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COLOUR: Brown Merle


1 day - 235g



1 week - 480g



10 days - 594g

2 weeks - 745g



This 2 videos are from yesterday :-)

3 weeks - 950g


4 weeks - 1200g



2 new videos of Tamagotchi :-)

5 weeks - 1500g


7 weeks - 2060

Tamagotchi is a very funny and aktive Puppy with a lovely wavy coat. I would estimate him to grow to about 16". He is nearly the same weight then Tamani, but he "feels" stronger and he has "more" bones so he should grow taller. He loves toys and food equaly and he likes the training - that´s if he is not busy with playing ;-) So far he has always been happy to meet and great families and made sure that he gets a cuddle/play too.

Taking photos of him is very easy hihihi He just does what I do! If I am busy and play, then gets aktive, but if I keep still for a second, then he will keep still! I am very sure that Tamagotchi already thinks, that this "keep still and now move" is the actually game, bless him.

8 weeks -...

Little Tamagotchi has safely arrived in his new home :-) The little boy had quite a big task as he had his first ride on the train to get to his new home. But he done very well and showed what a happy and outgoing Puppy he is <3 <3 <3

Hi Sabrina,

It was pretty amazing seeing all the dogs today. Tamagotchi (we haven't thought of a name at all lol) met some friends on his way home and wasn't scared of the trains or buses or even the drills from roadworks. He's pooped out sleeping in his pen in my room and enjoyed his cuddles on the way home.
We'll keep you updated and thank you for raising such an amazing puppy ^^
I heard the first night is always hell but we'll see.


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