The Universe

I am very proud to announce the safe arrivel of our Universe which consists of 10 preciouse Stars.

This litter is very special to me. The last years have teached me a lot - bad and good. I made some good and some not too good decisions. I learned that no one can guarantee how things turn out and I learned that absolut nothing happens without a reason! It may need some time before one can see a good reason behind a bad situation, but at one point the picture comes clear.

Lilly had 2 litters with Zenzaris Adoro and I saved her third litter for Curlyfriends Faris. Some of you might already know, that this dream failed a long time ago. I then started to look out for another Stud for Lilly. There was no way, that I would use Adoro again for Lilly. I am not completly against repeat breedings, but one repeat is surly enough and a 3rd dose not help the breed at all. But The Studs I found have never been "good" enough. Pedigree and health test have never been what I wanted. I still had the missed breeding from Lilly and Faris in my head and I wanted a Stud who would fill this big hole. I knew, that I would not settle for less and that I would not "waste" Lilly for a litter which I am not happy with. The thought that something happens to Lilly and I might lose her just for a Petlitter was unbearable and so I thought its just best to let Lilly retire at a young age and "only" 2 litters. This was a good and safe plan as I have her Son Castiel and Daughter Kahlan <3 <3 <3

Time went on. Castiel had 2 litters with Kijara. Lilly´s Granddaughter Siraya is here with us. Kahlan is growing up and it was time to find her a Stud ... and this is the ponit wher the past finishes and a new Star is shining on us.

Finding a Stud for Kahlan proved to be more complicated then finding one for Lilly! I wanted health. I wanted a new pedigree. I wanted a new line. I wanted no Inbreeding. I wanted WOW! ... To say what I want is easy, but to find it was hard. I went through many pedigrees from Partis, F´s and Solids but the health of the line had to suit Kahlan´s line too and this was a big problem now as time went on and Adoro´s Kids have grown up and relatives from Adoro grow up. I found a few issues with the line which I do not like and which I wanted to avoid.

I then found a young upcoming Stud. He is an F1 - one Parent was a Parti and the other was a Solid. I contacted his owner and asked for health tests, pedigree and if I would be allowed to use him. And what I found was WOW!

He is Hip Scored with 5/5 and has a clear BVA eye screenin. His Parents are Hip Scred too: 5/4 and 8/5. Beeing an F1 also means, that he is an outcross and his Pedigree is great. Both of his parents are imported to the UK. There are no DNA tests on him, but that is no probmlem for me due to the clear DNA tests of my girls :-)

Then I did what every breeder has to do: Think ahead! Where am I now? Where do I want to be in 3, 4 or 5 generations? What can happen? What do I hope to get from that particular breeding? Kahlan was only supposed to have one litter so it had to be PERFECT. But over the last year another big worry grew in my mind - what if I breed Kahlan to a great Stud and I keep her Puppy, then what would happen if this line really proves to be not that good for breeding? What would this mean for me as a breeder? What would be with my line, with Lilly?! I would lose Lilly as my foundation bitch and that´s where the idea came to breed her instead of Kahlan to this new Stud. To set up a secound line with Lilly and just accept that Kahlan is stunning and a wonderful girl, but just not a good match to my breeding program. The science has come a great way in the last few years and I can not hide the knowledge which I have. Where is the point in educating if we don´t use it? I have Castiel and his daughter Siraya and if all goes well, then Siraya will carry on the line in about 2 years :-)

The thought about having another litter with Lilly filled me with joy, excitement and it feld so damen right. Have I done the right decision? Are we heading in the right direction? No one knows, but I am looking forward to finding it out <3 <3 <3

And now all the bad luck and bad experiences of the past are making sense as I would not be sitting here, writing this long story if just one secound of my past would have been different :-)

I also want to take the time to give profuse thanks to my Mum who was so kind and took Lilly all the way to Wales for the honeymoon xx

We have 4 lovely girls in the litter and they are all on hold for me. I will only be keeping one, but it will still take a few months before I can pick my little Star xx

Dschubba Lilly, Blue Mismarked, 24"/64cm

BVA Hip score of 8/9 (B1)   

UTD Eye Examination - free of HC

DNA tested CLEAR for: 

Degenerative Myelopathy, Hyperuricosuria, MH (Malignant Hyperthermia), Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures (NEWS), von Willebrand disease Type I AND Type II (vWD I &II), Cone-rod Dystrophy (cord1-PRA / crd4), Osteochondrodysplasia

Lilly has a full MyDogDNA pass which clears her for over 140 diseases!

