D.o.B. 20.01.2016, 07.15pm
SEX: Female
  COLOUR: Apricot/Red Mismarked


3 days - 322g



1 week - 492g


2 weeks - 767g




3 weeks 960g

Cute - cuter - Alya <3 <3 <3

Alya is so far the smalles Standard Poodle Puppy we had and I have always been able to resist to keep a small Standard but maybe its time for a change :-D Alya is such a calm and easy going Puppy. She is just WOW. I know she would be more "perfect" if she had a black nose, but well, no one is perfect :-D

Lovely head, nice ears, well put together, long legs - it will be very exciting to watch her grow.

4 weeks - ...

5 weeks - 1830g


6 weeks - 2180g

I always do the photo shooting in order of birthing so that I do not forget a Puppy so Alya got tired from all the playing around while I was busy with the other Puppies and then she decided to come to me for some reast <3 <3 <3


7 weeks - 2660g  24.5cm


7.5 weeks old.

Alya has finally had her first bath hihihi The smallest in the litter but the biggest fighter! She surly did not enjoy the bath lol


8 weeks - 3000g



Alya will be 10 weeks tomorrow. She is still a little Puppy and stands at just 28cm!

This is her with her big brother Pegasi.


Alya will be 11 weeks tomorrow :-) She is still tiny hihihi but she has reached 30cm now! Here are a few photos of her which I took while I was training to get good photos of her freshly bathed brothers :-D



My poor girl Alya has broken her leg :-( But lucky it is not that bad so a good 6 weeks cage rest should give her leg enough time to heal up again <3 <3 <3 Alya is doing very well and is enjoying her cage as she gets some great treats in her cage while I am busy with my Doggies and the other Puppies. I still take her out and about as she does not only have to learn, but she needs mentaly stimulation too! Its her leg what is broken not her nead ;-)


We have been to a car boot sale the other day and Alya came along, all nicely wraped up in a blanket to make it comfortable for her, to support her leg and to make it easier for me to carry her all the time. She done so very well :-D She was not scared, had a very good look around and even fall asleep on my arm, bless her. I will of course start some search training with her too as thats a good way to stimulate her mentaly. A friend of mine has told me about a website where I can get ideas and help for some other easy tricks/games for dogs who need to reast so I think we are well prepared for the next weeks :-)

Alya was still far to tired when we arrived at the car so she decided to just enjoy the sun, a cuddle and some little massage from me <3 <3 <3

New toys :-D



Our little baby is doing very well :-) Alya is a very happy, playful and frindly Puppy. She had her bandage changed twice now and her leg is healing up nicely. The 2 of us just can´t wait to be able to walk together. Alya still has strict cage rest but she surly makes the most out of her potty breaks - naughty Puppy lol She has been out and about too but of course she has only been carried around. But never mind, at least she gets to see the world and will get used to everythings so we just have to catch up with some obediance training once she can walk a bit. Her hand-taget training is coming along nicely and she loves that "game" so I am sure she will learn the rest too <3 <3 <3 

I think the bandage shows nicely what lovely long legs Alya has :-D



Alya is doing very well :-) She is now wearing a soft bandage to support her leg as she is now allowed to have a bit of a play with me :-) She surly enjoyes it and makes the most of her free time but I still panic when I see her running around lol. She has no pain and just does not know why to take it slow, bless her. Her play-times are only a few minutes long - never more then 5 Minutes as I am still too worried. Its more like a Potty Break with a good run <3 She is now also allowed to walk a bit when we take her out and about and today she has been to the car boot sale. We had a bit of a break at the end where I let her down and so she enjoyed some playing with me. She was not bothered about what was going on around her and was as happy as can be <3 I just love this little girl <3 <3 <3


A little Puppy with a massive character <3 <3 <3


Alya had a great walk at the beach :-D



My sweet little girl had her first grooming <3 <3 <3 Her trim is not perfect but it will do for now and I am sure I can improve on her cut but I surly love what I found under the Puppy coat <3 Her leg has healed up nicely and you would not know what she has been through if you watched er play and run, bless her. Alya is still very small for a Standard Poodle. She is 5.5 Months old and stands at only 45cm! Her sister is already 11cm taller lol And her mother Lilly had 52cm at only 4 months of age!



