I am very proud to abbounce the birth of our Ladies and Lords.

Lilly and her 9 Puppies are all well. Please KLICK HERE to see the photos from the whelping.

***UP-DATE 05.10.2013***    Please KLICK HERE to see Videos - page 1 from the age of birth to 6 weeks

***UP-DATE 18.10.2013*** Please KLCK HERE to see Videos - page 2 from the age of 6 weeks.


Please klick on the names to get to the induvidually Puppypage.

Lady Laska /going home with Sylvia        Lady Kahlan /sold          Lady Kayla/going home with Sally          Lady Alexis/going home with Susen       

   Lord Ilaris/living together with his big sister Isabella

Lady Chantal /going home with Alexa       Lord Zeddicus /going home with Louise      Lady Lilly Larissa/going home with Beth     Lord Eragon / going home with Vicki  


The Boys: Ilaris is available.

Poor boy has entropion in his left eye - this is a condition where the lower eyelid rolls inwards. This will requier surgery treatments once he is a bit older. If the surgery is done to soon, then in most cases a secound operation is needed as the entropion will apear again as the Puppy grows. I will get this surergy organised once he is a bit older and BIGGER lol he will then be sold at full petprice. However, I am also happy to let him go at a reduced price and his new family will get the surgery organised in time. Of course he will come with a strict sale contract. Ilaris will benefit from the secound option as he can bond with his family. He is not bothered about his eyecondition and he is a very happy and playful Puppy - just like his siblengs.

*** Now as my Vet has seen Ilaris and after discussing his case with a specialist I am now able to say that Ilaris should be 5 to 6 months old to undergo the surgery.***




Lilly at 3 weeks :-)


4 weeks. She is hiding the Puppies very well lol



I am very proud to announce  that Lilly is pregnant. We have been to the Vet this morning to get her scanned and what we saw looked reeeeally good :-D Lilly is also going very well but she gets a bit hot in the weather. But that will soon be over as I will give her a short and nice summer cut so she will feel comfortable during her pregnancy. I am so very excited about the Puppies :-D

Finally got the photos from the scan :-D




5 weeks

Lilly´s tummy has finally started to grow hihihihi We started with 49cm and are now at 55cm. Lilly is doing very well but has calmed donhe completly. she will hardly play but looooes to be cuddled. She is so funny as she has turned "sit" into "lay on you back for a tummycuddle" bless her.


6 weeks done 3 to go. Lilly is doing very well but she hates the hpt weather, bless her.

Her tummy is growing nicely and has 64cm which is a bit more then what she had with her first litter, but luckely less then what La Vita had when she was pregnant with her 11 Puppies lol



6.5 weeks :-D

Lilly is very well. She is enjoying the extra attention and of course the extra food, bless her. Her tummy grows from one to the other day, just amazing.



7 weeks done and 2 more to go :-)

Awww I am soooo very exited. Lilly is still very well and has not changed apart of her bigger tummy lol The biggest point is now 74cm, bless her.

Sorry, but I do not know how many Puppies she carries. There could be some very big Puppies in a lot of fluid, there could be a bigger litter of smalish Puppies and a bit more fluid or a big litter with small Puppies and less fluid. We really have to wait untill they are all dorn. Our smallest ever born Standard Poodle Puppy was 222g and the biggest Standard Poodle Puppy which was born here with us was 462g.




Lilly is doing very well. The weather is quite cold now which Lilly really loves. Her tummy is still growing a bit and her little Puppies have started to move a few days ago :-D I will get a video of her moving Puppies in a few days, once they are a bit stronger. Castiel is very cute at the moment. Lilly´s hormons start to change so she smells different, her milk has come in and her body is slowly getting ready to welp. Castiel keeps very close to his Mum, he cleans her and is very gently to her - he is such a good boy, bless him.



The count down has started :-) Lilly is now 8 weeks pregnant so we hope to welcome her Puppies at any time next week. I know that the Puppies will come when they are ready, but I do hope, that she will not let us wait for to long, bless her. Lilly sleeps "free running" in my bedroom for 2 weks already and I have also prepered her bed next to mine but she does prefer to sleep on the floor or by the window together with La Vita due to the warm weather and her beeing pregnant.



We are still on "Puppy watch" :-) Lilly is all relaxed and comfortable. She is not showing any signs of "getting read" so there might be a few more days of waiting in front of us. Lilly could easely hold on to her Puppies for a nother week! But I hope that she will not keep us waiting for sooo very long lol This last days seem to be the longerst hihihi I am sure that there are more hours in the days ;-)



 Puppies are born.

