Our little Sunshines have finally arrived <3 <3 <3

Kijara has safely delivered 10 BIG, strong and active Puppies. She surly done her very best with her final litter and I am thrilled to say that she and Castiel have given us BRINDLE Puppies and a PERFECT Tuxedo!

Those of you who have followed my website know that I had a different Stud linedup for Kijara but had to use Castiel due to some bad luck. ... Nothing happends without a reason ... and I am surly lucky and blessed with this final litter from Kijara <3 <3 <3

I am - once again - very proud of Kijara and Castiel xxx

Kijara, Brown Brindle Parti, 24"/61cm

BVA Hip score of 11    

UTD Eye Examination - free of HC

Tested clear for SA

Blood Test: Kidney, Liver and Thyroid = all normal

DNA tested CLEAR for: 

Degenerative Myelopathy, Hyperuricosuria, MH (Malignant Hyperthermia), Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures (NEWS), von Willebrand disease Type I AND Type II (vWD I &II), Cone-rod Dystrophy (cord1-PRA / crd4), Osteochondrodysplasia

Kijara has a full MyDogDNA pass which clears her for over 140 diseases!

Her Genetic Health Index through MyDogDNA is 107

Castiel, Cream Parti, 26"/65cm

BVA Hip Score of 8

UTD Eye Examination - free of HC

DNA tested CLEAR for:

MH (Malignant Hyperthermia),
Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures (NEWS),
Cone-rod Dystrophy (cord1-PRA / crd4)
GM2 Gangliosidosis

Castiel has a MyDogDNA pass which clears him for over 140 diseases!

His Genetic Health Index through MyDogDNA is 110

Please CLICK HERE for photos of the whelping

Please click on the induvidually names to get to the Puppy´s page.

Sophie/going home with Tony         Samira /going home with Berney        Simply/going home with Mel

     Sam/going home with Robert         Siana /going home with Margaret           Cisco/going home with Steve     

Sassenach/reserved        Sandy/going homewith Helen        Siraya/reserved   




I think it is safe to say that we are PREEEEEEGNANT <3 <3 <3

I did not get Kijara scanned, but her tummy is surly growing. Kijara is also very hungry and needs loooots of love, cuddles and attention. Its still gone be a long waiting untill the end of August, but its surly woth it <3



Still a long wait, but I can´t wait to meet this little Puppies <3 <3 <3
Kijara is doing very well :-)She things that we are all here to pet her, entertain her and to feed her ALL DAY LONG lol
I do not mind the petting and entertaining but I have a problem with the feeding hihihi


7 weeks are done, 2 more weeks to go :-)

Kijara is doing very well <3 <3 <3 She still enjoyes her walks, she needs looooots of love and cuddles and the amount of food she requiers is increasing drastically! Her "little" babytummy is growing nicely too and I hope to be able to feel or even see the Puppies moving within the next few days :-) I can normally feel them moving from 6 weeks on but this little onse are very quiet and calm lol There might as well be a small litter which means that the Puppies are surrouned by a lot of water which makes it impossible to feel/see them moving as they are not very strong yet. Kijara is no longer curling up when asleep but she lays most of the time stretched out on her side so it was time to set up her puerperal where she has much more space. She is now sleeping next to my bed and she seemed very happy about it as when I put the doggies to bed last night and showed Kijara her new bed she went on the blanked, had a sniffe and then was asleep within minutes - I think she still remembers from last year <3



The countdown has started :-D Only 10 more days untill Kijara´s due day. Kijara is doing very well and had her finall bath before welping. I sill need to get a few things sorted here but we will soon be all ready for the Puppies <3 <3 <3




Day 58 and kijara is doing amazing :-) She is very relaxed, loves to go out .. well but only the garden at the moment :-( and is enoying her food. The Puppies could now come at any day/time, but I am very sure that nothing gone happen during the weekend - so we just wait and wait and wait lol