Her Genetic Health Index through MyDogDNA is 114

Jupiter, Red Mismarked, 22"

Hip Score 5/5

UTD Eye Examination - free of HC

***VIDEOS*** You can find all of our videos on my youtube channel "bengalpudel"

Please CLICK HERE to see photos of the whelping xx

Please clck on the induvidually names to get the to Puppy Pages xx


Antaris          Pegasi/going home with Susan          Tauri/going home with Karen          Atria 

Urmel-Nunki       Mintaka/going home with Lorraine        Orionis/went home with Jen

  Sirius/going home with Janine          Schedir/going home with Lorna          Alya


****PUPPY PLAY TIMES**** Please click here to see more about our Puppy-Play-Times :-)


4th and 5th week

6th week


7th week after a bath and tidy up :-)

8 weeks and 2 days :-)



Lilly and her little Stars are all well. The night - or the rest of it lol - has been good as Lilly already has plenty of milk, lucky Puppies :-D Lilly is as proud as I am and we are all looking into a bright future.

Please CLICK HERE for photos of the whelping xx

U1 - 06:08am - male - 425g - Cream Parti - Antares

U2 - 07:23am - male - Cream Mismarked - 350g - Pegasi

U3 - 07:47am - male - Black Mismarked - 316g - Tauri

U4 - 08:14am - female - Black Mismarked - 368g - Atria

U5 - 10:28am - male - Cream Mismarked - 327g - Urmel-Nunki

U6 - 10:53am - female - Cream Mismarked - 296g - Mintaka

U7 - 11:38am - male - Cream Mismarked - 390g - Orionis

U8 - 01:53pm - male - Black Mismarked - 390g - Sirius

U9 - 04:18pm - female - Black Mismarked - 385g - Schedir

U10 - 07:15 - female - Cream Mismarked - 277g - Alya



Our Universe is 2 days old amd all 10 Puppies are well and so is Lilly <3 <3 <3 Lilly had a bit of a rough day yesterday as she had far too much milk and her babies where not able to use it all. She was already full with milk before whelping and there was even more as the milk started to come in after whelping. Lilly´s breast got so swollen and hard that it was painful for her. But lucky I have Zaphir amd her Puppies who where very happy to help us :-) We swapped the 3 smallest of Lilly´s Puppies with 2 of Zaphira´s Puppies at a few feeding times and all was sorted by the evening :-D Both Mummy´s where happy with the swap! Lilly´s milk seems to settle nicely now and I think her Puppies can now manage everything by their selfs.

I kept changing the bedding yesterday to make sure that the nest is all clean and dry and today I got the nest all sorted with the non-slip mats. Lilly has accepted them with out problems and the Babies are now even faster, bless them. By the way, there is a thick blanket under the mats so that it is still warm and soft from underneath ;-)

I have also decided to sleep on the floor next to Lilly´s Puppy Pen for the next few nights. This is not as bad as it might sounds lol I can get some good sleep without the worry that I might not hear Lilly or her babies if they need my help! I would normaly have her next to my bed but Zaphira is there.





The Universe is 3 days old today and so it was time to start with the Super Dog Program :-) They did not mind it too much and Lilly was quite relaxed too, bless her. I have also added induvidually Puppy Photos xx


Our little Universe is 1 weeks old <3 ... I still do not know where this week went lol

Lilly and her 10 little Starts are all doing very well. The Puppies are very busy with sleeping and feeding and they are growing nicely. Lilly is a good mother and she surly enjoyes her babies, but she also enjoyes her free time with us and she likes to go out :-) When we come back in and Lilly goes to feed her Puppies she is always greeted by her 10 hungry Puppies, bless them. But Lilly only has 8 nipples which means 2 are always left out and are crying as if there is no tomorrow. Standard Poodle Puppies are very loud if they are not happy hihihi Zaphira on the other side has 8 nipples and 6 Puppies who keep crying because their little tummy aches due to the large amount of milk. Both Problems are now sorted as Zaphira is getting 2 of Lilly´s Puppies at feeding times. The little Starts are going back to Lilly once they are full up and have fallen asleep <3 


Teamwork :-D



There is not much going on with our little Universe :-) All are doing very well and their favourite acticitis are sleeping and feeding, bless them. This 2 videos are from yesterday xx


2 weeks are done and the little Stars and Lilly are all well :-) The Stars have started to open their eyes and ears and they are getting more active by the day, bless them. This is my first Standard Poodle litter which I am raising on non-slip bedding rather then blankets and it is just amazing how fast the Puppies are! They can hardly hold their balance, but their legs are working perfecty :-D



Cheeky Zaphira :-) She made her self comfortable while I went to get the next Puppy hihihi


The Universe is doing very well :-) Most of the Puppies are still blind but they are surly keeping Lilly busy lol Lilly is very strict with her babies - its first cleaning and then feeding, no matter how much the Puppies cry :-D

