We are very proud to announce the pregnancy of Toni.

The proud Dad to this litter is "Tirkane Trail Blazer" (Sire: Tinkiless Hard Drive imp. CAN - Dam: Tirkane Lady in Waiting) )who is a stunning example of a black Toy Poodle and who is producing stunning Puppys of show quality.

The scan has showed us that, if all goes well, Toni is expecting 4 Puppys. This babys should all be black in colour and because of Toni being an F1 from Parti-lines we are also able to get some mismarked (Parti gene carrier). All of the Puppys should stay in the Toy size or grow up to the border to the Miniatures Size.

Puppys will not be affected by prcd-PRA and are available to 5* Pethomes.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are intrested in this litter or if you have any questions. We are also accepting deposits for this puppys. The Puppys will be registered with The Parti Poodle Club and will be microchipped, vet health checked and first vaccination will be given - secound can be arranged.

2 photos of Blazer

Please feel free to vitis Blazer´s Website


Photos of the E-and F Puppys


ELLIOT/sold     EASY /sold     ELIANA/sold       ELFI/sold


kick here to see videos



Puppys are now 7 weeks old. They will get there vet health check and first vacc on the 14th and will be ready for their new family from the 15th. We have 2 Puppys left - Elliot who is stunning Brindle Phantom and his black sister Eliana.



Now as the Toys are getting older and as they have quite a lot of there sharp Puppyteeth I thought it was time to give them chicks and see what they think about such a tasty lunch :-) All 4 behaved different towards the yellow fluffy thing. Eliana only needed secounds to realise that this is food, she then picked one up and was running around in despair to find a safe place. Easy did not realize that he could eat them but he though that they are the best toys ever. It was sooo funny to watch him. At fist Elliot was also playing with it and as he saw that Eliana is eating them he gave it a try too and he loves them. It did not take long untill my cats came as they wanted their lunch too. Well as Elias managed to take Elliots chick, Elliot was doing his very best to get it back. He was growling, barking, jumping around and was pulling Elias tail !!! He did get it back in the end. Elfi was not to intrested at all. She would try them but decided that the feathers do not taste that good and gave up quite quickly. I have uploded some videos if you like to see them.




Melissa has been hear again for a nother Puppycuddle. I am so happy that she is adopting little Easy who is now named MAX. Max is a very calm, friendly and playfull Puppy who loves people - well all of them do. I am very sure that this is the right Puppy for Melissa and that they will have a great time together :-)



CUTE, TINY and full of MISCHIEF - yes the Puppys are 5 weeks old. All of them, went through there fist fear-stage very well and are now even more nosy. Nothing and no one is safe as they will explore everything new. Maria, Blazer´s owner, and Mike came for a visit today. They wanted to see Blazers Babys and both of them thought that they are cute :-) We also had a family to come and see the Puppys so a lot of attention and cuddles for Toni and the Babys. It was so nice to see the 2 childeren playing with the Puppys and to see that the Puppys enjoyed it too. We also had the first little Puppyfights LOL They are not really angry to each other but, as all dogs do it, they are now coming into the age where they will sort out the rang. You will see a 1 Pint milkbottel on some of the photos, thats to giveyou an idea of there size. I am uploading a few videos at the moment and will add them tomorrow.



Melissa amd her parents have been here again to see and play with the Puppys. Mellisa is lucky as she has the first pick but that is also a hard decision as all 4 love to play and cuddle with her :-) Non of them are scared and I am so happy that one of the Puppys will go to live with such a nice family.

And a big THANK YOU goes to her Mother who had a very nice presend for me :-)

Puppies´ Rules

If I take it, it´s mine.

If it´s in my mouth, it´s mine.

If I can take it from you, it´s mine.

If you are playing with it and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.

If I´ve chewed it, slobbered over it and I´m bored with it, it´s yours - until I want it back



A nother week went by and all 4 Puppys have found there legs and are up and running around our kitchen so we thought it was time to get them all a kitten collar with a small bell on it so we can hear it when they get akrive and now where they are :-) The first teeth are also through.



Puppys are 3 weeks now and are geting more aktive by the day. All 4 are able to walk now and they are finding there barks, sounds very cute. They also have been shaved for the first time which went quite well and Elliot had a big surprise for me :-)



Thought I will try again to get some nice photos of the Puppys and yes I did had more luck this time :-) Zaphira loooves the Puppys and has tryed very hard in the last few days to gain Tonys trust and yes Zaphira is very happy now as she is allowed to lay with the Puppys. Zaphira is very gentely and is always trying to please Toni. Adoro is also allowed with the Puppys but the cage is to small for him so he will only check the Puppys and leave them again, bless him.



The Puppys have started to walk around and are geting intrested in whats going on around them but they still sleep alot. The little family is now in our kitchen during the day. Still in a cage because of there age and size bot it woun´t be that much longer untill they move into our Puppyroom. Kijara and Lilly are loving this babys. Lilly is only coming to see the Puppys when I handle them but Kijara will lay in front of the cage untill Toni want to go back to her babys then Kijara will clear the area but will come back to guide the Puppys as soon as Toni leaves the nest. I just love the way my girls get along with each other and are accepting each other Puppys, its brilliant. Little Cassy,  Zaphira and Adoro are also intrested in the babys as soon as I get them out of the cage.



All 4 of them have opend there eyes .-) They look sooo incridable cute now as there eyes are open. I have only got one photo of each Puppy but will try again tomorrow :-)



What shall I say !?! Toni is a great mother and loooooves her babys :-) They are either asleep - all cuddled up ofcourse - or are feeding. Toni still does not like to leave her babys for to long but is enjoying every secound when she is with us. Her little babys are growing nicely and Elliot really seems to come after hid Daddy :-) I love to watch them but can´t wait untill this cutie start to run around. They will bring a lot of joy in the house.



I finally managed to get the Photos and Videos from the scan onto our computer :-)  Here are a few photos and please srcoll down to see videos.



Toni 5 weeks pregnant


Toni 5.5 weeks pregnant


6 weeks



Wow I am so exited :-) Toni her Puppys were moving last night, jepiiiii



Wow just a nother 12 days :-) Toni is quite big already.




Toni is now the proud mother of 2 handsome boys and 2 beautifull girls. Its been a long process to deliver all 4 Puppys but Toni loves them all and is a great first-time-Mummy. I am very proud of Toni and can´t wait to see her Puppys grow and develop. Toni has always been a good Puppysitter to my other litters so I am sure she will bring up her own Puppys with the same care and love she was alwas giving to other Puppys. Here are some photos of the Birth. Toni decided to have her Puppys in our dining room and was not bothere about the rest of the pack watching her :-)

can you see the paw

The Girls

 The Boys

All 4



You can see the heart beating in the videos :-)