Puppies have arrived :-)


This is Adoro´s first litter so we have to wait and see what little angels they gone have. I think that the Puppies will grow to about 22" to 24" but we can also have some big Spoos of about 26"

This litter will be a mix of solids, mismarked and parti Puppies in silver, blue and black. It will depend on Adoro wether we will get some brown Puppies.

Kijara has a Hip score of 11 and is DNA tested CLEAR for:  Degenerative Myelopathy, Hyperuricosuria, MH (Malignant Hyperthermia), Neonatal encephalopathy (NE) and von Willebrand disease Type I (vWD I). She also has a clear eye test and is tested clear for SA.

Adoro´s His Score is 12 and he also hold sa cleye eye screening.


Please klick on Puppies Name.

HOPE/sold     HYRA/sold     HEIRON/sold    HOMAYRA/sold

HILARIUS/sold     HONORIA/sold     HANITO/sold     HERA/sold     HIDALGO/sold

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 I know that the quality of this Photos are not to good but I still wanted to chare them. They truly are a amorous couple. Adoro is truly enjoying the extra attention which Kijara is giving him after they have been in love, bless him. The "hot" days are now over and time will tell if this mating was succesfull.

  curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, brown phantom, choclat and tan, brown tan, standard poodle,  black and tan,  silver brindle parti, brindle, phantom, sabble



Kijara might be 2 weeks pregnant - or she might not lol Kjara is keeping it top secret. She is not showing me anything so all I could do at this time is to have a very good guess or to flip a coin - it would be the same. But the most importand thing is that Kijara is very well so lets wait and see what the next weeks will bring.



Kijara is very well. She has not been sick or unwell. She is a very happy girl who needs a loooooot of love and attention. Kijara will stare at me untill I cuddle her. I have weight her again and she has put on 600g in 3 weeks which is a very good sign :-)


Kijara enjoying the sun. I think she does look a little bit pregnant?! Well we will know for sure on Thursday when she has a Vet appointment to get scanned :-)



Jeeeeepi Puppies are on the way. Kijara has been to the vet today for her scan and we had the pleasure to see her little Babys. Now we have to keep all fingers crossed for a good pregnancy and a stressless birth.

 curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, brown phantom, choclat and tan, brown tan, standard poodle,  black and tan,  silver brindle parti, brindle, phantom, sabble



Kijara is doing very well. Her tummy is growing nicely and she seems to be hungry all day long. She still loves to go out for walks and run with the others but she also sleeps much more. A nother 4 weeks to go :-)




6 weeks done and a nother 3 to go :-) Kijara is so relaxed and easy going at the moment. She want to be with me 24/7 and is eating a lot :-) Her tummy is 67cm big. I will get her bathed and tidy for her next weeks photo lol

curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, brown phantom, choclat and tan, brown tan, standard poodle,  black and tan,  silver brindle parti, brindle, phantom, sabble 



Kijara has now her Mummy-to-be-haircut :-) She will feel much better like this when we get to the end of the pregnancy and it is easier for me to keep her clean lol

She done 7 weeks and a nother 2 weeks to go :-)



The count-down has started :-) Kijara´s Puppies should arrive within the next 6 to 11 days. Its gone be a very long wait for me as I am so excited to see her Puppies and I am even more excited as this are Adoro´s first Puppies.

curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, brown phantom, choclat and tan, brown tan, standard poodle,  black and tan,  silver brindle parti, brindle, phantom, sabble 



Its day 59 from the first tie :-) Kijara is still very happy but its far to hot for her, bless her. Her Puppies are very aktive so they all are getting ready for birth - who wants to be first? lol I really hope that Kijara is able to hold on to her Puppies untill the very end of the week but everything is ready to welcome her Babys.

curlyfriends parti poodle, curly friends parti poodle, brown phantom, choclat and tan, brown tan, standard poodle,  black and tan,  silver brindle parti, brindle, phantom, sabble 



WOW what a day and night lol

Kijara went into labore on the 31.05.2012. She woke me up at just after 6.30am and we where all geting ready to welcome her Babys. Yes and we waited, and we waited and we waited. Kijara has used the whole day to get her self ready for bith. She needed a lot of attention, would not stay allone nor would she touch her food. All of my dogs new whats going on and have behaved fantastic and made it a very easy day for me. As the day went one Kijara started to get more restless and she started to be the shadow from La Vita. It was almost impossible to seperate the 2 sisters. La Vita has been very good to Kijara and was not to angree with the fact that Kijara would try to squeeze her body as close to La Vita as possible. She even managed to lay on to of La Vita, bless her. I did start to get nervouse my self as the evening came but still no sight of the Puppies....12.5h went by and I made the decision to give her one more hour before we take her to the Vet for check up - just in case. So we all settled in the diningroom and Kijara was happy to have La Vitas company as suddelny the bearing down pains started :-)

Kijara deliverd a health girl within 5 minutes. This first born baby was born in our dinningroom and we went into my bedroom once Kijara was settled with her little Puppy. The birth was very easy for Kijara and she done a great job. She is a superb mother and all of her 9 Puppies are strong, health and aktive. La Vita stayed with Kijara all the time and did comfort her during the breaks. This 2 sisters are just stuning. It was amazing for me to see them like this and to see how much Kijara relied on La Vita...