Klick here to see the photos from the whlping.




My little family is 1 day old. Lilly and all 9 Puppies are doing very well :-D All of them are very relaxed and easy-going, its so nice to watch them. The night has been very quiet too. I only woke up as some Puppies "escaped" and they did not find the way back home. Lilly gets very hot and she feels much more comfortable when she is able to lay on the floor instead of the blanket, bless her.




2 days.... I am totally in love with Lilly and her Puppies and soooo very proud of Adoro :-D This babies are so easy-going,  they either sleep or nurse, bless them. Lilly is a great mother and her puppies are already growing fast hihihi there is plenty of milk. It is hard for me to take my eyes off them when they are asleep, they are just far to cute and I think that there will be plenty of photos as they row :-D Here are a few more from today.




The Puppies are 4 days old and they all grow nicely :-) Lilly is a very good and relexed Mummy and she allowes the other doggies to say hallo to her babies. It is so nice for me to see them like this and Castiel is a great big brother, bless him. Zaphira is totally over the moon with the babies and would like to have them for her self hihihi This Puppies will be well entertained once they are up and running.




Thw Ladies and Lords are 1 week old. All 9 + Mummy are doing very well. The Puppies are either asleep or are busy at the milkbar lol But all of them have found their voices already. I can hear them barking, growling and they dream, bless them.

The Black Beauties - Chantal, Laska and Alexis


The Red Diamonds - Kayla and Larissa


The Parti Duo - Kahlan and Eragon


The Flames - Ilaris and Zeddicus


And all of them :-D

Ilaris, Laska, Zeddicus, Larissa, Kayla, Kahlan, Eragon, Alexis, Chantal and Mummy Lilly



The Puppies are 1 week and 2 days old and I have added a video of each of them to their induvidually page. All 9 of them are very well and they slowly start to show their character so I start to keep a close eye on them :-) They are far to young to say how they will be, which one will be the calmest or the most carziest Puppy, but to watchen them now and over the next weeks will help me to estimate their Characters. The Puppies will soon change from one to the other week - sometimes even from one to the other day - and they keep changing and develloping for their rest of their life, which means, that a calm and relexed Puppy can turn into a crazy dog just because the new family is not investing enough time in the training. But it also means that a very carzy and aktive Puppy can change into the easiest and best familydog ever as his family will show him how :-) To get a Puppy with a certain character is one thing, but to keep this character and to show the Puppy how to be good is a totally new story and it does not always have a happy-end :-(

We don´t have to debate about it - ALL PUPPIES are cute. Never mind which breed they are or if they are crosses, this tiny little things are so adorable and you just want to cuddle them. BUT behind this little cute Puppies hides a huge charcter waiting to meet the big world out there - Please make sure you are totally ready for him and aware of what it means to give a home to a Puppy :-D



Just wanted to share some photos from our sleeping beauties :-) I have also added videos to the VIDEO page and to the induvidually Puppy-Page.




The PUppies are 2 weeks old. They are all growing nicely and they have opened their eyes :-) This little babies are very aktive already and Alexis was the first Puppy to leave the blanked, do potty, and then go back into the nest at ONY 11 days :-D All of the Puppies are doing this now to keep their nest clean and dry so its time for me to set up the Puppypen and start to tpoilet training.


So, thats it lol The Puppy pen has now been set up and the toilet training can start hihih

Here are a few photos and there are new videos on the Video-Page.




Lilly has decided to cut down on milk already :-( So her Puppies started to be very restles for the last few days. They started to call and howl for Mum to come as they were hungry. Puppies at this age should sleep 3.5 to 4h in one go which would also give Mum more time to produce new milk, but this little darlings would hardly go longer then 2h :-( All of them have been very interested in Lilly´s moth when she had her food before visiting her babies so they could smell the meat. So yesterday I decided to help Lilly having a longer break and see what the Puppies think about tripe :-D They all enjoyed it and they knew exactly what to do with this "new smell" hihihi Best is, that all 9 Puppies slep for just over 4h in the late afternoon and Lilly has produces plenty of Milk by then so it was a very easy night for the 11 of us. I will now see how it goes and - if necessary -  will do 1 or 2 feedings during the day to help Lilly out and to make sure that the Puppies are able to get a good sleep. There are new ideos on the Puppies page from the feeding :-D

Secound Update :-D

hihihi some new Photos from today and new Videos are on the Video-Page




Puppies are 3 weeks old and had their first Puppytrim :-) They all done very good. I used the last week to get them used to the small clipper but for the grooming I used the big clipper. I was so happy to see that it was not a big problem for the Puppies. They were more unhappy about me holding on to them, but we will get that sorted as they get older. I have added videos from the grooming on the induvidually puppy pages and new photos will follow as soon as possible.

hihihi the secound photo shooting was much better.

