The birth of our Universe

Our little Universe consist of 10 precious Stars

Lilly done an amazing job and the whelping was very easy as the Puppies - bar one - have all had a nice weight and Lilly is doing very well even thought that it took her soooo very long to whelp all 10 Puppies.  She needed 13h and 7Minutes from the arrivel of the first Puppy untill the last Puppy joined us. Lilly´s tummy was not that very big so she must have carried her Puppies high under the ribcage so it does take a while to move them all done ;-) She only needed to push a very few times once there was a Puppy at the "exit", bless her.

The first stage of labor started on the 19th in the late afternoon. We at first thought, that Lilly is just getting a bit more ready for the weekend as she was acting normal in all other ways and even enjoyed all of her food. But as the evening came she started to get more restles and so we all went to bed. I knew that this could still take a few hourse and that it could be a long night for me - never thought about a long day too lol - so I tried to get at least a few hours of sleep. Lilly woke me up at 3am and so I got my self ready and stayed with her in her puppy pen. She surly enjoyede this one-2-one attention and cuddels.

The first Puppy - Antaris - arived at 06:08am. He was the biggest Puppy with 425g and Lilly was not happy with that, bless her. But I helped her by guiding him the way out and Lilly was in love with her little son the secound she saw him <3 <3 <3

Not much longer <3

And here he comes "Curlyfriends U R Antaris"


"Curlyfriends U R Pegasi" has joined us :-D

Lilly was busy with making her bed so I had a little cuddle with the 2 boys <3 They fall asleep within secounds on the hotwaterbottle hihihi

It is 07:47am and we have welcomed "Curlyfriends U R Tauri" into this world <3


And finally the first girl has joined us. "Curlyfriends U R Atria"


Lilly is having her first good break. She cleaned all her Puppies, settle with them and enjoyed some honey-milk, bless her.

From this point on, Lilly decided to entrust her babies to me while she works on the next Puppy. This little boy is "Curlyfriends Urmel-Nunki" His name is slightly different as my Sister has named him and I could not fit his name in with only 25letters by the KC lol We gone call him URMEL. He is only a little Puppy and the whelping was very easy. I wanted to take a photo of him still in the sack as it looked so nice and clear but at the same time when I pressed the button on my camera Lilly started to press again and this little boy came shooting out like a shooting star - I caught him half way in the photo :-)

Another little Puppy has joined us. A little girl. "Curlyfriends U R Mintaka" She is still attached to the afterbirth.

Having 5 Standard Poodle Puppies on my lap, while looking after Lilly is not a good idea so we got the little basket out. We have 2 Hotwater Bottles - one in the baket and one for me ... ok .. not for me but for the new borns <3


Lilly made a big secreat of deliverng this little boy hihih She was - for me - in a bad positon to take photos so we had to wait untill all was done and she got up. This is "Curlyfriends U R Orionis"

Our basket is getting full hihih


I started to put some collars on the Puppies:

Mintaka  - Urmel - Pegasi -  Tauri - Orionis - Atria - Antares 



Another black boy has arrived " Curlyfriends U R Sirius" He has a grey collar.


Look! Someone is blowing bubbles :-D

 Another girl :-) "Curlyfriends U R Schedir"

Its getting late and even thought that I found out that one can survive a whole day on only chocolate Mum felt it was necassary for me to have a proper meal for supper :-) Thank you Mum xx I enjoyed it very much and it was well needed. I was able to watch Lilly and her 9 babies from where I sat and I had the Trouble Makers and Zaphira in their nest behind me :-D By that time I was very sure that Lilly has finished and we all started to settle. But then, half way through my dinner, Lilly decided it was time to push again! Little "Curlyfriends U R Alya" aka Upsadaisy aka as Daisy has joines us at 07:15pm :-)

Big Brother Antaris and little sister Daisy.

The biggest Puppy of the litter and the smallest Puppy of the litter <3 <3 <3

My doggies have been fantastic the whole day, bless them <3 <3 <3 I gave them as much play-times in the garden as possible - Mum would then look after Lilly - but of course we could not go for walkis. They have also only been allowed in the hallway so that I could see them and know that the youngsters do not come up with naughty ideas lol If it was summer time, then I would have opend the front door so that they could go in and out as they pleased, but it was just far to cold at this time of the year. 


So now I thought we are all done. I stayed awake for a few more hours to watch Lilly, just to be on the safe side! It was already 10:30pm when I gave up and got everyone ready for bed. I made my bed on the floor next to the Puppy Pen as I am not able to watch Lilly from my bed lol I lookd at the clock for the last time at 10:55pm and then decided to catch some sleep .... my head did not even hid the pillow as Lilly started to push AGAIN! I just could not believe it! She surly must be finish by now! Finding some sleep was now impossible and so I stayed akaw with Lilly and made sure that she is all well. She did had a few more contractions but this where only afterpains and no further Puppy was born. Lilly started to settle comfortable and she finally fall asleep at 1am. I was still not sure about what she is up to and half of me would not be too surprised if a No.11 came! So I stayed up untill 2am. This was now a 23hour shift for me and I was glade that I was now able to catch some sleep knowing that Lilly and her 10 precious Stars are safe <3 <3 <3


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