.... And we are still waiting :-) Kijara is now on day 62 and she is doing very well! I do think, that she is feedup of beeing pregnant but she is all fine other then that. This photos or from day 60 :-)


And this photo is from yesterday x


A big thank you from Kijara and me for all of your kind words and good wishes xx
Its been a very long week here and there have been more then one moments where I started to worry. It was only because of Kijara who has been a star all the time that I did not panic and just kept waiting as I really hoped that she knows what she is doing <3 <3 <3
I am glade that its all over now, that Kijara is all safe and that the Puppies have arrived fit and healthy.
The first night has been very good. Kijara, the Puppies and me where able to get some sleep and so far it looks as if this will be an easy-going litter to raise - I know this might change once the Puppies have found their little paws lol
A massive THANK YOU to Mum and Dad and also to Lutz and Ina - for their help and their braveness to put up with a slightly crazy pack :-)The rain and the long delivery did not really help to keep the other doggies exercised and comfortable, especially the youngsters

Happy Family <3 <3 <3


The girls ...   ... The boys



Our little Sunshines are 3 days old today :-) All of them are doing very well and Kijara is all fine too <3 <3 <3 The Puppies have at first lost a bit of weight - which is normal! But todays weighing has shown that they have now all started to put on weight :-D All 10 are very contend Puppies but thats not a surprise when having such a great mother <3 Kijara is taking good care of her babies and has planty of milk.

Some of the Puppies have already been reserved and I am still waiting for a few families to get back to me but please do feel free to get in touch if you are interested in a Puppy.



My Puppies go through the "Super Dog Program" :-D
This is on our daily routin untill the Puppies are 16 days old. (from day 3 to day 16)
Its easy to do but would be much easier if the Puppies kept stil looool Well, maybe in a few days ;-)
This handling does not replace the daily interaction with the Puppies! They still get their cuddles, I pick them up and they get imprinted on me. Well, I think the imprinting is all done by now <3 <3 <3

Read more about the "Super Dog"


Our little Sunshines are one weeks old today. All 10 and Kijara are doing very well :-) The Puppies are still very content which shows how much milk Kijara has and what a calm and relaxed mother she is. However, they are all very aktive and fast when it comes down to feeding-time hihihi I have also seen that the first Puppies are trying to leave the nest for potty! That is very yearly and I hope a good sign that toilet-training will go easy. The little babies have also had their nails trimmed yesterday. This little nails are incredible sharp and it is important to keep them as short as posible to make sure that Kijara does not get harmed!


Here are a few new photos of the Puppies from yesterday :-) The Puppies and Kijara are all doing very well. They have been 10 days old yesterday and have started to open their eyes -Siraya was the first. This shows that Kijara was holing on to her Puppies just a bit to long, bless them. Kijara is a very easy going mother and she has started to spend more time with us now. She also started to enjoy to go out again which I think is very nice. But she also loves it when I sit with her while she is feeding her Puppies <3 <3 <3


I do have another video of the Puppies from today which is still uploading at the moment. But I will post it tonight so please feel free to come back :-)

*** And here is the Video :-) Such sweet babies <3 ***


2 weeks are done :-) The whole family is doing very well. The Puppies have all opend their eyes and ears and they have found their legs! There is no stopping once they are able to smell Kijara or me, bless them. So I will have to set up the Puppy Pen soon as its no fun to get up at night to put the Puppies back into the nest lol I also had the pleasure to see the first small playing in the nest which is soooo very cute. My other Spoos are finally allowed to see the Puppies and Castiel is proving him self again as the best K9 Daddy in the world <3 <3 <3 ... sorry about the bad photos but I think my camera is giving up grrrr I done 2 photo shooting with the Puppies but the photos where all equaly bad :-(


The weather has been very nice today so I thought I would do another photo shooting with the Puppies as the lat one was not very good. Please go to the Puppies induvidually Puppy-Page to see them :-)

And here is a new video from today. I so much love the long legs on this Puppies <3 <3 <3


