a game she could join but of course she did not understand this. It surly was a big parti which everyone celebrated <3 <3 <3

A big THANK YOU goes to Tokki´s owner xxx

Tokki was/is "just a pet" and had no health tests so I spoke to his Mummy and explained to her, that I would really like to use him for Zaphira but that I do requier a few health testst first. I have to say, that I was quite nervouse about asking as I already had everything planed in my head and I absolutly loved it but as I have been rejected from so many Stud Owners after asking for more health tested I feared, that my request would be rejected again. But luckely I found out that there was no need to worry and that Tokki´s owners where happy to get the health tests done :-D

It surly would be quite funny if it was not that sad! A Pet Owner is taking the responsibility and gets their Stud checked but yet the "working Stud Dogs" are not tested/checked over and breeders/owners are getting horrified if one ask for health testes :-(

Zaphira´s and Tokki´s Puppies should grow into a good "miniature" size with amazing, friendly, happy and aktiv characters which are very people oriented and have a great will-to-please.


Zaphira, Brown Merle, 17.5"/44.5cm

Past Yearly Health Check, Heart sounds normal, free of Patella Luxation.

UTD Eye Examination - free of HC

DNA tested CLEAR for:

prcd-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), HUU (Hyperuricosuria), MH (Malignant Hyperthermia), NEWS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures), vWD I &II (von Willebrand disease Type I AND Type II), cord1-PRA / crd4 (Cone-rod Dystrophy), Osteochondrodysplasia, Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI, GM2 (Gangliosidosis), PLL (Primary Lens Luxation, Gray Collie Syndrome, TNS (Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome), IGS (Intestinal Cobalamin Malabsorption or Imerslund-Gräsbeck Syndrome), NCL (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis)

She has a MyDogDNA pass which clears her for about 140 diseases and she is DNA profieled.

Her genetic health index through MyDogDNA is 118

Tokki, blue, KC registered Toy Poodle, 14"/36cm

Past Yearly Health Check, Heart sounds normal, free of Patella Luxation.

UTD Eye Examination - free of HC

DNA tested for prcd-PRA:  N/PRA

***VIDEOS *** I will not add all of the videos to this webpage as the side would fill up to fast. So please feel free to visit my YOUTUBE change "bengalpudel"

Please click on the individually names to get to the Puppy´s page.

Tizian           Tamani/going home with Emily         Thalia/living together with hersister Omgy

The little Monchhichi        Tokkelosh-Toktok/went home with Holly       Tamagotchi/went home with Olivia


****PUPPY PLAY TIMES**** Please click here to see more about our Puppy-Play-Times :-)

Thank you for all the good wishes and extra cuddles for Zaphira xx Zaphira is doing very well and she enjoyed every single cuddled which I of course passed on to her :-) She still enjoyes to go out for walks and her tummy is slowly getting bigger, bless her. I am now starting to get everything ready and sorted: rearrange my bedroom and give it a good cleaning, set up her puerperium, bath/groom or bath/shave my doggies, get the whole house cleaned, do the last shopping so I have everything ready, order more dog food to make sure my freezers are full ... and then we will go on "puppy watch" :-D The last weeks always seem to be the longerst so its great to have a long list of things which needs to be done hihihi

My bedroom is already sorted and Zaphira´s puerperium is ready but she is not interested in it and still prefers to sleep in my bed. I am very sure that she will stay in my bed untill her Puppies have arrived :-D



I am very proud to announce the safe arrivle of our little "Trouble Makers"

Zaphira and her 6 Puppies are doing very well and the whelping as been very easy and smoth, just the first stage which was quite long this time! The first stage started in the early evening of the 11th. All of us have settled in the living room to watch a bit television but Zaphira was just not able to settle so I decided to go to bed early which I hoped will help her and I was also hoping to get some sleep as we where facing a long night. Zaphira was able to settle in my bed. She too got some good sleep but she has also dug over my bed several times, bless her. The morning was quite good too so I was able to take the dogs out and Zaphira started panting at about 8am. I really was hoping that this whelping would be as fast as her first and secound litter but this did not happen so we all had to wait untill 3:08pm to welcome the first little boy. Zaphira whelped the first 4 Puppies within 22minutes so I did not had the chance to take too many photos of them lol She only needed a few minutes to settled with her babies and then she fall asleep to get some strength to whelp her last 2 Puppies. Zaphira  is loving her Puppies and she proudly is taking care of them. 

