Our Wickeds have safely arrived <3 <3 <3

I am very proud and also very excited about this litter. Melody is a fantastic Mummy and has whelped 5 handsome boys and a very cute girl yesterday in neary 5 hours. 

This litter will help me along with my Klein Poodles, with the Brindle colour and - hopefully - with the genetic diversit of the Standard Poodles.

The search for a perfect Stud for Melody has started a long time ago, with lots of changes in my plans but in the end it all went back to "Plan A" :-D The Sire to this litter is a stunning Agouti boy called "Marnie". His previouse owner had to find him a new home and I was thinking of buying him to guarantee me this breeding as he would make a perfect match to my plans - for the Klein Poodles AND my Standard Poodle. However, I was not in the possition to pay the asking price and I thought it would just be too much money for just one litter as I surly did not wanted to turn him into a "Super Stud" (non of my Studs are treated like that!) just to get the money back, and he still had to undergo all the health tests - my heart said "go for it" but my head said" Don´t take the risk". Marnie was sold on to someone else so my search for a Stud for Melody continued. I went through lots of pedigrees, contacted a few Stud owners and went through a few more scenarios should my plans fail.

Then I saw Marnie advertised as a Stud :-) All other plans where canceled, a phone call with his new owner and the breeding was organized.

So what is so excited about Marnie?!

1st - his pedigree. He comes from the "Mahooli" kennel and has some good German Dogs in his line "Cooper Only for You" is one of them. Cooper has proved to produce stunning Klein Poodles. His Puppies are succesfully been used for breeding here in the UK and in Germany. Cooper´s offspring continues to produce stunning Klein Poodles of high quality.

2nd - the size. Melody has always prodced Klein Poodles - some of her son´s grow to 17". Marnie´s line did the same! This breeding is the perfect match to produce Klein Poodles.

3rd - His colour. There are not many Agoutis around but this gene "aw" is important for the Brindles. Please note! This is not Sable! The Sable gene is "ay" - it´s a different gene and a different colour! This 2 colours are both on the A-Locus (so are "a" and "at"), but they are still different. Calling a "aw" dog Sable would be the same as calling a Black dog BROWN just because this 2 colours are on the same loci! 

So, did I get what I was hoping for? YEEEES!!! I did :-D All Puppies seem to be Klein Poodles with 2 boys who could also reach 17". The only girl in the litter is a Phantom. Small but with great legs, so I hope to see "more" of her. But the Jackpot of the litter are the 2 Agouti boys <3 Both are of a good size and look fantastic :-D Non of the Puppies have the typical "Boxer head" but everything else about the Puppies says "I will be big" 

One of the Agouti boys will hopefully be staying here with us. If all goes well, then he will not only be a great partner to Alya but to Gypsy as well - my plans continue to grow and to fill out <3 <3 <3 

I will get the boys VGL tested to find the best match! I already know that both boys will be perfect for Alya and Siraya but I hope to find one who will also fit to Gypsy! The whole litter will make fantastic family pets, but we have to be more selective when it comes done to upcoming breeding partners! It will also be very interesting to see the Puppies VGL tests as "Cooper" is also VGL tested so I can check how much of his genes have been passed on and what got lost over the last generations :-D

Marnie is also a son of "Leo", the Stud which I used for Rhapsodie to produce "Our Quality Street". Marnie is therefor the halfbrother to Joy and Aslan. Aslan is the sire to our VIP´s. It is surly a shame that Mia and Aslan have not produced an Agouti Puppy for me, but it will still be interesting to see this 2 litters grow up together. You don´t always raise 2 litters at the same time where the dam´s are Mother and Daughter and the sire´s are Halfbrothers :-D The next weeks and months will surly be very exciting for us <3 <3 <3


Melody, Blue Phantom, 41cm

Colour: at/at - B/B - E/e - ky/ky

past yearly health check, heart is normal.

