D.o.B. 20.01.2016, 06.08am
SEX: Male
  COLOUR: Apricot Parti


3 days - 526g



1 week - 791g



2 weeks - 1250g

Antaris was not very cooperative during his photo shooting hihihi He kept rung away! But I am sure I will get some better photos of him as he gets older <3




3 weeks - 1760g

Sorry about the funny colour in the video :-/

Antaris his colour is getting darker and darker <3 He looks to be a Apricot Parti, but he could also turn into a Red Parti - only time will know. Red Partis are born very pale and then their colour starts to devellop! If you look at hs face, then you can see, that the colour where he is shaved is already darker then the colour on his body!

This first Photo is of Castiel at 3 weeks and it clearly shows the difference in colour:

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4 weeks ...

5 weeks - 2890g


6 weeks - 3660g


His colour is still getting darker <3 <3 <3


7 weeks - 4440g - 28cm


8 weeks - 4840g


Antaris is 11 weeks old tomorrow. He is one of the smaller boys in the litter but he dose not know it lol He too is turning into a very handsome boy and I think his colour has come through nicely :-D Its amazing how dark he got! He is a Red Parti, not a deep red but still lovely <3 He stands at "only" 35cm lol Such a small boy compared to his brothers, but a giant standing next to Alya lol

I have now also started the training with Antaris :-D He had his first losson yesterday. It was just a very few minutes but I liked how he behaved, bless him.


Antaris has started his lead training a few days ago and he too is just an amazing Puppy :-D He took to the new situation without any problems and was very brave to watch the traffic with me.


Here are some new photos and a Video of Antaris :-) He is doing very well and his Puppy Training is coming along nicely - still lots to do but we are on the right way :-)

His first trip to the lake was good and he has proved to be a thinker. He is very interested in everything and will take his time to see it all.



Antaris had his second walk at the lake and he done very well :-) He is coming along nicely and is enjoying our walks. But he is also spending a lot of time with waching everything around him.


It´s been a great day today as we took Antaris to the beach :-) It was his first time at the beach and he was such a good and brave boy, bless him. The sun did not shine but neither did it rain, so I guess we where very lucky with the weather hihihih


One very tired Puppy <3 <3 <3




Last bath and a bot of scissoring before he goes into his new home <3 <3 <3

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