Puppy-Play-Times from our Trouble Markers and the Universe

On this page I would like to share photos and videos with all of you from during our aktive play times :-) This will be a mixed page of both litters.



The Trouble Makers are getting active and so we have started our play-times :-) The Universe is still mainly blind and it will take a few more days before they will join us.

This photos are from the 2nd og February. The first play-time with my doggies. The Puppies did very well and have soon enjoyed to interact with my dogs and my dogs where so happy that they finally are allowed to greet the Puppies <3

Siraya is fascinated by the Puppies <3 She is only 5 months old and is already taking care of the Puppies and is very gentely and careful around them - just what I want to see in a youngster <3 <3 <3


Kahlan has always been a great aunty to any Puppies so I am not surprised that she is loving her new "job", bless her.


Gypsy was very pleased to see the Puppies too .... until she found one of my hairbands and decided that it was a great toy hihihi

This photos are from yesterday (4th of March)

The Troubl Makers are much more active and outgoing. They use my whole bedroom to adventure und are happy to see the doggies :-D They are only little so our play-times are only about 15 minutes but this is tiring for all of my dogs!

Siraya checking on the Puppies while Zaphira is still bussy with nursering <3

La Vita is making her self comfortable ... in Castiel´s bed lol


Sorry about the dirty Puppy Toilet :-/


Melody and Joy are not that interested in the Puppies :-( They preffer to play with the Puppy´s Toys hihihi


Thalia and Tizian <3 <3 <3

Kijara and Castiel have taking over the Universe :-D


Thalia is doing her very best to get house trained :-D (BTW, she did not miss the try lol)


Todays play time was a mix of cleaning, cuddling, photo shooting and setting up another puppy toilet :-) The Universe have started to go potty in the corner of their puppy pen so it surly was time to set up their toilet too and the Trouble Makers are using their toilet 95%already!


Melody ... :-)



One nest is all finish and clean and No. 2 is next



Just a few photos from our morning madness :-D

The Universe know where the exit is, but they are not big enough .... not big enough yet hihihi


Look at Joy - she had a bit if a tidyup today <3


"Aunty Kijara, come down and play with me, pleeeeeeeeeeeas"



Kahlan loooooves Puppies, bless her.




The weekend and the beginning of the week was quite busy for me so I had no time for the website. However, we all had a great time, the Puppies are all doing very well and they love their daily play-times which they now get 2 to 3 times per day :-)

But I did collect a lot of photos and videos and now its time to share them with you xx






The Puppies had a great adventure yesterday :-) They had their first chicken Carcasses and all 16 Puppies looooooved it. The Universe still need a few more days to get their teeth but they still enjoyed to munch on the carcasses hihihi


Today is also my Mum´s birthday and she had a fantastic surprise :-) Her best friend from germany and her daughter have come over to celebrate the birthday. All doggies are enjoying the extra attention and Gypsy is turning into a stalker lol But the best is, that the Puppies are happy with the visitors too :-) Zaphira and Lilly are not worried at all but are rather relaxed and happy that there are more people around to look after the babies hihihi 

But I am also a bit lucky too :-) Mum´s friend has brought her camera along which I am allowed to use hihihi .... I really need to upgrade my camera ;-)




This will be the last photos which I will post untill next week as the weekend will be too busy but I hope you enjoy this photos :-)

We did get some nice weather so the Universe has been out too and they done very well, bless them.

The Puppies are now getting some food to chew on twice a day which they absolutly looooove.

I do have q few new videos of each of the 16 Puppies and I will post them later on today once they are all uploaded.


My proud Lilly <3 <3 <3

Urmel and Atria - Atria is surly taking after her Mum hihihi


This photo is just to sweet <3 <3 <3


Tamagotchi and then Antaris - 2 proud boys :-)


Urmel - 4 weeks - WOOOOW <3 <3 <3

Antaris enjoyed to play with Kijara and Kijara was just not bothered lol She just sat there and was enjoying the warm sunshine, bless her.


Puppies enjoing their raw tripe :-) I was tring to get all 16 in a photo, but Thalia was still to "bussy" lol By the way - I have a new camera so now I can take quite good photos indoors and even at night :-D Lucky my!




A very busy few days and weekend is over and so I thought it was time to post all the photos which I have still been collecting :-D


The Puppies enjoying their Chicken Carcasses. This evening routine is just fantastic :-D Me and the Puppies are spending about 30 minutes to 45minutes allone in my bedroom - they get something to munch on and I just sit, watch them, take photos and enmjoy my Puppies <3 <3 <3

I have also cut the grass in the Puppy Gardren and now we try to spend as much time as possible in the Puppy Garden with the Puppies ... but the weather so far has been rather bed :-/ Hope it will change soon!

