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  COLOUR: Agouti


1 day - 250g


3 days - 305g


1 week - 432g

2 weeks - 636g

3 weeks - 820g


4 weeks - 1140g

5 weeks - 1390g

6 weeks - 1700g


7 weeks - 1850g


8 weeks - 2190g - 21.5cm


Yesterday was a big day for Magic :-) He has joined our 3 VIP´s for the Puppy training and has been for his first car ride. He done very well and has fallen asleep after only a few minutes, such a good boy <3

9 weeks - 24cm - 2450g


Our little Magic is coming alonmg nicely :-D He is now 4.5 months old and 35cm ... small :-/ I am still hoping that he reaches 40cm but I guess thats not happening lol But never mind, he is still stunning <3 He has Melody´s wonderful long legs and fine body which make im turn into a very elegant Poodle <3 <3 <3 I am not a fan of "short legs and/or stocky bodys" A Poodle has to have a proud appeatance :-D

Before ....

... and after



Puppy mit 8 Monate :-)

Puppy at 8 months :-)



Wir haben einen kleinen Stadtbummel in Holland gemacht und Magic durfte mit. Er war echt gut drauf und neugierig und das füttern der Spatzen fand er auch sehr interessant :-) Leider waren auch diesmal wieder solch "komische" Hundehalter unterwegs, die ihren pöpelden Hund oder sogar HUNDE nicht unter kontrolle haben! 

Wie have had a great day in the Netherland :-) Well, almost great as there have been a few dogowners agaon who are not able to controll their dogs grrrrrr Magic and me enjoyed feeding the little sparrows :-D



Und schon ist unser kleiner Bub 1 Jahr alt! Magic hat sich prächtig entwickelt und ist nun 41cm groß :-D

Time is just flying by and so Magic turned one year today! He has turned into a stunning boy and stands at 41cm :-D



3,5 Jahre ist mein kleiner Kerl nun schon :-) Die schnellen Fotos auf dem Tisch sind zwar nicht so toll geworden, aber zeigen wollte ich ihn trotzdem.

Magic is 3,5 years now :-) The photos are not the best but I still wanted to show him.


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