The long waiting is over. And when I say long I mean LONG. Poor Lilly went into labour on Wednesday :-( She needed 30 hourse to get to the point where she is able to finally give birth. This was the longest 30h of my life! Not only is it very tiring for Lilly and us, but I also started to get very worried about her and the Puppies. To see Lilly like that for such a long time made me feel so very guilty. I was not really able to help her and had to make the hard decission wether to give her more time or to take her to the Vet and mybe do a C-section. Both, giving her more time or taking her to the vet, could have been the wrong way and could have caused a lot of probles :-( To make a few jokes about it did cheer me up a little bit but I was still scared. I have tryed to stay as calm and relaxed as possible so that Lilly will not start to worry too. I did hardly get any sleep for the last 3 days and was trying to rest when ever Lilly had a rest. Lilly is a fantastic girl and she helped me very much by makind my decision. Lilly was soooo very calm and relaxed. She slept when ever possible and showed me when she needed me next to her side. She was so relaxed - almost melanchlic - that I just had to give her more time and hope that she will work it out, bless her.

Then, this morning, Lilly asked for more water so I went into the kitchen to get some and as I came back she was standing in the room, looking at me with this expression on her face which says more then 1000 words and in the next secound I could hear the water splashing on the flore as her water broke. The feeling of relief which I felt is undescribable.

The Little girl, Laska, was born within secounds. Her 8 siblings followed her nicely, with good gaps inbetween to allow Lilly to rest. Lilly done very good and she is a very proud mother.

The rest of the pack did behave nicely. They have been more aktive this time as it just took far to long and they did not get the attention they deserved :-( And we also had visitors which made it all more exciting for my doggies. But I am still very proud of all of them as they still fond a way to make the best out of the situation and to entertain them selfs without getting into trouble or doing things they are not allowed :-D The Poodle-Warn-System worked very well lol My boys had the urge to protect us even more during this days and have informed me every single time when they thought something was out there, bless them.

But now - its 7.50pm - I am sitting on the floor (again or still, I don´t know lol) next to Lilly and her Puppies with a big smily on my face. I am so very thankful that everything went well, that Lilly is a good mother and that she and her Puppies are all fine.


Here are a few photos of the birth. I do appologise that the blankets are not always fresh and clean, but its just impossible to keep it all fresh and clean once a few Puppies are born ;-) I do use Puppy Pads to help keeping it all dry and then clean it all up once all Puppies are born :-)

My poor girl Lilly

  Adoro, the daddy.

Little Laska is born.

   Laska and Lilly - I love this photo.

Kahlan, I have waited so very long for you,bless you.

Kahlan and Laska 

Little ayla has joined us :-)


Little Alexis has arrived - Kahlan, Alexis, Laska and Kayla.

Ilaris has joined us :-)


And another little girl - Chantal


All 6 :-D 

Zeddicus has arrived.


Its getting full at the milkbar :-D


And another Stunning Parti girl - Larissa 

The 3 Parti girls.

 Our Mismarked Puppies. The blacks are girls and the creams are boys :-D  

Lilly has kept the best untill the end :-D This stunning boy is Eragon. He is nearly a perfext Tuxedo.

The boys.

The girls  


Proud Lilly and her 9 Puppies. Thank you so much Lilly and Adoro for such a great litter and for giving me my babygirl. Adoro - you just know when the time is right ;-) you are a little star.