Free of Patella Luxation, Clear Eye Screening

DAN test for prcd-PRA "B"/carrier

DNA tested N/N CLEAR for: 

Cone-rod Dystrophy (cord1-PRA / crd4), Osteochondrodysplasias, vWD1&2 (von Willebrand disease Type I and II), HUU (Hyperuricemia), MH (Malignant Hyperthermia), PLL (Primary Lens Luxation), NEWS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures),  MPSVI (Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI - mutation originally found in Poodle)

She has a DNA pass which clears her for 140+ diseases and she is DNA profiled

Her genetic health index is: 106

Marnie, Agouti, 15"?

(Owner says he is 14", but he is surly taller then my girl Joy and he managed to mate with Melody all on his own lol)

DNA tested clear for prcd/PRA

Please klick on the Puppies name to get to their Puppy Page xx

Curlyfriends Wicked Spirit     Curlyfriends Wicked Thunder/going home with Tracy     Curlyfriends Wicked Mojo

Curlyfriends Wicked Wahida      Curlyfriends Wicked Magic      Curlyfriends Wicked is Good


Melody on her date with Marnie :-) She at first made clear what she things about the "strangers". But she did settle after some playing, walking and just giving her space and time. Melody made sure Marnie was her Prince Charming by testing him on how respectful he is - poor boy. But he did fantastic and has passed the test. He did not put a paw wrong, did how she said and let her take the lead <3 <3 <3 This is how a Stud should behave and trust me, there are enough Stud Owners who have no clue about correct Stud Dog Behaviour! A big thank you goes to Marnie's owner for being so patient with Melody and for giving us the time to let the doggies sort it xx 



What a day! Only 1h of sleep in 36h is surly no fun but there is nothing that I can do if my girls decide to have the first stage of labor during the night to get ready for an early morning whelping lol Melody did a great job and she too took all the time she needed so at least one of us had some rest and sleep, bless her. But about 5h of activ 1st stage of labor and then another 5h of whelping was a hard time for melody too so she was very exhauseted and slept most of the time during the day. I stayed with her for a few hours after the Puppies where born and then I checked on her every now and again to make sure she and her babies are well. Here are a few photos from the whelping. Please click on the photo to see it enlarged xx


Melody´s beautiful babies are 1 day old. They have all settled nicely and Melody loooooves them all. We are still waiting for Melody´s milk to come in so most of the Puppies have lost a few grams sinces yesterday. But this is nothing to worry about and all will be fine in a few days :-) Melody and me had some good sleep last night so both of us feel much better :-D




All is going well here and Melody´s milk has come in so the Puppies have started to gain some weight :-D The Puppies are sooo quiet and calm which is making it so very easy for me hihihih Melody is taking proud care of her babies. She does not like to go for a walk yet and will only spend a few minutes with us in the garden, bless her. Mia and Melody are getting along so very well. I can´t wait for the Puppies to run around and play together, that will be so lovely <3



The first week is done and all are doing very well :-) The Puppies are growing and developing nicely and Melody is again a fantastic Mummy. Melody has only started in the last 2 days o stay with us for some rest - other ways she would spend all day in the nest with her babies, bless her. 


Not much going on with out little Wickeds :-) They sleep and eat ... all day long :-D The Phantom Pattern - especially their eyebrows - is coming in nicely and so is the Agouti colour - just stunning. The Puppies are only 10 days old so I was very surprised when I picked up little Wahida and saw that she has already opened her eyes! She is sooooo cute <3 <3 <3



The Wickeds are 2 weeks old. All are doing very well. Spirit still needs to open his eyes but that will come over the next few adays :-) The Puppies do start to get active and they surly want to do more then they are able to, bless them. They are still tryining to find their balance. Melody is now enjoying much more time with us and loves to go out. She - just like Mia - also loves to sleep in my bed at night hihihih You can´t imagine how excited I am about all the upcoming Puppy Training <3 We have some fantastic toys for the Puppies and a loooong to-do-list loool But for the moment it´s just sleeping and feeding hihihi 



Our little Wicheds are getting mobile, bless them. Spirit has also opened his eyes now. The grooming traing has start and is coming along nicely. Melody is a very calm mother and is enjoying her walks with us again. So all going so very well <3 <3 <3


2.5 weeks old and we are geting more active <3 <3 <3 Not much is going on with the Wickeds but they are doing very well and have started to play with each other and me <3