Ilaris, Larissa, Chantal, Laska (at the back, Zeddicus, Eragon, Alexis, Kayla and Kahlan



Sorry that there have been no updates but Lilly was very unwell so she needed more attention and time and I was to tired in the late evening to spend time on the PC. But I did take photos and videos over the last days while I was busy with the Puppies and now as Lilly is all fine again I want to take a break of beeing worried and do a new update instead.

All Puppies are fine and are slowly turning into little rascals hihihi Their little Puppy teeth are coming through so to suckle on my finger will soon stop :-/  Their playtimes are getting longer but luckely they sleep longer too :-D

I have started to introduce the puppies to the kitchen and they all have been very good. I think they enjoyed the new adventure hihihi However, as the puppies are still to young they will come back into my bedroom for the night so that they can sleep together with mummy.


Now some photos from their first playtime in the kitchen.




Today was a very exciting day for the Puppies as they have been introduced to the pation area where they will be able to play if the weather is nice :-) All of the 9 have been a bit unsure about the "new world" but thy soon settled and started to play. Time just flys by when I play with the Puppies and watch them play, poor babies where so exhausted after 3/4h and needed a good rest, bless them. I have to make sure that I keep an eye on the clock. I will now start to wake the Puppies up about every 3 hours as that will give us all a good routine which will teach the Puppies to be calm and relaxed untill I come back :-D And it will help to get the Puppies housetrained - once they worked out that they have to follow me out lol The Puppies will still come back into my bedroom for the night untill Sunday!



And some photos from out secound outdoors playtime :-D





Awww 4 weeks already :-) All Puppies are growing nicely. They are very playful, aktive and brave hihihi Its been the third day today that I take the Puppies outside for toilettraining and I am very happy to say, that they all are getting better in following me outside :-D We still need a few more days of training but we are surly on the right way. Lilly had 7 Puppies with her first litter and therefor theire was much more milk for her babies which leaded to quite big and chunky Puppies, but this time with 9 Puppies we do not get all this baby fat lol The Puppies do look great and are already showing their nice long legs <3

The Puppies can now be viewed and families are welcome to visit their puppy.

The Puppies have been on the grooming table for their first time. It was still a bit scary for them, but they all done quite good :-) They all cuddled up with Mummy after I put them down again - well almost all - Ilaris went into the Puppybed :-) And Adoro was watching me and his children from the safest place hihihi He can owerview everything, but the Puppies can´t get to him - clever boy :-D





4 weeks and 3 days :-D

All Puppies are doing great. They have now moved into the kitchen where they stay for the night and I am happy to say, that the Puppies have been great all on their own for the first time at night. They were all relaxed in the morning but surly happy to see me again hihihih Lilly has also been very good in the night but she was also happy to be back with her babies, bless her. I now have to get up much sooner so our day is longer... I am so tired now, I need to get used to the new routine lol But the Puppies enjoy it, as they get 6 play-times a day and each is lasting at least 1h! I have been trying to get more photos of the Puppies, but its just seems impossible lol but I keep trying ;-) However I did collect a "few" videos over the last days which I have added to the Video-Page. I am also helping Lilly much more with feeding the Puppies, she is puttinmg all her energy into them, bless her. The Puppies are now enjoying 2 meals from Mummy, 2 meals soaked dry food and 2 meals of minced meat per day - lol they are always hungry. The colours have also started to come through and so far I can say that Eragon, Laska and Chantal will be SILVER :-) Alexis and Kahlan still look very black so we have to wait and see what they are up to. The housetraining is coming along veeeeery nicely :-D 90% of all toilet is done outside and we get a 98% for when I wake the Puppies up as they comming runing after me ihihihi - its still a bit complicated for when we play indoors lol But that is absolutly fine and it will "sort" its self as the Puppies get older. The first family has also come for a visit and its very nice to finally get to meet the new Puppyparents. The Puppies were only 4 weeks when they came and I was very happy to see how the little babies behaved. They enjoyed to meet the family and have not been to worried about it. I will now start to get the Puppies used to the car and I will start 1-to-1-"training/playtimes" - so that means moooor videos to come ;-)

Okey, I do have a very few photos as I was trying to show how the silver is coming in on the Puppies around their eyes. Hope you can see it :-)




We finally started the car training and I am so very proud of the Puppies how very well they done :-D The car is a bit to small for us, so I decided to leave Lilly indoors and take Zaphira and Jasper with us in the car to help the Puppies. They all had a good play and enjoyed all the new toys and then they all fall asleep, bless them.