A few photos of Alya´s single walk :-) We where planing to take Alya to the beach, but a flat tyre has changed our plans lol Alya and me had a little walk down the road while Mum changed the tyre. Then we had to go to the garage to get the tyre fixed. This all costed us quite some time and Alya has met lots of other people and there was already plenty to see, so I decided to only take her to the park as the beach might be too much if she is already tired. The Park turned out to be a great idea. Alya was very happy and we met a few other dogs where she behaved wonderful. She was very happy and the whole Puppy Walk was just enough for her without overdoing it and without getting any bad experiences - WONDERFUL :-D



Alya is just oer 7 months old and has another grooming :-) She has turned into a stunning Poodle <3 ... I know, the grooming is not perfect lol She now stands at 19" and I am quite sure that this is it :-)




Alya is now all ready for the winter :-) Her legs and bumb are getting fluffy so she keeps warm and I cut her jacked smaller to make it easier to take care of her coat. She will go back into a lion cut once we are in the new year and the weather gets warm again. She did grrow a little bit more and is now 19.5" ... hope thats it now lol



Alya wurde nun mit gut 20 Monaten auf HD und ED getested und ich bin mega stolz und erleichtert zu sagen, dass sie sowohl frei von HD ist als auch von ED :-D Nun hat mein kleiner Teufel fast alle Untersuchungen geschaft und wir schauen voller vorfreude in die Zukunft. Sie braucht nur noch die Augenuntersuchung bestehen. Diese eine und letzte Untersuchung werde ich kurz vor ihrer Hochzeit vornehmen.

Now as Alya turned 20 months I thought it was time to get her tested for HD and ED and I am very proud and relieved to say, that she is free of HD and ED :-D My little devil has now passed all relevant heath tests - just her eyes which needs to be done but thats something I will get sorted just befor her wedding.



Alya ist nun 4.5 Jahre alt. Sie hat vor 10 Wochen und 2 Tagen (Fotos sind von Gestern) ihren ersten Wurf zur Welt gebracht. Meine kleiner Teufel hat das alles prima gemacht und war eine sehr gute Mutter <3 <3 <3



Nach dem ich schon zwei mal versucht habe die Zeit zu finden Alya zu friesren, wurde es nun beim dritten Anlauf wieder "nur" modisch kurz. Aber auch so sieht die Maus richtig toll aus 🥰🥰🥰

Vom Strubbelmonster zur stolzen Dame :-D



Alya sieht richtig klasse aus <3 Ihr dritter Wurf ist nun rund 11,5 Wochen alt und es war nun wirklich nötig mal ne kurze Schur zu machen. Alya hat nun auch komplett abgestellt und in den nächsten Wochen werden wir beide etwas an ihrer Figur arbeiten ;-) Hab da wohl doch etwas zu gut gefüttert hihihi





Die Fotos sind von Anfang des Monats ... aber besser spät als nie ;-)

Was bin ich froh, dass ich Alya nicht abrasiert habe, sondern sie einfach ca. 3 Wochen halbfertig rumlaufen ließ 😜
Heute war genug freie Zeit da um sie noch mal zu baden und zuende zu schneiden.
Was für eine hübsche Dame 🥰🥰🥰

Nach unserer kleinen Runde auf der Straße um Fotos zu machen und um Alya Zeit für´s Nötigste zu geben, ging es zum Auto, da wir mit ihr Raus fahren wollten. Alya ist aber erst mal zurück in den Garten gelaufen und Cecilia zack hinterher. Die Kleine war soooo happy, dass sie mir Alya wieder holen konnte. Echt süße die Zwei <3

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