D.o.B. 20.01.2016, 07.23am
SEX: Male
  COLOUR: Apricot Mismarked


3 days - 449g



1 week - 704g


2 weeks - 1180g




3 weeks - 1640g

Pegasi is such a cute Puppy and soooo calm ... at the moment ;-) He loves to be cuddled and will fall asleep with in secounds. I think, that his white spot on his head looks like a little angel <3 <3 <3

4 weeks ...

5 weeks - 3060g


6 weeks - 3760g


7 weeks - 4740g - 29cm


8 weeks - 5140g



Pegasi has just turned 9 weeks :-) He is such a handsome boy. Very gently, loves attention and is always by my side, bless him. He also started his lead training which went very well! There have been a few secounds where he was scared and unsure of the lead but he soon calmed down, trusted me and was happy to go walkies with me :-D He knows how to stand his ground but he is not bossy and will come at call out of any situation - well, almost any lol If food is down, then non of the Puppies come at call lol He and Alya are slowly turning into my shadows and were I am they can´t be far, bless them. He - just like his mother Lilly - needs a lot of body contact and so it happends very often, that he will sit not by my side but pushes him self against my leg or he will sit on my foot hihihi 




Pegasi had a bath :-) What a handsome boy <3

Pegasi and his little sister Alya :-) Pegasi stands at 35cm and Alya 28cm!


Pegasi had more lead training during the easter weekend and so we went down to the main road to watch some traffic and the builders :-) He too done very well and was a very brave boy. The "down" which he did at the beginning of the video was something he offered to me! He had no lay down training yet so that was just a very cute coincidence :-)


Pegasi had another busy day on Wednesday :-) We went to the car boot sale where he was just amazing and enjoyed his walk/training and he even showed what a brave boy he was as he did not liked to be carried :-D Then we went to the town as my mother had to get a few things sorted in the town but I thought that this might now get too much for Pegasi so I decided to sit with him on the bench and just wait. He was very calm, relaxed and watched everyone go by, bless him.

And yesterday was his big day as he went to his new home <3 <3 <3


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