There was a small chance that Tokki carries for brown and this litter has proved that he dose BUT I never expected that ALL 6 Puppies turn out to be brown!

It is a 50/50 chance for a boy or a girl and we got 1 girl and 5 boys, its a 50/50 chance to get a brown Puppy and we got 6 and it is also a 50/50 chance to get a Merle Puppy and we got 4 - Mother Nature has been quite fuuny with this litter :-D But all 6 Puppies and Zaphira are well and thats all that matters <3 <3 <3

T1 - 3:08pm - male - 215g - Brown - Tizian

T2 - 3:15pm - male - 230g - Brown Merle - Tamani

T3 - 3:21pm - female - 262g - Brown Merle - Thalia

T4 - 3:30pm - male - 212 - Brown - The little Monchhichi

T5 - 4:26pm - male - 330g - Brown Merle - Tokkelosh-Toktok

T6 - 4:39 - 218g - Brown Merle - Tamagotchi


4th and 5th week

6th and 7th week

8th and 9th week

Zaphira settling in my bed <3 <3 <3


We all moved into the dining room after a bit of a play-time for my doggies. Castiel knows whats gone happen and he was as good as gold <3 The Puppies are watching and learning .... maybe for the future ;-)

Zaphira surly needed and enjoyed all the cuddles and attention, bless her.

This are the moments where I truly see how amazing my dogs are and how much they relay and trust each other <3 One big family <3


And finally the first Puppy has arrived. Tizian is only a little Puppy, but he did made it complicated for Zaphira to whelp him! I think she has carried her Puppies well high under the ribs and thats why it was so slow this time?


Castiel is totally in love and was happy to help cleaning his stepchildren :-) What an amazing boy <3


No.5 -Toktok - I first thought he was a solid brown but he has some merle on him and his head looks as if he is wearing a crown.



The first night is done and my little Family is doing very well, bless them <3

Zaphira has settled nicely in her nest next to my bed where I can easily keep an eye on the Puppies during the night. The first half of the night was still a bit noisy as Zaphoira needed more time to catch-up on producing milk for her babies but then the nest got very calm and relaxed once the little tummies where filled with milk. Zaphira is now producing so much milk, that I have to keep a close eye on her! We could really do with another few puppies :-/ This is also one of the reasons why I prefer to have 2 litters at the same time as the mothers can help each other but never mind, I am sure we will get through this too <3




The Puppies are 3 days old and all are doing very well. The large amount of milk from Zaphira is letting them grow fast and their weights are going up nicely.     Tizian = 300g, Tamani = 329g, Thalia = 360g, Monchhichi = 272g, Toki = 447g and Tamagotchi = 311g.

I have also started the "Super Dog Program" and Zaphira was very brave about letting me handle her Puppies like that but the Puppies where not too keen on it, bless them.

You can read more about the SDP HERE



Zaphira and her Puppies are all fine :-) The Trouble Makers had their 3rd day of the Super Dog Program. You can find their videos on my youtube channel "bengalpudel" I have decided to not post every single video on my website as the page gets to full to fast xx 



The first week is done and my little Family is doing very well <3 <3 <3

All Puppies have doubled their birthweight, apart of Monchhichi, he still needs a few more grams, bless him. There is not much going on with the Puppies, they sleep or nurse lol Zaphira is a very good mother which makes this Puppies very contecnt. The Puppies are also starting to get used to my cat Elias as he too loves the heat lamp :-)



Just a little update on our little Trouble Markes who are 10 days old today :-) All 6 are doing very well and so is Zaphira. There is still not much going on in the nest. They just sleep and nurse around the clock, bless them.




Our little Trouble Makers are 2 weeks old and my little family is doing very well :-) All of the Puppies have started to open their eyes and ears and it won´t take much longer before they start to play, bless them.

The Puppies are also growing nicely and I have to say, that I am very surprised about little Tokki! He is so far the biggest Puppy Zaphira had and if I compare him with his brothers from previouse litters, then I would guess, that he will grow to at least 18"!  



