I had to start a secound page of videos for our Ladys and Lords as the 1.st page is full and our laptop will not load it anymore so I can not do any changes to it lol

This videos start at 6weeks and 2 days :-D

You will find new videos at the bottom of the page. Please scroll down.


Lol its a hard life beeing a boy ;-) It does not matter how hard Jasper trys, but Kijara will not allow him to play, bless him.

Poor girl Chantal :-)

Ilaris is such a funny boy, bless him. And below Ilaris is Kahlan proudly presenting her new toy :-D

hihihi at least one Puppy who is playing with the football. This is Kayla.


Abby has trained the Puppies very well :-)

Its getting quiet in the car :-D


Puppies had their first car ride :-)


lol poor Puppies, they had to find out today, that the noisy hoover is able to move :-D


Awwww I am so happy :-D The Puppies have accepted the hoover jeeeepy. (hihihi naughty Larissa)


Our todays car ride :-) They did had a bit of a play bit then they settled and fall asleep, bless them.

They I also started to get the Puppies used to the umbrella and, as the weather was much better today, I decided to get the pram out again :-)


Its been a nother lovely day :-D


kijara enjoying a little play with Ilaris :-)

And then a few videos from our journey today.