D.o.B. 20.01.2016, 10.28am
SEX: Male
  COLOUR: Apricot Mismarked


3 days - 452g



1 week - 680g


2 weeks - 1080g




3 weeks - 1470g

Our little Urmelchen :-) What a cutie xx He is one of the smallest in the litter, but his lovely long legs are prommising something big <3 He will be a very elgant and proud boy one day, just like his halfbrother Castiel.

4 weeks ...

5 weeks - 2620g


6 weeks - 3100g He now has a yellow collar!

He surly know how handsome he is ;-)


7 weeks - 3960g - 28cm


8 weeks - 4300g



Our sweet boy Urmal has also started his lead training. Urmel is a very sensible boy. He normaly is in the background and sems to be shy and nervouse but thats something he is not! He is very inteligent and will "analyse" the situation before "jumping into it" bless him. He is very happy to play on his own rather then beeing part of the big hustle and bustle with all my other Puppies but he loves to come at call and is enjoying a little cuddle - before the others come, bless him. I did thought at first, that the lead training could be quite a bit of a challenge for us but I was soooo wrong :-D Urmel did it his way - he laid down, bless him. He was unsure about the whole situation and he thought that i is impossible to walk on the lead so he just laid down :-) I then went to him and we just had a bit of a cuddle. He needed several minutes to realize that its all fine, nothing dangerouse and that he is safe but then he got up and he soon enjoyed our little walk and was happy to have some more one-to-one attention, bless him.

10 weeks - 34cm


I know lol Not good from me to "cut off" his head but just look at this long legs <3 <3 <3

Urmel and his sister Alya and Urmel together with his 2 brother Orionis and Antaris


Urmel is 11 weeks old tomorrow. He is growing and developing into a hadsome little boy <3 His training is cming along very well and he surly is enjoying it, bless him.



Our swee boy Urmel is still waiting for his very own family. He is one of the smaller Puppies of the litter but I think he would still grow to a good 24" with a very elegant body. He is only young but he already has lovely movements. His colour is a lovely light Apricot which is hard to take good photos of. Urmel is a very calm and easy-going Puppy. He is very food motivaed which makes it easy to train him as he loves it hihihi But he also loves to be cuddled. 

Here are a few photos of Urmel and his brother Orionis from their last walk together as Orionis has left for his new home.


Urmel .... our big surprise! I never thought that Urmel would turn into the character he shows right now! He was always a bit of a loner and it was hard to motivate him BUT he is now a real team player and he ticks all boxes for beeing my new Studdog ... unfortunately he can´t be due to beeing related to all my girls :-( He loves to learn, is happy to please and such an easy-going Puppy. He surly needs to find a new home - sooner rather then later - but I am also very interested in watching him grou up as I love what I see so far <3



My Happy Puppy Urmel had another walk at the lake :-) He too is coming alomg nicely. He does watch the world go by but he also enjoyes the walk and some fun/training with me and we had the first person asking me if he is a Labradoodle lol

We where also lucky to see the first ducklings <3 <3 <3 The funny thing is, that we have been at the lake in the morning - with Antaris - and I said to Mum, that it won´t be much longer untill the Ducklings will show up. So I was very happy and excited to see this new family just a few hours later :-)



Wednesday has been a busy but fantastic day for Urmel und us :-) We first went to the car boot sale but that was very small on that day due to the weather forecast so we decided to go to the beach too. Urmel was such a happy, confident and playful Puppy and he enjoyed the walk at the beach as much as I did :-)


I forgot to bring a toy, but that was no poroblem for Urmel as he found himself a great "toy" hihihi

Urmel enjoying a little break and the sun while Mum and me eat our lunch, bless him.

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