Mum and me have dryed tripe for a few days and then - once I had enough - I decided to give it to the Puppies for thei Evening-Much-Time. Well, they did not enjoyed it as much as I thought they would lol But I bet thats gone change once the teeth are all in hihihi

Adoro (Grandfather to the Universe) and Percy (Unkle to the Universe) have come for a visit too xx



Sooooo :-D Here we are again xx All Puppies are well. They are house trained, sleep from 10pm till 6 am, recall and sit is coming along nicely and they are very good in keeping me busy hihihihi Tokki is now sleeping together with the Universe as he can climb out of the Puppy Pen! He is one big boy <3 The other 5 Trouble Makers are still very relaxed in their little bed so I will still keep the 2 litters seperated for now but might change it over the next week or so. More families have come for a visit and the Puppies all enjoy this extra attentions and cuddles. They get used to the hoover, kitchen noises and I am adding more things each day.

Here are the photos and videos which I have been collecting over the last few days :-)

The Puppies absolutly LOOOOOVE the Chicken Carcases. They used to have the lot for 2 days and then I gave the left overs to my doggies ... now they have them only for one night and some of the left overs needs to be binned as they are to bony - no meat left - and the rest are for the doggies. This little Puppy teeth are already able to chew up the soft bones from the chicken! But the Puppies know what is good and what is bad and they spit larger bones out or they let me help them if the bone gets stuck inbetween the teeth - no panic or bitting :-D

Tamagotchi :-D What a clever Puppy <3


Thalia also knows what a Cat Toilet is for hihihi


I got a new bed for the Puppies ... ok, its for all of my K9 friemds :-)

Dried Liver ..... dried Tripe

I have also been bussy preparing high quality training treats for my doggies and for the Puppies :-D The Tripe is for the doggies but the tiny liver bits are also for the Puppies and they love them!

The Puppies are getting used to the hoover - some stay with me, others go and play but non are badly scared about it :-) I do not expect that the Puppies will make "friends" with the hoover, but I want them to know, that it is ok. The big dogs - apart of Kahlan - are all in the dining room other ways it would get hard to film as there would always be one in front of the camera lol

I always try to take the camera along when we take the Puppies in the garden ... just in case that we get some nice playing or the chance for THAT amazing photo...


And HERE IT IS. Our big boy Sirius at 5.5 weeks. WOW! WOW! WOW!


I thought I would treat the Puppies last night :-) I stuffed some cow hooves with minced venison. I think its needles to say, that they absolutly LOVED IT, bless them. Here is the video but I also have photos which I will add later (or another day lol)


Finally time for another update :-D All 16 Puppies and the Mummies are dsoing very well.

One bad thing is, that Zaphira has started to wean her Puppies - she is very strict at this but trys to be as good and gently to her Puppies as possible. She does still feed them first thing in the morning and she trys to safe some of her food for her Puppies, bless her. But the good thing is, that Zaphira now starts to play with her Puppies and that is sooooo cute <3 <3 <3 Lilly is still a brave Mother and is nursering her Puppies (and the Trouble Makers lol) a few times a day, therefore she is not playing with her Puppies yet but that will come once she starts to wean them.

The Puppies are now also enjoying one play-time in our dining room and kitchen so they got usd to the TV, the washing mashine, telephone and the busy life of a family :-) They also sleep in the dinning room after their play-time and thats the time when I bathed a few Puppies :-) The best thing is, that they happily follow me out side to the garden from any room in the house with no "accidents" on the way so house training was a full success so now the Puppies just have to get older so that they can controll their bladder a bit better lol They are 98% clean indoors, but thats because I take them out several times ;-) If you have a Puppy and you don´t want to keep cleaning up after him, then you must make sure, that the Puppy has the chance to go potty outside!

I have now booked the first of many Vet appointments. I only take 2 Puppies, no more then 3, to the Vet at any time so that I am able to keep the Puppies calm and relexed and should a Puppy get stressed or be scared, then I can help him/her to feel safe again. This would of course not be possible if I had all the Puppies with me and I would then not see how the Puppies feel. One scared Puppy is enough to make all the others be fairful and thats something I want to avoide and so far it has always perfectly worked out for us :-D

This are photos which I have been collexcting again :-D


This are photos from the beginning of the week - before the rain arrived lol The Puppies had a great time in the Puppy garden, bless them.


