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COLOUR: Brown Merle Mismarked


1 day - 268g



1 week - 538g



10 days - 722g

2 weeks - 896g



This 2 videos are from yesterday :-)

3 weeks - 1115g

4 weeks - 1400g



2 new videos of Thalia :-)

5 weeks - 1700g

6 weeks - 2060g


7 weeks - 2300g

Thalia = Zaphira v2.0 :-D  Thalia is just like Zaphira <3 <3 <3 So far the only difference I can see is, that Thalia's coat is more like the coat of a Poodle. Her coat quality is somewhere inbetween a Border Collie and a Poodle ;-) Other then that she is just as crazy, playful and aktive as her mother. She does not really like to be trained - she is to busy for that - but is picking up things by the way - again just like Zaphira! But she loooooves to interact with me and to be cuddled. When families come for a visit, then it often seems that she is not interested in the families or is shy but this is not the case - Thalia is just too busy to be cuddled :-D Same goes for the photo shooting - she either looks into the camera as if she is in pain - which is not the case, dog people will know that certain look lol - or she does not keep still so I can´t take good photos lol If I want to take a photo of Zaphira, then I still have to pretend to do something else and try to "catch" her while she dose not expect it hihihi This is the only good photo I got of Thalia. I was planing to try to get a few more photos of her today, but its raining so my plan did not worked out lol

Thalia can easely reach 17"

This is Zaphira at 7 weeks - you can see the coat difference.


8 weeks - 2750g


8.5 weeks

Thalia is coming along nicely and the older she gets the more is she taking afte her mother <3 <3 <3 Thalia is very toy motivated and has started to enjoy to play fetsh :-)

9 weeks - 2870g

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