Soooo, a few nights ago Simply clearly showed me that it was time to set up the Puppy Pen :-) He walked all the way across my room to Kahlans cage, said HALLO and came back into the nest as if this was a normal thing to do hihihi The Puppies have been moved into the Puppy Pen a few days ago and all is going very well. The toilet has also been set up and I am happy to say, that the Puppies have started to use it :-D


The weather was very nice yesterda so I thought it was time to take the Puppies out into the garden :-) The doggies really enjoyed it and I think the Pupies have been enjoying it too ... well, untill the point where the4y got tried hihihi They still need to go back into their Puppy Pen for sleeping xx




The Puppies are 3 weeks old <3 All are doing very well and so is Kijara. The Puppies are getting more and more aktive. They are such fun to watch when they play but the best part is our cuddle-time <3 <3 <3  All Puppies had their faces shaved and I am very happy with what I see under the coat. They also have fantastic legs on them which unfortunately do not show on the photos :-( They have also worked out what the toilet is for hihihi The bedding stays nice and clean and the toilet needs to be cleaned twice a day! Such clever Puppies <3 The Puppies are so focused on me now, that I must not talk in the corridor or in my room as that will wake them up lol Kijara is still feeding the Puppies 100% on her own and she has plenty of milk which gives us happy and content Puppies. We now also have 2 to 3 play-time each day either in the garden or in my room. Some of my dogs will come to see the Puppies - mainly the Spoos - and the others are more interested in nicking the Puppy´s toys and disappear into the corridor and living room - mainly the Minis lol

Kijara had her well deserved bath yesterday :-) She looks stunning and I just need to shave her a bit today.




Awww what a lovely day :-) The weather has been so good that the Puppies have benn out 3 times today and I still had time to exercise the doggies without the need of getting them dry - lucky us hihih

The Puppies have started to play and they surly found their voices lol they can make such cute noises and think that they are strong and mighty. They still prefer to play in my room, but they are slowly becoming playful outside too and they no longer need the blanket to feel safe :-) I still put the blanket down in the morning as the grass is still wet and I do not want the Puppies to get too wet at this young age.

Here are a few photos from the Puppies enjoying their breakfast in the garden :-) And the video below is from last night. Kijara still gets an extra meal when we go to bed so she is enjoying her food and I have a cuddle with the Puppies - the perfect end to a busy day <3 <3 <3


All back in bed :-)



Here are a few updates from the last days xx


18.09.2015 - I know the photos are not that good, but its been raining almost non stop since we got up so we are just training to make the most out of the day. This means great fun for the Puppies as I have, for the first time, set up their "adventure play ground" :-D They really anjoyed it and it was fun to watch them. The Doggies have been with us at first, but I then decided to put them into the corridor so that I can take photos and film the Puppies without the dogs getting in the way lol.


10 tired Puppies <3 <3 <3



19.09.2015 - What a busy but yet lovely day :-D Cisco was the first to meet his new family and I am very please to say that the Puppies seemed to enjoy the visit! They where playful, outgoing and not stressed at all, bless them. They first had some milk, then went potty and then where running in my room and where able to see the visitors at their own time. It was a bit of a slow start for a few Puppies but then they all joined the game :-) Some of the Puppies have even decided that the lap from the kids was a great place to fall asleep. And Kijara, well, she was just KIJARA <3 Veeeery calm, relaxed and enjoying the extra attention and cuddles <3




Awwww yesterday has been another busy day for the Puppies :-) They have had their first car ride - a 1.5h round journey and they all done very well <3 <3 <3 The first few minutes was a bit scary but then they all settled with Mummy and have been asleep for nearly the whole journey, bless them. As they woke up, they got some milk, had a bit of a play and explored the car - very good for the first time :-D


