CURLYFRIENDS Lady Lilly Larissa


D.o.B. 23.08.2013, 11.18am
COLOUR: Cream Parti


1 day - 426g



4 days - 650g


1 week - 819g




Larissa is not to sure about it, bless her.
Its gone be very interesting to see her grow up :-)


2 weeks - 1396g



3 weeks - 1850g



4 weeks - 2500g



5 weeks - 3300g + a video below



6 weeks - 3900 - 27.5cm



7 weeks - 5000g - 29.5cm




Larissa is now on the way into her new home <3




Our sweet baby Larissa has come for a visit and a groom :-) She has lost almost all of her colour and she looks white on the photos, but she still has Apricot patches, they just don´t show in the photos :-(

This is the first time that I groomed her, so I decided to put a lead on untill I know how she behaves on the table - just to be on the safe side! But she was great and I was able to take the leadd off of her and she just stood still which makes the grooming sooo easy for both of us :-)

I think Larissa has grown into a stunning young Lady <3 She stands at 24"



Larissa and Tokki have come for their grooming :-) It was nice to have the 2 here again and they seemed to enjoy their visit too xx