Here are a few photos and I have also added videos.




Puppies are 5 weeks old and are growing nicely :-)

Yesterday I done a bit of "recall and follow" training with the Puppies while I was taking photos.
I took one Puppy at the time out in the garden where they have never been before. Such amazing Puppies!!!
They were all happy and confident, they played with me, explored with me and came when I called or followed me when I kept eye contact.
Zeddicus was the only Puppy who would wander off but he did stay in touch with me and came when I called for him, bless him.
The 3 girls and Ilaris have been quite tired and sleepy when I took them out, so I gently woke them up and made them feel safe before I tried to walk with them. It was nice to see that they all have been relaxed and not worried about the situation. I at first wanted to wait with doing them until they are active again, but then I thought I will give it a try and see how they do as a Puppy who is scared will not take food, treats, toys and he will not want to sleep so I would say, that the Puppies do trust in me very much as it was quite hard to wake them fully up without being rough to them :-D
Chantal even fell completely asleep again, bless her. I just love to see how they devellop and I am very happy to say that they are all very well balanced and that we do not have a shy Puppy not a hyperaktive Puppy :-D
We also had another family come to see the Puppies. This was on Wednesday. Now as the Puppies have surly completed their 28th day development they all acted different then when the first family came :-D
All of them have been very interested in he family, they wanted to sniff, see and meet them. They put the camera bag on the floor and it was their favourite toy for the day lol
It was very nice to see them like that and the family was very happy to see such outgoing and happy Puppies (its so nice to hear such things for me and to see that my Puppies are loving the extra attention)


Just wanted to share a few photos which I still had on my camera :-)




The Puppies got introduced to the front garden :-) Needless to say that they loooooved it. This photos are from yesterday.


And here are a few from today :-D


Its hard life beeing a Puppy xxx


Well, its finally done lol All videos are online :-)

I normally start to bath my Puppies at 6 weeks, but this little "monsters" had other plans lol When I walked into the kitchen on saturday morning, my first thoughts were "be quiet, walk backwards and shut the door" :-D The Puppy Pen and the Puppies have been soooo incredible messy, I just could not believe it. So I let the Puppies out, cleaned the kitchen and the Puppy Pen and then used half of the day to bath all of the Puppies. They all done very good for their first time :-) Zeddicus was the only one who really was unsure about the bath but he did calmed down after a while, bless him. I did take videos of the Puppies which are now on the induvidually Puppy-Pages. I also have added new videos from our play-times :-)

Zeddicus family has also come for another visit today :-D Puppies have been great again - not shy and not crazy - and they also enjoyed to cuddled up on their laps for some sleep, bless them. I wish my adult doggies would behave that good ;-) Quite cary and happy to meet more friends lol But lucky they even started to relax... after they all find a hand to cuddle them or a lap to lay on hihihi



Puppies are 6 weeks already ... and they grow and grow and grow lol

I have added the weekly information on the Puppies page, but only a few photos :-( I managed to get a few photos from our photo shooting but then the weather changed grrrrr. We had rain here for 1 and a half day... wow, its quite complicated to get the Puppies tired from only playing in the house :-( Can´t wait for some sunshin so we can go out in the garden and try our new Puppy-Play-Area :-D All Puppies will get their secound bath within the next few days and I will then add more induvidually photos of them.

The car training is coming along very nicely and I am very sure that we can start to take them for a ride within the next week - sound like a lot of fun hihihi

The hausetraining has been so very good, that the Puppies are now allowed to free-run in the house with my other doggies and they are also allowed to sleep in the dining room so they can cuddle up with the rest of the pack. I still wake them up after a good sleep and lead them out into the garden for toilet. However, they still have to sleep in the Puppypen in the late evening, during the night and every now and again during the day so that they do not forget about it hihihi

The characters from the Puppies are now coming through more clearly.

