D.o.B. 20.01.2016, 11.38am
SEX: Male
  COLOUR: Apricot Mismarked


3 days - 521g



1 week - 774g


2 weeks - 1260g




3 weeks - 1730g

I am sure, that he will be our gently giant <3 <3 <3 He is a little dreamer and is still trying to work out this big new world, bless him. His favourit activity is to cuddle hihihi

4 weeks - ...

5 weeks - 2990g


6 weeks - 3680g

He has already fallen asleep, bless him.


7 weeks - 4410g - 30cm


8 weeks - 5000g



Our big boy Orionis has just turned 9 weeks :-) His lead training has started too and he is doing very well :-) He was a bit nervouse once he ralised the lead but then he trusted me and enjoyed his walk with me :-) He - like almost the whole litter - is a very gently boy. Calm, friendly, loves attention and cuddles but he surly is more playful hihihi He loves to stay with me but he can´t stand the temptation of running and playing in the garden hihihi But he keeps coming back to me every now and again to check if all is ok, then he will go and join the play. But he will come at call from any corner of the garden, bless him. Orionis is not a bossy Puppy but he surly knows how to stand his ground.

Orioinis is 11 weeks old tomorrow. He is growing and developing nicely and it was time for a bath and a little bit of a tody up :-) He is such a handsome boy and stands already at 38cm.

His training is coming along very well and he loves to learn, bless him.

Sorry about the very bad topline but he is getting too big for our bath and I really wanted to take some photos of him while he is still wet to show his body and his lovely long legs <3

Orionis and his 2 brothers Urmel and Antaris. And Orionis with his brother Antaris and sister Atria :-)

And some photos which I took during our training :-)

Orionis on his last walk together with his brither Urmel <3 <3 <3

Orionis has found his very own family. He is doing well and is settling in nicely, bless him.

But Orionis had to see the Vet before he was able to go into his new home. He was as good as gold in the car and at the Vets. Urmel had to come along too.

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