Here are the Photos of the birth.  




Kijaras Puppies are 1 week now and are growing nicely. This is Kijaras secound litter and this Puppies are much more aktive and lively. I am sure that they wil keep me busy once they are up and running lol



All Puppies are growing nicely and have opend their eyes or have started to open their eyes. Eventhought that it is very hard to tell the diffent between a black, blue or a silver Puppy at this young age, I do think that the boys are all black, Hera and Homayra are also black and the others will be blue so no silver at all. There is still no guarantee on the colour and time will tell whether I am right or wrong but if I am right then I now know what to look out for in the Puppies lol I will now start the Puppy-Clipper-Cuddle-Training to get the Puppies used to the clipper and then be able to give them their fist Puppytrim next week.



3 weeks tomorrow :-) All are fine, aktive and playfull. I have moved them into our Dog´s room 3 days ago as they kept going for a walk in my bedroom lol. They now have their Puppyrun where they are safe and woun´t get lost. I have also set up the puppytoilet which I am very happy to say that the puppies are using it quite well already :-) They all had their first Puppytrim today and they look so stunning.



The Puppies were 4 weeks yesterday. All are growing nicely and are very playfull and aktive. The clippertraining is coming along nicely.



The next few weeks will be very busy for me and the Puppies. They are now 5 weeks old and I will strt to introduce more Puppytraining. They will get used to the car, bathing, we will start the recall training and they will still be introduced to new things every day. All Puppies are growing nicely and I looooove their long legs. The housetraining is coming along very nicely with only the odd eccident during the day. All of them are using the Puppytoilet in the night, awww what clever Puppies.

I have shaved the Puppies again and I am very pleased to see silver coming through on some of the girls - Homayra, Honoria and Hera are silver :-) Hidalgo looks still black and so does Hilarius. Heiron and Hanito seem to be blue.



7 weeks today .... the Puppies are much more aktive now. They play a lot and are always happy to give me a helping hand lol - I swep the floor and the Puppies will run through the dirt haha very funny little Puppies. It does not matter what we do, they always want to be part of it. Its so nice to see that they are all so open minded and not worried about new things. I am also very happy to say, that this Puppies are house trained already :-) They use the Puppy toilet in the night and go out with the other during the day. Its brilliant. I still put the Puppies into their Puppypen during the day when its time to sleep. I think that this is helping alot as the Puppies do not have a changse to mess in the house. I wake them up after about 2.5 - 3h and then we go straight into the garden. We then have a good play and run around untill the Puppies get tired. I am sure that if the new Families will stick to this training, then there will hardly be an accidant in the house. It is very timetaking but it will help to create a great familydog. 

The Puppies will get their Vet health check and Micro chipp next week and Homayra, Hera and Hyra will be moving out. The other 6 Puppies are still waiting for their very own family.   



Zenzaris Adoro

Blue mismarked

Taladayga The Entertainer


Afterglow Jamaica Me Crazy


Labamba leroy, black


Magin don`t eat the daisies at afterglow, white


Shanpave Carat Gold


Joiner`s Quality Merbau Midas, Apricot


More Sunshine at Shanpave, Apricot


Tisanes A Silver Charming

Silver Brindle Parti

Kit-Sues UK Trailblazer For Tisane

black parti

Kit-Sue´s Wedge The Wedginator,  silver brindle Par


Kit-Sue´s Covel Phoenix, black parti


Te-Awas Star Across The Ocean For Tisane

silver Parti

Te-Awa´s Drag N Spots,   silver parti


Sunset´s Formal Attire,    black parti


Parti Pinto Kijara Vom Annenhof

caffe au latte Brindle Parti

Kit-Sue´s Presious Only For You

Blue Parti

Darkwoods Kit-Sue´s De O Gee


Bad Company´s Rambo,


Ash´s-Mystical Tequila, creme


Kit-Sue´s Par Dee Brook


Rudy Valentina XI, brown


Lovely Rita, black


Funny Fellow´s Magic Donata

Silver Parti

Funny Fellow´s Kitsue Dexter


Kit-Sue´s Max a Million


Kit-Sue´s Fancy Mismarked Girl


Sisco´s Funny Fellows Jalo


Sisco´s Double Trouble, brown parti


Mydramagic Loonley Tunes