Eragon seems to be the most reserved Puppy, but thats defenately not true lol He knows for sure what he wants and what he does not want. He observes everything very carefully and he already tryes to get it his way. He has turned into a quite independent boy. He is a real thinker.

Alexis is our bossy Puppy. She likes to be in trouble and to tease her sibblings but I think she only does this, as all of her sibblings will let her get away with it. Noone of the others will step up to her as they are far to relaxed. I also think, that this has turned into a "game" for her as she will happely let go of the other Puppy and comes running to me when I call - she is a veeery clever girl. By the way - she is the smallest Puppy lol

Ilaris is a very mellow boy. He likes to play on his own or with other. He does not like to get in trouble, but would go agains his siblings if they get to rough (he does not go agains Alexis lol) He was a very vocal Puppy but he has almost completly grown out of it. Vocal is not JAPPY!!! He just liked to talk to himself when playing and he was able to tell the funniest storris, bless him. I am a bit sorry that he has stopped this behavior as I thought it was cute and I enjoyed hearing him.

There are no specific characteristics on the other Puppies lol

Even thought that I can see this characteristics on Eragon, Alexis and Ilaris, yet the whole litter is very calm, easy-going, not jappy, very playful and outgoing with lots of love and fun to bring into their new homes. They all have a very strong bond to me and they love people so I am very sure that they all gone bond with their new families if the familily truly welcomes the Puppy.

And of course THEY ARE ALL HIGH INTELIGENT and a good Puppy training IS A MUST!!!

Here are a few photos from playing indoors - they are not that good but at least a few ;-)



Sooooo, its 9:30pm and all my doggies AAAAND Puppies :-) are far asleep. The days are getting veeeery busy with my Puppies and Doggies - not to forget the cats, Abby does get jealous that I do not habe that much time for her, poor girl - that I am so busy and and I am so much enjoying the quiet evenings :-) But here are more photos :-D


Puppies loooooove their new Playground :-D




I have set up some more toys for my Puppies :-) I also added more videos hihihi 




I am soooo very proud of my Puppies :-D I have used the last few days to train the Puppies that the car is no longer a playground but rather a place to relaxe and sleep. I am so very sure that the Puppies have got the message as 8 out of 9 Puppies have fallen asleep in the car in less then 3 minutes hihihi Just Ilaris need a bit longer as he was not happy that he is no longer allowed to sleep on my lap, bless him. But with a bit of time, calmness and consequentely placing him gently back on his blanked with his siblings he decided to lay down for a bit of a rest - clever boy.

The Puppies are now so great in the car that they get their first carride tomorrow :-) Awwww so exited about it <3




Awwww the Puppies had their first car ride today and they all done very well :-D Zeddicus and Ilaris needed the longest to settle but we did get there in the end hihihih Non of the Puppies started to dribble and they have not been sick, I am so very happy and proud of my Puppies. They will get a few more car rides before they go home which I hope will help them.




Laska´s new Mummy has come today for another visit.
She was so surprised how fast they have grown and how big they already are hihihih
The Puppies have been so happy to meet her (they have been 4 weeks on her last visit so I don´t think they remembered her) and to play with her.
It does get complicated if you are run over by 9 Puppies who all want to play and say hallo at the same time
But at least they were not scared, shy or nervous hihihihi
Laska will be the first Puppy who will leave us ... better stop thinking about it...


The hoover training is also coming along nicely :-D I am very proud of the Puppies. There is a new video from our training from this morning hihihi



Puppies are 7 weeks old. They all had their secound bath and they done very good. I am teaching them to stend still on the grooming table which is also coming along very nicely :-) They are all very clever Puppies hihih The weather is no good at the moment as it just keeps raining :-( It surly brings a lot of life into the house lol as the Puppies are now allowed to play indoors, bless them. We had a nother family come to see the Puppies - the doggies loved the attention but the Puppies have been very tired already so they fall asleep quite soon. We also had a builder in the house to fit new windows - no problem for the Puppies :-D



We had 2 days of rain which is not very good when you have playful and aktive Puppies in the house lol Lucky the weather was better today and therefor the Puppies were allowed to go out again :-) Gosh, they enjoyed it so much and we all had a great time out :-)