I am still fascinated about the difference between a nest made out of blankets or a nest with non-slip mats. The Puppies are so very fast, are using their legs with out any fear of falling or slipping and their legs are doing a great job already :-D Now the Puppies just need to open their eyes, get a bit stronger and learn how to hold their balance and then there won´t be no stopping for the Puppies <3 <3 <3

Lilly had her Puppies about 3 days to soon - day 60 instead of 63 of gestation - and thats why this Puppies needd a bit longer to open the eyes ;-) The Trouble Makers where born a bit later - day 65 of gestation and not 63 - so they where "faster". The development of the Puppies starts from the day the bitch ovulates. The Puppies are due 63 days after ovulation and the eyes and ears will open 77 days after ovulation regardless of when the Puppies are actually born and thats why there are litters where Puppies start to open their eyes sooner or later as we mostly expect the eyes to open at 2 weeks of age which would be correct if the Puppies where bon 63 days post ovulation ;-)


The Puppies have finished their SDP yesterday :-) I now have added the videos xx



Our Universe is 3 weeks old and WOW have they grown <3 <3 <3 All Puppies are doing very well and so is Lilly :-) The little Stars are develloping nicely and we have some great coat, legs, head and tails on them. I am ever so excited to watch them grow <3

The Puppies have all had their paws and faces shaved. They done quite good but of course have not been overly excited about it hihihi But I am sure we will get their.

This are photos of Antaris and Alya. I thought I would take a photo of the biggest Puppy and the smalles Puppy and then they decided to fall asleep and I just could not help it but had to take photos of this cuties <3 <3 <3 But this morning when I wheighe the Puppies I had to find out, that Antaris is no longer the biggest Puppy! Out big black boy Sirius is now the largest in the littr and he weights in at 1940g :-) Antaris has 1760g and little Alya only 960g <3 <3 <3



The Universe is getting more active by the day :-) Its so sweet to watch them play.




Our little Universe is 4 weeks old today :-) All are doing very well. I have added a few photos to the Puppy Pages and a video, but there is more to come once I have some more spare time xx The Puppies are getting very active and have enjoyed a few visitors already. We have also had some nice weather yesterday so all 16 Puppies have been out - what a great time <3 



The Universe is 5 weeks old today :-) They are very aktive and playful ... until I put them into their bed <3 Then they al fall asleep within secounds, bless them. All 16 Puppies have finished their first round of Nosedose and it was quite a challenge to get this small tabblet into the Puppies lol but we got there in the end. I have also started house training yesterday and its going incredible well! I woud normally start house training at an yearlier age, well, once the Puppies are up and running, but the weather was just not good enough so I decided to wait. It is important that the Puppies like to go outside otherways they would follow us to the door and then turn around and run back into the room loool All 16 Puppies have wrked out that they now have to follow us into the garden when I wake them up and we only had one little pee in the house today! Even the Puppy Toilets are more clean <3 <3 <3 Its just amazing how fast Puppies learn. I have also started the "sit" training .... some are faster then the others but I am sure they will all work it out.

This Video is from the weekend. The Puppies are only 4 weeks and 4 days old! I am very happy :-D



The little Universe is 6 weeks old today and my little Stars are develloping nicely <3 <3 <3 They are all very outgoing, playful, active and soooo clever :-D They are toilet trained for the night and are house trained for the day. Their recall is fantastic and they have adapted nicely to the kitchen with all the different sounds and noises, bless them. 3 of the little Stars are still waiting for their very own family - Mintaka, Orionis and Urmel.

Gypsy absolutely love the Puppies and is always happy to play with them :-D



The Universe was 7 weeks old yesterday and I have now added a few weekly photos :-) There are just a few as it was raining all day long yesterday which was quite a big chalange for us. But the weather forecast looks very good for the nexts days so plenty of photos will follow :-)

The Puppies are all doing very well and we now have booked the first Vet Appointments for them as the Puppies will soon start to fly the nest :-/



Mintaka, Urmel and Orionis have been at the Vets on Friday :-) The car ride was great and they have been fantastic at the Vets too. Mintaka has found her very own family so there are only the 2 boys Urmal and Orionis who are still waiting for their own families xx


We had another Vet Appointment yesterday. This time it was for Taurin and Schedir. Both Puppies have been fantastic in the car and by the Vet . They are now ready to join their families <3 <3 <3


Sirius and Pegasi have been to the Vets yesterday and they both will soon join their families :-) Siraya came along for some training and help for the Puppies. All 3 of them done very well but Sirius has been sicj one time in the car once we got into the town. I think the curves made him feel uncomfortable, bless him. We did drop my Dad off at the Golf Club ;-)