The Puppies are 4 weeks old :-) All are very well and they are surly keeping me busy now lol I now have started to offer small amount of raw meat and tripe to them and they loooooove it :-D The toilet training has come a hugh step forward! They still use it if needed or in the night but its been 2 days now where they are trying to hold on to keep their Puppy Pen clean <3 I now have to take the Puppies out into the gardren when ever I wake them up otherways they would use my room for potty :-/ Its a good job that we have a larg basket which still fits 10 Puppies and even better that they will soon be moved into the kitchen as 10 Puppies surly get heavy hihihih But it just shows how easy it is to housetrain young Puppies <3 Its their natural instince to keep everything clean - we just have to give them the chance to do so <3

I only have one new photo of each Puppy. This is from their first "stacking training" with tripe as a reward :-) I think they done well and I am sure we will get better stacking-photos as they get older and learn, bless them. But the photos already show the lovely bodies on this Puppies <3

Our Puppies have also had more visitors today and I am happy to say, that our big girl Sophie has now found her very own family.



Here are a few updates from the last days :-) The Puppies have been quite busy again xx

Our big girl Sophie has met her new family. Unfortunaterly the family run quite a bit late so that all of the Puppies have been very tired at time of the visit :-( But on the other side, it was very nice to see, that they where not bothered about the visitors and just fall alseep again, bless them.

Sari is also reserved now. His "maybe new family" is going on a holiday and will meet him once they are back. Please do feel free to enquier about him, as plans can still change.

We also have a few more families come to visit us and the Puppies so I am not able to tell for sure which of the Puppies will still be available. I do not do "First comes, first served" but if the right families come along, then I will let them pick a Puppies first.


 (22.09.2015) Real dogs love raw :-D

I thought I will give the Puppies tracheas to chew on. I cut them up a bit to make it easier and then they could spend some time in the kitchen with me while I am busy ... Well, I changed my plans after a few minutes as Cisco found the tripe!
He would not stop crying, kept running into the corner, been sniffing the air and then a few other Puppies found the trip too lol ... I tell you, this Puppies are loud if they want something hihihihi The tripe was for the doggies but lucky I always defrost a bit more food then I actually need, so there was still enough for all <3
Its very cool to see this 4 week old Puppy munching on the tripe and know exactly how to work their way through it!
They surly do not need Puppymash (which I see so often is a mix of goats milk and some sort of cereals :-/  )


Took all the Puppies out into the garden after a while to make sure the kitchen stays clean - good job I did hihihihi


(23.09.2015) Awwww and another busy and long day is over (nearly lol) The Puppies had a good play in the garden this morning where I also done a bit of clipper training - only 5 Puppies due to hot clipper blade and empty batterie but there is always another day :-) Then, once the Puppies where back in bed, it was time to bath a few doggies and then get them all exercised, then another big Puppy-play-time. But it was only a qick toilet break in the garden and then I put the Puppies all in my room where they had chicken wings to munch on :-) I used the time where the Puppies where busy with hoovering lol .... So all in all - a very normal day :-D  Another good news is, that we only had 2 wees and 1 poo in the Puppy Toilet today :-D They are such clever Puppies.


Sophie & Samira


Simply & Sam


Siana & Cisco


Sassenach & Sandy


Siraya & Sari


Sweet girl Siraya fall asleep, bless her.



Sooooo :-) Time for a little update about the Puppiesd adventures xx


24.09.201 - Loooooots of new photos :-D The Puppies had a busy day. They had their secound car ride which was a nearly 3h round journey to pick up my sister from the airport :-) The Puppies have been very good again. They slept for most of the time but also had a bit of a play <3 Then as we arrived at home it was time to get busy my self as the Puppies have been moved into the kitchen. It all went very well. They all slept nicely through the night with one feeding at midnight. They have been very calm and relexed in the morning and the house training has now started :-D I now call for the Puppies to follow me outside to the patio - Kijara is helping me hihihi We had 4 Puppies getting "lost" on the way out in the night but the morning and the third run out was much better with only one puddle each time in the conservator :-) The playtime in the kitchen and dining room is fine too, but that´s not a surprise as the Puppies got used to the roomes during the last few days.