3 weeks old and we are getting active :-D The Puppies have started to play with each other and me. They have met some of my other doggies and the Puppy Toilet will be set up (hopefully they will agree to it lol). I have also shaved their little paws and faces and I absolutly loooove what I see. The Phantom Pattern looks amazing and the Agouti is co,ing through nicely. The grooming as such was not too bad - 3 Puppies where not bothered and 3 where lol But we have plenty of time to learn. There is no photo shooting of the Puppies for this weeks up-date. But I hope you like the once which I took during a small playtime xx



This photos are from Monday but I only now found time to post them as it´s been quite busy here :-) The Wickeds are doing very well and had some new adventures: they had the first taste of meat, they are getting used to the garden and they have had the first visitor - it´s coming along nicely <3

The Wickeds where not interested in the tracheas so I left them for the VIP´s and the mothers which at least gave me a good opportunity to take photos of the Wickeds lol





4 weeks today :-) The Wickeds are developing nicely and are nearly as active and playful as the VIP´s. They love to investigate and have started to follow my hand if I flick my fingers. They also love their food and know how to beg for more hihihi But they do not eat much anyway - just a few bits and they they are of playing again. We also had the first Puppies climping over the Puppy Pen during the last night :-/ Trouble is they can get out due to the blanket they are standing on but they are not able to get back in lol Please visit their individually Puppy Pages for photos xx 



The Puppies were 5 weeks old yesterday :-) All are doing very well but they are still 1 week behind the VIP´s which means we are slower in training! But we will get there :-)

Valeska´s family came for a visit yesterday. Our visiting time have started much later this time as I had to wait for the Wickeds to be old enough and all 6 Puppies showed me yesterday that they are ready for such a big adventure. They were very playful, active, outgoing and happy :-)

The 3 Phantom boys are still waiting for their very special families <3 This Puppies should all grow to roughly 15". I would guess smaller rather then taller as non of the Puppies are big which is quite a bit disappointing for me. But well, size is not everthing as their characters are fantastic, bless them. I am still planing on keeping one of the Agouti boys (I do hope that they do start to grow a bit more lol) and I am still trying to make up my mind about Wahida. I really like that little girl, but gosh is she TIIIIINY BUT she is bigger then Joy ;-)



6 weeks today and I finally made my decission ( I think so lol) Magic will be our up-coming Stud! The whole litter is just amazing with great characters and the Agoutis are just stunning but Magic seems to have choosen me as he is already my shadow so he will stay <3

The Puppies are all doing very good. They develop nicely and are learning fast. They too had some extra attention and cuddles from Viggo´s family and they all enjoyed it.



Another week has gone and the Puppies are 7 weeks old.

The Puppies are all growing and developing nicely <3 Goody is the largest in the litter and the largest compared to the VIP´s so it looks as if I have a true Klein Poodle :-D Wahida and Mojo are lovely Miniatures and the others are somewhere inbetween - I guess 15".

The last few days have been a bit quiet for the Puppies as the rain has come and I am ill. However, we have tried to make the most out of it which means, that the Puppies play-times have been mostly in the house which they too loved. I also managed to kill some time by giving pork trotters to the doggies and puppies lol I do have photos but I will post them another day.

Next week will be a busy week as the Vet Visits will start and the first VIP´s are starting to fly the nest - so hopefuly the weather will be nice and dry again and I will feel good enough for the long days ahead.



9 weeks already <3 <3 <3 All 5 of the Wickeds are doing great and little Thunder has settled nicely into his new home, bless them. Magic has joined the VIP´s for the Puppy training so that the remaining 4 Wickeds make another Puppy Group. Spirit, Mojo, Wahida and Goody had their first car ride the other day. All 4 done very well. It did took them a while to settle and sleep but we did get there in the end :-D Howver, they where not scared, nervouse, shy and non of them have been sick in the car so it was a full success. The only problem is, that the 4 Puppies - or should I say Spirit and Goody lol - are to big for the pram so I might have to split the groups again or get a bigger pram so they have more space.


Wahida, Mojo and Goody have been to the town :-) All 3 done very well and have settled nicely in the car.