GREEN SPIRIT´S The little Monchhichi - blue collar

D.o.B. 12.01.2016 at 3.30pm


1 day - 222g



1 week - 399g



10 days - 490g

2 weeks - 611g



This 2 videos are from yesterday :-)

3 weeks - 750g


4 weeks - 1000g




2 new videos of Monchhichi :-)

Little Monchhichi was not that hungry lol He can do much better and I am sure he will continue to get better as this is a great game ;-)

5 weeks - 1210g

6 weeks - 1520g

... guess who did not wanted to keep still looool


7 weeks - 1650g

Monchhich is surly taking after his Daddy <3 <3 <3 He has a lovely Poodle-Coat and will stay quite small - my best guess is 12". He does look big compared to his siblings, but thats only due to his long and very fluffy Poodle-Coat! He is very delicate and there is nothing "big" about him, bless him. Monchichi surly knows how to stand his ground, but he normally avoids any trouble. His training is coming along better now as he is eating larger amount of food hihihi Training was a bit of a challange for us a few weeks ago as he wold just nibble on food here and there but now he starts to like it. But it could also be, that he will be more toy motivated, I am still not sur about it and this is something which can - and in most cases will - devellop and/or change as the Puppy gets older.  He too does not like to get his photos taking lol

8 weeks - 1940g


9 weeks - 2130g



The smalles Puppy of the litter with the biggest character :-D

Monchhich is also waiting for his very own family. He is very active, playful, INTELIGENT and quite a brave boy, bless him. He to has started his lead training and he is doing very well <3

Monchhichi looks very similar to his brother Titian, but Monchhichi is smaller, has a more broken coat and a curly tail :-D

13 weeks - 28cm - 2640g



Little Monchi has also been to the lake together with his brother and Joy. The beginning was a bit tough for both boys so I had to carry them for a while but Joy showed the Puppies how to have fun and that everything will be fine and so they both warmed up and joined Joy and me :-)


Monchi had his second walk at the lake together with his brother Tizian and Joy. The Puppies start to enjoy their walks but both are still very busy with watching whats going on around them, bless them. Monchi is very smart and is trying to do some tricks with us :-D He is very good around the ducks and is learning that they are not for hunting.


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