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What a fantastic litter. This Puppys seem to get better by the day. They have the calm temprament from both of there parents and the size truly comes from Daddy. I tryed to get a few single photos for there pages andjepi I managed to get a few. They will get micro chipped at one point during the week, will have there first vaccination on Saturday and will be ready for there new family from Monday the 20th.



5 weeks already !!! All Puppys are growing good and eating more and more :-) They really want to grow into big proud dogs. There teeth are coming through and they try to chew everything they can get, like babys everything goes straigt into there mouth LOL I did not had the changse to take photos but will try to add them during the weekemd. Click HERE for photos



A lot has happend in the last week. The Puppys moved into the Puppyroom, they have been groomed, they have been introduced to my other Doggies and Puppys  and they have been outside for the first time. The Puppys have also started to use the puppytoilet now as they are in the puppypen together with Ronja her Puppys. Dad has also started to build me some Puppytoys. Thenkyou Dad "knuddel"




The D´s are 3 weeks old now and I can´t belive how big they are. It´s amazing how fast they grow and how much the Puppys change from one to the other day. They are now running around my room, had there first milk today and are leaving there bed for toilet 100%. I have set up a bed for them so hopfully they will go out of there bed and into the catlitter so they learn where to go for toilet. Time will tell how clever this babys are. If they get the idear of the catlitter, then this would safe me a lot of cleaning LOL




This Puppys are just stunning and a joy to watch. They were just16 days old yesterday but have already started to "run" around my bedroom. And they can walk very good with out collapsing. The Puppys have also stared to leave there bed to go to toilet :-) All of them have get there eyes open which ofcourse makes a big different about them, they are now really small dogs LOL.



Kijara and her babys went through there first week with out any problems. All Babys are doing well and the only thing they where doing in the first 7 days of there life was sleeping and drinking - well and doing toilet LOL I am very pleased with my little big family and it is amaizing how aktive the Puppys  already are. They bark, cry, call for mummy, howl, whine and when they are asleep they must have the greatest dreams. You could really think that they are running across the field playing and chasing the rabbits :-) They are so gorgeous and BIG. Dara is only one gram lighter then Cassy from Ronja´s litter who is 3 weeks and 3 days!!! I think that this Puppys will grow into big stunning dogs.



My new little family is doing well and Kijara has settle down with her babys now. Kijara herself needed a rest and some sleep which she got last night and now she is devoting all her time and love to the Puppys. This is my first litter where I asked friends and family for names as once I had my favourit names I just could not make my mind up for any other. I absolutly don´t like it when my Puppys/Kittens don´t have there own name. I think a name makes them even more special.



Kijara and Louis are the proud parents of 8 stunning Puppys. We have 2 brown boys, 2 black girls, one black boy, 2 brown parti boys and one brown parti girl. Kijara started to pant on the 22.04 at 7 pm so I was getting very exited about her having the Puppys. I was awake the whole night to be ready when Kijara is but instead she keept me waiting untill 7:03am as her first Parti boy, Darius, was born. Kijara done very well and did not had any problems. The Puppys came fast and easy. And now after such a night she is sleeping with her newborns. I am totally over the moon with this little Puppys and could not have asked for more. Kijara and Louis have given their very best. I also want to say Thankyou to Carmen for such a fantastic Mother and to Jane for letting me use Louis (which was more complicated then thought LOL) I only have this few photos for now but will try to get single photos of the Puppys once I have the time.




Kijara is due on the 23.04.2011 so not that long anymore and I would not be surprised if she has her babys a few days earlyer. She is very quite now and is sleeping a lot. She still likes to play in the garden but she would not run with La Vita or Lilly. Once Kijara starts to bark at me I know that it is her turn to fetch the ball. I then pretend to throw the ball as normaly so La Vita and Lilly will run down the garden but instead I drop the ball not far away from Kijara. Kijara looks so happy and proud when she has got the ball.



Its day 59 today and we are getting more and more exited. Kijara is well and still enjoys her food, the garded and cuddles. We did thought that she will have them yesterday as she was so quite in the morning and then suddenly was back to her normal - think one of her Puppys might have been in an uncomfortable porsition for Kijara. The Babys are all very aktive and are getting themselfs sorted and ready for the birth.

Kijara enjoying her Turkay Carcasse