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1 day - 234g



1 week - 440g



10 days - 466g


2 weeks - 707g



This 2 videos are from yesterday :-)


3 weeks - 910g


4 weeks - 1130g

I only hav a few photos of Tizian as he got far to playful once he woke up and realised that it was me, bless him. 




2 new videos of Tizian :-)

5 weeks - 1380g

6 weeks - 1740g


7 weeks - 1940g

Tizian is a very playful but yet calm Puppy with a lovely "Poodle" Coat. He is on the smaller size so if I compare him to other Puppies from Zaphira, then I would estimate him to grow to about 14" But only time will tell! He loves to interact with people and is very happy about meeting our Puppy Families. He is very food motivated but he also loves to play with toys.

8 weeks - 2330g

8.5 weeks

Tizian is still an amazing little boy. Very playful, loves attention and cuddles and is happy to learn.

9 weeks - 2430g



Our sweet boy Tizian is still waiting for his very own family. He is a very active, playful and happy Puppy. I have started lead training with him a little while ago. Tizian tryed so hard to be a good boy, to show what he has already learned and to investigate the big world out there. But the world is too big for this ittle boy and so he was not able to get comfortable when we where out - each time when he tryed to focus on me somthing else came along and cought his attention which was very overwhelming for him. So I decided to give him some K9 help :-D

Joy came along to hopefully give Tizian the security which I was not able to give him and it was a great succes :-D Tizian was able to relaxe, to take a deep breath and to see that this big workd is not as bad as it seems. He started to look around, watch new things but yet was able to focus on me, follow me and have some fun with me and Joy. I am also very happy to say, that I was still the No.1 for Tizian! He would still walk with me rather then with Joy - such a clever boy <3

His next training was together with Kahlan. Kahlan is a very calm girl who does like to wander off a bit but she always stays in touch with me and comes back when I call for her! Tizian done very well and was again a very brave boy. This time I was very pleased to see, that Tizian will work and walk with me while Kahlan is going somewhere else :-D The little boy is now having 2 days off so that he has time to think about what he has done and then I hope he will be more comnfortable when I take him out on his own <3


13 weeks - 28cm - 3080g




Little Tizian has also been to the lake together with his brother and Joy. The beginning was a bit tough for both boys so I had to carry them for a while but Joy showed the Puppies how to have fun and that everything will be fine and so they both warmed up and joined Joy and me :-)


Tizian had his second walk at the lake together with his brother Monchi and Joy. The Puppies start to enjoy their walks but both are still very busy with watching whats going on around them, bless them. Tizian does not like the ducks and is very happy to just keep his distance lol But at least he is learning that they are part of our life and that they are not for huntng!

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