It is time to get all the Vet appointments sorted and Ilaris and Laska done the start :-D I only take 2 Puppies out to the Vets at once when they are so young - one for me to carry and one for my Mum to carry - as it helps me to "controll and watch" the Puppies. They all have different characters, one might be a bit more shy and the next one is all over the place as he wants to play but as I only have 2 Puppies, I am able to train/socialise the Puppy and help them to calm down and to relaxe and, if they get scared or nervous, I am able to show them that everything is okey. This does of course mean more work and traveling for me BUT the Puppies will surly benefit from this <3

Laska and Ilaris have been great at the Vets and the car is no problem for them hihihi They have been very brave while receiving their micro chip and they started to relaxe very fast while the Vet checked them, they even fall asleep :-D They surly don´t have a negative association with beeing at the Vets :-D




hihihi Puppies had a busy day today. Mum needed to get a few things sorted, do some shopping and we needed to collect our doggy meat, so I thought it would be a good idea to take the Puppies out for another car ride. We needed 1hour and 25 minutes until we were back at home and the Puppies have been PEFECRT They had a little play in the car and then just relaxed and slept until we were back at home, bless them. Zeddicus did start to get very nervous for the last 10 minutes as he needed a wee BUT he held on to it until he was in the garden, bless him, but then there was no stopping hihihi I did put the Puppies into the puppy pen after a little play and they all fell asleep with in seconds Then we all had a great play in the Puppies garden and I started to introduce the Puppies to the umbrella which went very good hihihih I did started to get the Puppies used to the pram, but I had to stop this training due to the bad weather which we had. So today as it stays nice I decided to get the pram out again and see what they think about it :-) Some walked with me, others just had a look and then went of to play again others tryed to play with the pram - but all in all they done good hihihi I am very happy. Here are a few photos and don´t forget to check the new videos ;-)




Gosh, the Puppies are 8 weeks already... and its slowly time to say "good bye"..... I have enjoyed the Puppies from the secound they have been born and I will be enjoying every single secound untill my Babies go to live with their new families. I am so very happy to have found such great families for them and it surly makes it a bit easier to let them go. Adoro and Lilly have given their best and I am very proud to say that this Puppies are a nice combination of their Parents. Lilly has been a great mother.... well, she was just to good at times as she has put her Puppies above her own wellbeing. There have been quite a few days where I have been seriousely worried about Lilly and I am glad that this days are now over and that Lilly is recoverying very good, bless her. I will be very busy over the weekend, so I am not adding induvidually photos of the Puppies turning 8 weeks, but I will make sure to take photos of each and everyone once they are all nice and tidy befor they go into their new homes.



Don´t forget to check the new videos ;-)




Awwww 2 busy days lay behind us. Laska went to her new home yesterday morning and I am happy to say that everything is going well with her :-) The night was good and she is making friends with the cats and her K9 friend Chester, bless her. Then we have been to the vets yesterday with Zeddicus and Kayla as both of them went into their new homes today. I am so happy that they all got great homes but it is also so very sad to let them go ....

Here are a few photos from out trip to the Vets and I have added more photos on Zeddicus and Kaylas page.


We are on the way to the Vets... time for some playing hihihi


Puppies doing very good while we are waiting for the nurse.


Well, this is the nasty part about going to the Vets - The Micro Chip :-/ Both of them cryed a bit but they forget all about it with a little teart, bless them.


Now we have to wait for the Vet. It took a bit longer and therefore it was not surprisig me that the Puppies have fallen asleep :-D They are sooo relaexed.


hihihi they even fall asleep again after the Vet checked them and then they sleept in the car all the way back home. I think its needless to say that both of them have been very happy and aktive once we arrived home. All doggies and puppies had a good play in the garden once they were all together again :-)




Chantal, her friends will call her Lijiang, and eragon have been to the Vets yesterday :-) All is fine and both will soon join their families.  They have been grwst in the car and brilliant at the Vets :-D I am very proud of my puppies <3.

Then today was a nother very busy day. Mum, the Puppies and me have left home in the early morning hours to meet up with my sister who has come over from Germany with some of her friends to watch a football game. We only get a little time with each other, but I still enjoyed it and it was so noce to see her again. The Puppies have been asleep in the car for nealy the whole journey but they did enjoy the little play with me in the car while we stayed at a sercive to meet my sister. We left home at 7am and returned at 11am and we only had one wee accidant from the Puppies :-D I think thats reeeealy good for 8.5 week old babies and a 4h journey.

Here are a few photos from beeing at the Vets (only a few as I forgot the charge the battier) and then there are photos from our trip today + a few new videos :-D


one from little Alexis <3 




We had some lovely sunshine yesterday and spended most of the day outside :-D