The Trouble Makers where 16 days old yesterday so they all have finished their Super Dog Program (Videos can be found on the individually Puppy Pages) and the clipper training has started :-) Now is the time where the work increases each day but so does the fun and joy as the Puppies are getting more aktive. They respond to me coming to the nest, they try to walk around and I have been able to watch the Puppies playing :-)


Out little Trouble Markers are growing up nicely :-) They become more active by the day and are already able to walk around, bless them. They have also started to follow Zaphira out of the nest hihihi The Puppies are responding to me and my voice so nicely, that I have to be quiet in the corridor or they think I will come to see them! I should also not talk in my bedroom when I am just having a quick look at the Puppies during their sleepingtimes to check if they are still all fine :-D 

The Puppies and me are enjoying 3 cuddles per day. I also use one of this cuddle-times to get the Puppies used to the clippers. Sometimes the Puppies will just fall asleep in my arm, sometimes they get playful or we just wash each other - they are so very cute <3

I also have to say, that the name suits this litter very well! They are already causing me a lot of trouble as it is so hard to decide if to keep one and if yes which one :-( I absolutly love it how they respond and interakt with me and it will surly be a harder decision as the Puppies get older and they start to bond even stronger with me. There are surly a few very exciting weeks in front of us <3 <3 <3

This 2 videos are from yesterday xx


Our little Trouble Makers are 3 weeks old today :-) All are doing very well, they had their little faces and paws shaved and have began to explore their little world. The Puppies know where the exit of the Puppypen is so that I need to keep it closed during the day so they stop wandering around in my bed room hihihi They have also worked out how their little legs work and have started to play with each other, them selfs, toys, Zaphira and me. My doggies have also been allowed to meet the Puppies and they all have been enjoying the evening play-play-times before we go to bed.

The fluff of 6 Puppies :-D




The little Trouble Makers are develloping fast and are very brave to explore their little world <3 They have started to play and interact with my Doggies and the toiletr training has started too which is coming along nicely :-)

We still enoy our daily cuddles and we still use the clipper once a day. I do not shave them, but at least they can hear and feel the clipper <3

The Puppies have started to use the toilet which is keeping th nest nice, dry and clean :-) The first big step forward to getting house trained!

I am still sleeping on the floor between Lilly´s and Zaphira´s nest so that I can kleep an eye on both :-) But now we are starting to run in a little problem lol Zaphira´s nest is open so that she can go and see her Puppies at night when ever she wants too, but last night I had the pleasure to get woken up twice by a Puppy who came into my bed <3 <3 <3 It was Tizian and later Tokki. We enjoyed a little cuddle and then I got up and put them back to bed. I am very sure that I will get this nightly visitors regularly as they now know where to find me :-D

And then in the morning as I got up, the Puppies decided to get up too and where happy to go potty and then come out of their nest to join Zaphira, Lilly and me. This is surly very cute, but I will try to set something up to stop the escaping :-/


It was time to introduce the Puppies to some tripe :-) It was their first meal and they where still quzite sleepy but they all loved it once they realized what was going on hihihi Videos are on the Puppy pages xx



A lot of my Puppyfamilies have trouble with recall training their Puppy  which I think is a great shame as only a dog with her great recall is able to enjoy the freeom he deserves. I train my own dogs to the whistle and its more like a game for them rather then a command to come back to me. So now I decided to give it a try to get the Puppies conditioned to the whistle which I hope will work lol

This is our first training and as you see, nothing is really happening hihihi But I hope that this will change over the next few weeks as the Puppies will have this training twice a day.


Our little Trouble Makers are 4 weeks old :-) They are growing and developing nicely and are enjoying their play-times with my doggies and with me.




The weather has been very nice yesterday so we thought we would start to introduce the Trouble Makers to the garden :-) It was just a small play-time, but it was lovely.




The Trouble Makes are more active then the Universe so they get one extra play-time per day with me and we all enjoy it <3 <3 <3




I know its just monday, but I still wanted to give a little update now as we had a great weekend :-) The Puppy Photos and weekly weights will follow tomorrow ;-)

Some of you might have seen, that the Trouble Makers is my first litter which I try to get whistle trained from a very young age. I am very pleased to say, that things are looking very good :-D I do think, that I can start this training a bit later with future litters but it surly did not do any harm to the Puppies. I continue this game untill the Puppies go into their new homes and I am very excited to see how the Puppies react to the whistle when they are all together or when we are in the garden. I can already see, that they try to follow the sound of the whistle and that they are happy about it. They also seemed to have realised that the sound of the whistle means food (later treat) as they start to sniff in the air or even lick their mouth which is very cute.

