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Some videos of Lilly´s Babytummy :-D I loved to watch them moving, so nice.

Here are 2 videos which I made during whelping. The little Puppy who is "sitting" is Zeddicus :-D In that video you can also see that Lilly starts to have new contraction and is getting ready to birth the next baby, bless her.


9 greedy Puppies :-D


Puppies are 1 week and 3 days old.

I know its a very long video, but I still wanted to show it :-) All 9 had their nails clipped and they got a teabag to sniff at hihihi They all done very well and it was very easy to cut their nails as they do not wriggle around that much, clever Puppies. If you look closely, then you can see, that Kahlan and Laska are starting to open their eyes, bless them.


The Puppies are already very aktive and some are already able to stand on all 4 legs lol but of course not for long, bless them. It is very nice for me to see what  good bonds the Puppies have to me. They have all followed my hand to crawl on my lap - yes they where looking for milk but at least I am very "positive" for the babies :-D That will help us with the further training. Today I gave the Puppies an apple to sniff at, they where not interested in it but Lilly loved it, bless her. 

The secound video shows our daily morning routine :-) All doggies get to meet the Puppies. Lilly is very happy with this and the others know how to behave. To see my dogs all so happy and relaxed together feels me with joy and pride. I just love them, this doggies are not only sharing a house to live in but are a true family where everyone respects each other which also includes the new born Puppies


Today I started to give the Puppies a little brush :-) Some started to enjoy this and other have not been bothere about it hihihi They also had a banana to sniff at lol non of the Puppies liked it but Lilly was very happy to eat the banana :-D The photos from the todays Puppytraining are on the induvidualy Puppy pages.But I thought I will add a nother video of my doggies saying hallo to the Puppies :-D


Here is the last "freerun" before the Puppy Pen has been set up. Its hard to belive that the Puppies are only 2 weeks old.

And a nother video from todays Puppytraining. They had a flower to sniff at and some where quite interested in it :-)


Awww I surly have some funny Puppies :-) Lilly and me went to feed the Puppies. Well, Lilly done the feeding and I done the cuddlening :-D Thats Team-Work hihihi Once all was done and the Puppies were quite relaxed and already sleepy, Lilly and me left them. I did not even managed to get into the kitchen befor I could hear the first Puppy starting to call?! Mmmmh, so I helped my self to a coffee and done my lunch and while I was busy in the kitchen I could hear that the other Puppies started to get busy too and they got louder and louder. I thought I will wait a few more minutes and see if the little ones will settle again, maybe they are just playing with each other... but I was wrong... So I got my coffee, my lunch, the camer and all the doggies and we all went into my bedroom for some "playtime" with the Puppies who were all bright awake in their Puppypen waiting for us :-) I let the Puppies out so they could interact with my other doggies and I was supervising them while having something to eat and taking Videos and photos lol I really enjoyed to just watch them and the Puppies absolutly enjoyed all the attention. Kijara settled very fast in the nest with some of the Puppies and after awhile - maybe 10 minutes hihihi - all Puppies finally settled down to sleep, bless them.

Ilaris io soooo sweet. He been crying a little bit as he could not climb up on my lap so I helped him and he stopped crying... awww I am a good Mummy I am learning fast loool

All Puppies happy and settled with Mummy and Aunty Kijara


Its time to get the Puppies used to the hairdryer :-) Not all of them have been to sure about the hairdayer, but I am very happy with how they did for the first time. The Puppies will surly get used to it, bless them.


Sooooo :-) I finaly got some time for an update hihih - sorry loooooots of videos.

This is Alexis. She was dreaming so loud, that she woke her self up, bless her <3

Playtime in my bedroom - there is no stopping hihihi

Can you hear this crying Puppy? Thats Ilaris, he always cryes like that if he wants attention, is tired, is hungry, does not want to play with the others, wants to play or just for fun lol I never heard a Puppy crying like this - but this time it was because he was getting tired, bless him. It almost sounds like a human baby. Poor Rhapsodie is not happy lol She does not like it when the puppies are free running BUT yet she wants to be close to me... thats a tough one for her.

They all want a cuddle :-D

Kijara surly has the "Puppy-virus" she just can´t get enough of them :-D

Eragon wanted to play with La Vita :-D And Lilly managed to escape with one if her Puppies lol I did not realized that she went into the living room with her Puppy when I was taking the video so it was very funny to see her in the video lol

My poor boy Castiel xxx

This Babies are truly not as gently as Zaphira´s Babies and the Puppy teeth are like little needles :-/

First playtime in the kitchen :-D


The Puppies have found out today, that their world is much bigger :-D


I know its a lot of new videos lol but I kept them short as it makes it easier to upload the videos ;-)

This are videos from out Midnight-Play-Time. The Puppies enjoy it and it helps them to settle for the night and to sleep as long as possible hihihi It was 6:05am when they woke up this morning, not bad :-D

Larissa, Laska and Eragon :-)

Kayla and Eragon.

Happy Puppies :-D

A veeeeery happy Kijara, bless her.

Jasper is also enjoying to play with the Puppies.

Larissa is such a funny girl :-D The video shows her colour much better then photos of her ;-)

All Puppies love Kijara :-D

Awwww the puppies finally start to play with the toy hihihi

Castiel is a fantastic big brother

Castiel and Alexis

looool Castiel was not sure about Zeddicus, bless him.
Tiny but mighty

I am such a cruel mummy lol
How can I tell Kijara to get up when she has "her" Puppies??!!
She is normally 1000% on getting up when I tell her. But she is not stupid hihihihi she went straight into the kitchen to get a new puppy, bless her


This 2 videos are from last night. The first one shows Lilly and her Puppies in the kitchen - best way to tell that Puppies are ready to go to bed lol Its like silent signals are going through the room and suddenly all Puppies are tired, bless them.

The secound Video is from the last night where the Puppies are next to my bed. After 5 weeks of quite bad sleep due to haveing a pregnant Lilly laying next to me and then the new born Puppies, you would think that I am very happy to move the Puppies out of my room ... but no I am not :-/ It felt so very strange when I went to bed last night and I truly missed the Puppies as I so much loved to see them play, to hear them talk to each other and to hear them dream. I got so used to have them with me that it felt just wrong to leave them in the kitchen :-(... I know its the best for them (and for me as I need better quality of sleep lol) I just need to get used to it again. 

And here are a few videos from today :-) I got the tunnel out for the Puppies.

I think Ilaris gor something wrong lol its THROUGH the tunnel not OVER the tunnel hihihi

awww I bet Larissa would have come to me if it would not be for Castiel standing in the way so we could not get eye-contact... maybe next time :-)

Kahlan and Kayla in the tunnel and Larissa on the tunnel :-)

Ilaris needed a bit of help to find the way out, bless him.
I soooo love the noises he is doing <3

Brave boy Zeddicus


Here are a few videos from the cartraining :-D

Jasper and Zaphira are doing a great job in the car :-D They will give the Puppies a bit more security and they show them that everything is fine and that they can relax <3

Abby and Elias came to see what we were up to :-)

Happy Puppies. I guess they enjoy the new toys lol

Most Puppies are already asleep, but Zeddicus is still trying to find his bed <3

Bless them, they all fall asleep :-D


There is not a big difference between a cat and a dog - just give them a box and they are all happy :-D

lol this was suppsosed to be another puppytoy - well some doggies never grow up :-) La Vita had such great fun x

Kijara has found "her" Puppy

One very tired Ilaris, bless him.


Our new playground

I just looove Kijara

Clever girl Laska :-)