26.092015 - We had a great day yestertday :-) The Puppies had their first play in the puppy-garden and Sam has met his new family <3




WOW! The Puppies are already 5 weeks old ... I am not sure if I am happy with this as the time goes by so fast :-(

All 10 Puppies and Kijara are doing very well. The Puppies are growing and develloping nicely and their little characters are slowly starting to show <3 We now have a fantastic play and sleepig routine which is a very good help for me to get through the day and its a great help for the Puppies too. They are 99% house trained, settle and sleep when I want them to and they sleep through the night from 10pm till 6am - how lucky are we :-D The weather is beautiful here and we spend as much time outside as possible and the Puppies surly love it. The car training, grooming training and recall is coming along very good too. All 10 Puppies follow me outside when i call them they follow me nto the Puppygarden and also back into the house. Kijara is still feeding her Puppies regularley but they of course are getting food from me too. I almost always handfeed the Puppies to get a stronger bond but they also get some meatchunks or bones to much on which they all love.

I have not added a lot of photos during the weekend as I was busy with Puppyfamilies coming to meet their new Puppy and my sister is here for a holiday. However, me and the camera where still busywith taking photos and now I just have to find the time to add them all to my website :-) So here is the start and I also have added the weekly updates to the Puppy pages and the rest will folow ASAP xx  

This are a few photos from our morning-play-time. I at first let Kijara and the Puppies out onto the patio - Kijara will feed her Pppies, then they all go potty and I use this few minutes to tidy up the Puppypen. Kijara and the Puppies are allowed to come indoors once we are all done. I stay with them in the dinning room for a bit of a play and cuddle untill the Puppies settle down to sleep. I then leave my little family and take the other doggies out for their play and exercise. We all get together once the doggies are all done and dry again. This normly takes so much time, that I have to take the Puppies out again and so we have a meet and great on the patio again and the Puppies go back into their Puppypen after this secound toiletbreak. I will get my first break of the day once all my Puppies and Dogs have settled down again lol  



Awww my sister´s holiday is over and so it was time to take her back to the airport. Of course I used this opportunity for some more car-training with the Puppies.
And I am very pleased to say, that the Puppies are no longer worried, nervous or sceptic about the car <3 They munched on the carrots, had a bit of a play and then fall asleep - just fantastic <3 <3 <3
It was an 2.5h journey and we only had one puddle in the car... which I thin is pretty good! Lucky the car is Puppy prove and puddle prove lol

The puppies have also had their furst tast of fish the other day. They really enjoyed the sprats!



We are very lucky as the weather is beautiful here which means that the Puppies are getting lots of play-times in the garden :-) This are photos from yesterday xx