The grooming training is also coming along nicely. There is still room to imporove but I am very happy with how my Puppies learn <3 <3 <3

I have added the videos to the individually Puppy Pages xx

The Puppies are of course toilet trained at this age which leaves their bed clean and dry and that means clean Puppies :-D Its really time to start house training as the Puppies do not want to poop in the toilet - their natural instinct is telling them to keep their play, eat and sleeping area as clean as possible. But unfortunattely the weather is not good enough for house traininmg :-( Hope that will change soon!

All of my Puppies have met the first visitors at the weekend and they all - Puppies and Humans - enjoyed the play-times.



The Puppies are 5 weeks old today and here are some more photos :-) The weather was a mix os sun, snow and rain yesterday but we still managed to go out.

Both litters are free running in the house while we play or while I am busy with cleaning and so it was time to get the ramp out again as the Puppies kept falling down the step but yet they are not able to climb back up again hihihi


I still did not want to take the Universe out as the weather is just not good enouth but they had my room to play and run in :-)



Our little Trouble Makers are 6 weeks old today :-)

All are doing very well - they are toilet trained, house training is coming along nicely, their Puppy Training is coming along nicely too and they are just full of fun, bless them.

I done their weekly photo shooting indoors so the Photos are unfortunatelly not that good, but the Puppies are still cute ;-) Here are a few photos which I took of the dogs during the photo shooting xx

Antaris - I just loved the way he sat in the corridor <3 <3 <3 And Joy knew exactly whats happening when I started to put blankets on the couch hihihi She surly enjoyed the photo shooting!

While some started to get tired others where trying to work out how to get onto the couch to join the game, bless them.

There where still a few brave Puppies who enjoyed the empty bed room and all the space to play in :-)


One toy did not survive the Photo Shooting lol Its a good job, that we have plenty of toys for the Puppies and Doggies xx


Of course I could not deny Joy a bit of a play <3 <3 <3

This video is from Saturday. The Puppies where 5 weeks and 4 days old.


Awww my little Trouble Makers are 7 weeks already <3 <3 <3 The time goes by too fast and they will soon start to fly the nest. All of them are doing very well. They grow nicely and their training is fine too :-D Both of the litters are now sleeping together in the large Puppy Pen - less cleaning for me ;-) The recall training is amazing! They follow me everywhere and its an easy game to call them to me or back indoodors or into their nest. Of course they get some treats as a reward! I had to stop the whistle training as my dogs are desperately trying to get to me when I blow the whistle, but I am very sure, that the Puppies will remember it easely once they are in their new homes and the training is started all up again x I bathed 3 of the Puppies yesterday and I was planing on doing the other 3 this morning but the weather is no good today - non stop raining since we got up! And another family came for a visit so I decided to not bother about bathing in the morning. The Puppies are now on 3 meals a day + what ever they can get from Zaphira or Lilly, bless them. The Puppies are used to: Beef, Lamb, Pork Turkey, Chicken, Venison and Pheasant and I will add fish this week so there is already a high variety on meats which will lead to a well balanced diet :-D But of course this can be cut down ;-) 4 different proteins are enough.   



Our little Trouble Makers are 8 weeks old today. All of them are doing very well and they have turned into such playful, happy and people-frindly characters. Tamani, Tokki and Tamagotchi have been to the Vet yesterday - all 3 are fit and healthy, the Vet was very pleased with them :-D The other 3 Puppies have their Vet Appointment booked for the beginning of the next week.

Tamagotchi is now on the way into his new home - its always hard to let the first Puppy go :-( This 8 weeks went by just to fast. Tamani will be leaving us soon and Tokki is now ready to join his new family once we found a siutable home for him <3 <3 <3

This was also the boys first car journey and they done very well :-D


Our little Trouble Makers where 9 weeks on Tuesday. The last 3 of them have now also been to the Vets and they are ready to go home once they found their very own family.

Tizian and Monchhich have been quite good in the car but Thalia needed a bit of time to realize, that it is ok and nothing will happen to her, bless her. Its been very busy at the Vets with lots of other clients and barking dogs. I felt very sorry for the Puppies as it must be scary, but luckely the 3 of them where not too bothered about it :-)