Another few busy days went by :-)

This are photos which I still had on my camera

The blankets where on the floor while I was waiting for the washing mashine to finish so I can change it. The Puppies thought that they still made a good and very soft bed hihihi ... This lot of blankets have also been the last lot which went into the washing mashine as it broke!!! Can you imagine how much washing we now have to do as the mashine was broken for 5 DAYS. Of course this had to happen just before the weekend grrrrr It is just a good job, that I have plenty of blanket, beddings and towels for my doggies :-D


You surly dose not need children to have a messy house hihihihi The Puppies have all the fun and I get all the cleaning EVERY DAY lol Of course we play out side as much as possible but it´s been very cold recently and we had lots of rain, so the garden was not always an option. I am very lucky that my 16 Puppies are nearly house trained :-D

The Puppies are making the most of each play-time in the gardeb. We have slowly introduced them to the dog´s garden and they are now happy to follow us into that part of the garden and they even go their by their owb if they want :-)

Lilly is leading her babies to the Dog´s garden <3 <3 <3 This is a few days ago and the Puppies know the way by now.


Brave Puppies lol


Gypsy and Siraya are always enjoying the extra play-time :-D 


Schedir - such a stunning girl <3 <3 <3


And so the fun begins hihihi The Puppies have found the gate to the main garden ... and are of course small enough to go through it lol

My cat Elias has joined us. He is sooooo good to the Puppies - until he had enough ;-)

The Puppies are also enjoying a play-time in the house every morning. Having 16 playful Puppies can be quite laod but the hooves are always the best way to get them all calm and quiet hihihi

This photos are just a few days old. I have srtarted to lead the Puppies through the dog garden, into the main garden and they absolutly love this open space <3 <3 <3 They follow me all the way into the Puppy garden where more toys are waiting for them.


Joy has decided that this Puppies are not that bad and so she has started to play with them a few days ago. Now they just have to get used to each others game as Joy is a bit crazy and has her own way of playing hihihi I had the wrong camera with us so I could not film her but I will try to get that sorted as its just far to funny.


This Videos are from yesterday. The Puppies had deliciouse tripe for supper. They absolutoly love it!

Monchhichi is such a funny Puppy :-) He was full up quite fast and then just played with the tripe, tryed to hide it or was trying to get the other Puppies to play with him, bless him.

Thalia .... OMG ... Her character is soooo very similar to Zaphira <3 <3 <3 She is very clever and ended up with 3 pices of tripe in her basket :-D


OMG! We are used to getting up in the morning while its raining or at least its still wet so our morning play times is normally in the house ... but who would have thought, that it would rain NON STOP untill we went to bed! The Puppies and the Doggies went through this day without much of a problem but it surly was a busy day for me lol I did take a few photos during one of our many play-times but they did not work out that well lol But better photos will follow as the weather will be very warm and sunny - lucky us :-D



Well, what shall I say :-) All Puppies and the doggies are well <3 <3 <3 Tamani has joined his family and Mintaka has found her new home too. The weather is fantastic which means looooots of playing outside but the Puppies are still enjoying their indoors play time and they get one to two sleeping-times in the dining room together with my doggies. They are very good and are staying very calm and relaxed until I cal them out :-D The Puppies have now claimed the whole garden + the patio for them selfs hihihh Its a good job that they come when I call for the Puppies other ways I would be spending ages with trying to find all of the Puppies lol

I just looooove them all <3 <3 <3

This are photos from yesterday :-) My Mum and me went to a Car Boot Sale - just spending some time out and hunting for new Puppy Toys hihihh It was lovely and we enjoyed it very much. The Puppies have been very good and waited quietly for us to come back home. They where still quite sleepy when I went into my room, bless them. Of course I had to stay in the garden with the Puppies and Doggies as they all wanted to play. After a while I could hear that the front door went open so I had a look and it was Mum with a cup of coffee for me :-D How lovely is that <3 Thank you xx


Castiel playing with a toy and the Puppies :-D He is such a wonderful boy  <3 <3 <3



I did not take any photos of our play-times during the last few days as it was just too busy here so I knew I won´t have time to sort them and then post them. But I did take a few photos from my sleping beauties <3 <3 <3

This is in our conversatory while I quickly done a small photo shooting with the Puppies :-)

And this are my doggies and my puppies after our play-times, bless them. Joy got up because I was walking around to take photos. But she would settle again once I sat down as she always sleeps near me.

