D.o.B. 23.08.2013, 04.33am
COLOUR: Silver Mismarked


1 day - 360



4 days - 547g


1 week - 773g




Laska :-)
Another easy-going Puppy <3


2 weeks - 1248g



3 weeks - 1705g



4 weeks - 2260g



5 weeks - 3090g



6 weeks - 3890g - 27.5cm

This is Laska - I put the Collar on the wrong Puppy!


7 weeks - 4980g - 29.5cm




Laska was the first of the Puppies to leave us. I hope she will be best friend with Chester and that her family will enjoye her :-D

Laska is 8 weeks now and stands at 31.5cm




Gracie and her family had unfortunattely say good by to their beloved friend Chester :-( Now as Gracie was a single-dog at home she started to feel sad and so her family decided to get a new fried for her - our sweet boy Phoenix <3

It still takes a few days before Phoenix´s new family is able to take him home, but we did managed to arrange another playtime for him and Gracie. Phoenix only needed to walk a few meters to feel comfortable around Gracie and then the 2 of them started to play :-D I was also veeeery happy to see, that Phoenix would still respond to the whistle while running after Gracie - such a clever boy. He stopped chasing her and came to me. We all went imto the house after a good play and Gracie got to meet the rest of my doggies which included her Mother, brother, sister, niece and nepews. Gracie was quite unsure about so many dogs but everyone behaved nicely. Apart of little Mia as she got jealouse as Jasper kept playing with Phoenix´s new human-daddy lol She can be such a silly girl ;-) 




What a wonderful but yet long day :-)

Gracie and her Mummy have come for some grooming training. A whole day full of "Poodles & Grooming"

Here she is after her make-over :-)