12 Puppies and Mia <3 <3 <3

My Puppies still have one sleeping time in my bed room in their Puppy Pen during the day. Thats in the late afternoon so I have a bit more time for my doggies and then can also feed the doggies without being surrounded by 12 hungry Puppies hihihi I do go and wake the Puppies up once the dogs are all done. We then go for a little potty-walk through the garden and then its their feeding time. I absolutly love it how they follow me but it can be quite complicated to move forwardt with them hihihi


Looooooots of new photos :-) I hope you like them xx

Not only is it a wonderful time when we are all in the garden and we play with the Puppies but the sun was so warm too so it was a perfect spring day for us :-)

As you will see the big doggies seem quite lazy but they have had their exercise already and are now just enjoying the sun. The Minis are always busy lol It does not metter for how long we walk, they would always love to play in the garden especially with the Puppies and their toys hihihi



The Trouble Makers are full of fun and energy :-D Its amazing how well they can use their body and how very fast they are but the Universe still got problems with their coodination hihihi


Pegasi and Urmel :-)

Sorry for Siraya´s bad hair style lol I wanted to groom her - same cut then Mia - but my clipper died! Hope to get her sorted within the next days <3 <3 <3 


Castiel needs a groom too lol I have bathed him already so at least he is all wheite again, bless him.

Our little Monchhichi <3


Sirius - what a big boy! He is so calm and gently ... and quite tired in this photo too hihih


Pegasi and his little sister Alya :-)


Alya and big brother Antaris <3 <3 <3



Joy is surly a clever Poodle hihihi She picked her favorite toy and then jumped up on the table to get away from the puppies hihihi


One very tired Tokki <3 <3 <3


This was sooooo funny and I really was annoyed about my self that I did not had both cameras with me so I could take a video! Antaris and Thalia have been squabbling about who gets the toy but in the end they both gave up and left the toy hihihi


Awww here she is <3 <3 <3 Atria <3 <3 <3 Everything about her is just "Lilly". I have great hopes for my Blue Pearl xx


Our big boy Orionis is getting tired too, bless him. This are photos from our secound play-time in the morning. I think he did not sleep alot during our break hihihi He too is a gently giant <3 <3 <3


Gypsy and Schedir. Schedir left for her own family a few hours later xx Gypsy is still in Puppy-Pants :-/ I wanted to groom her a bit more and then shave into an easy pet cut. Guess I will be very busy once my new clipper has arrived hihihi


Castiel has taking a break from the puppies <3

Tizian and Thalia play-fighting on my lap :-D


Schedir - I looooove her long legs <3

Sirius and Castiel

This is the patio where the puppies can play if I am busy with grooming. They really love it here and it keeps them well entertained :-D

Another play-time but this time in the Puppy-Garden.


Pegasi is enoying a little sunbath and a belly rub, bless him.

This was funny :-) Little Monchhich was laying by my side, enjoying the sun. I stept a bit back to get a better photo of him so Gypsy came along to check on Monchhichi <3 But he is all fine just a happy and relaced Puppy, bless him.


Pegasi trying to take the hoof from Gypsy - with no success hihih

Orionis <3 <3 <3

Our wonderful day has finished with a beautiful sunset xx Bey-bey for now xx



Thought it was time for another update :-)

The weather was quite mixed with lot od cloudy days so still great for the doggies and puppies but no good for my camera lol But I did take some videos xx

And this is how my doggies and puppies spend their sleeping-time after a good exercise and/or play-time :-D The Puppies no longer use the Puppy Pen for their skeeping-times but will just settle in our dining room.

The Puppies have also learned to not beg on the table! Non of my dogs are allowed to do this and I would not allow the Puppies to beg for our food. Of course this goes best with a good timing so that we have our lunch when the Puppies should sleep anyway - not only is it then peaceful and quiet but it will also be a smaller temptation for them ;-)

The Puppies are still enjoying their evening feeding in my bed room :-) There are only 10 Puppies left so they have more space hihihi I have added Makreles and Chicks to their diet which they have outside in the garden. They only need a few minutes to finish a fish so its ok to lay on the grass but if I feed carcasses or - like in the video - lung, then we go into my bed room as it takes longer and I do not want the Puppies to lay on the cool grass for such a long time. The days start to get warmer, but the evenings are still cool. 

Antaris and Urmel

Pegasi and Urmel

Orionis and Thalia

The Puppies have tryed to hide their leftovers again and Atria has found the way under my bed lol

This photos are from yesterday :-)

Little Monchhichi trying to get past Melody hihihi

Well Alya, you must try harder hihihi

Atria playing with Siraya <3



This is the last up-date on this page!

Most of my reserved Puppies have moved out now so I will continue to Puppy´s development on our "Available Puppy Page" and on the individually Puppy Pages xx

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