Our "not so little" Sunshines are 6 weeks old today :-) All are doing very well. They are all growing nicely and keeping me on my feet most of the day lol The weather has been very good so far which gave us loooots of playtimes in the garden but of course the rain had to come at one point and that was yesterday :-/ We have only been out for potty and stayed indoors the rest of the day. The Puppies done very well with this and - just like my doggies - have used this quiet day to relaxe and to catch up on sleep, bless them. I have also started to groom my dogs again, they are all in need of a goooood grooming hihihi I use the blower to dry my dogs and the Puppies had to get used to it as its quite noisy but all went well. The Puppies - just like my doggies - will settle in the conservatory with in minutes after I switch on the blower. They all stay asleep or at least settled untill I have finished the grooming! I think thats very good for 5 to 6 week old Puppies and it shows how fast a Puppy would copy the behaviour of another dog. Kijara is still feeding her Puppies 2 or 3 times a day but she has also started to wean her Puppies and to tell them off if she had enough. This is not always nice to see, but a very important lesson for the Puppies to learn and I will not interfere with it - Kijara and Mother ature surly know what they are doing and now is the time to teach the Puppies a few manners. The Puppies are now 3 meals a day. They get about 50g of minced meat per meal which does not sound alot but its plenty for such young Puppies and the amount will increase over the next weeks. They are also enjoying their meaty bones which they get once or twice a day and they get cow hooves in the morning - so lots to chew on which I hope will be a good help with teething. I have also introduced apples and bananas which the pUppies are enjoying too. Our feeding time in the evening could have turned out into a very busy and loud chalange but I think I have managed very well by avoiding this hihihhi The Doggies are all kept in the dinning room with the stair gate closed and the Puppies are with me in the kitchen where they are munching on their meaty bones and I prepare the food for the doggies and puppies :-) The Puppies know our evening routine very well and they will start to sniff around as soon as I lay down a few sheets on the floor for them, bless them. It was also time to start to get the Puppies used to the lawnmover :-/ This is always a bit of a task for the Puppies but I am very sure that we will get there in the end <3 There is still some rain for today but I will carry on the training as soon as we are able to go out again. I do not expect from my Dogs or puppies to "love" the lawnmover, but I want to show them, that they are safe, that there is no need to panic, that they can go and play somewhere else but that they are not allowed to "attack" or play with the lawnmover and that they can come to me when ever I call for them :-D My Dogs are all fine with the lawnmower and they know this kind of training very well and therefore they will be a very good help for the Puppies <3 And 6-weeks means also bathing time :-D All Puppies have been bathed and they all done very good for the first time. Some where a bit more wriggly on my lap the others, but non of them panict which is the main thing <3

The family who reserved Sari have come for a visit and they feel in love with his big sister Sandy. So Sari is now avilable.

He is a stunning Puppy who ticks all boxes which I am looking for in a potential Studdog and I see a lot of Adoro´s and Castiel´s caracter in him which makes him even more special to me. I would be very happy to see him go as a potential Studog to the right breeder and breeding plane.

I did not take a lot of photos during the week but here are photos from Friday and a few videos which I took during the week. I also did not do our weekly photo shooting due to the rainm, but you will find the Puppies bathing-video on their puppy page xx 


And here are a few videos :-D


Our yesterdays Lawnmower training.
I think its all done now :-D The Puppies done very good and - apart of Simply - did not seem to be bothered about it. I am very happy to see that they have started to play in a little distance to the lawnmower but they are also fine even if I get near them <3
Now we just need some lovely and warm days so I can actually cut the grass lol
(Excuse the crazy doggies hihihih)

I will try to catch up with new photos once we have some sunshine. The last 3 days have been quite wet :-/


:-) And here are finally the new photos xx They are from the 8th so a few days old already.

The Puppies and Kijara are all doing very well. The Puppy-training and their little adventures is coming along nicely and I have started to get the Puppies used to stand still on the grooming table ... There is still room for improvements lol

The Puppies no longer sleep in the Puppy Pen during the day - unless we leave home, then they go into the pen as its a safe place for them to stay. They are all very good and settle and sleep in the dining room together with my doggies after their playtime and they stay quiet untill I take them all out again. I of course keep an eye on the clock so that the Puppies do not wake up on their own but rather wait for me.  




The Puppies are 7 weeks old today and are very good in keeping me bussy :-) All 10 of them and Kijara are doing very well. Most of the PUppies have their Vet Appointments booked as they will soon start to fly the nest :-/ I will make sure to make the most of the few remining days and I hope to find time for another Puppy-Photo-Shooting <3 Adoro, Granddad to the Puppies, and Percy, big big brother to the Puppies, have come for a visit. This was the first time that the Puppies have met other dogs and they all done very well! I do have some photos from their first meeting which I hope to add later today or tonight. But here are a few videos which I "collected" during the last days. I hope you like them xx

Sari is the last Puppy looking for his very own family <3 <3 <3

Sassenach and Siraya are both on hold for me and I will decided in the next few weeks if and which of the girls will be staying with me.

Puppies meeting Adoro and Percy :-)

Secound play-time in the Puppy´s garden. Gypsy seem to have a new friend, bless her.

Happy Puppies :-) I give the Puppy a morning-snack each day which is apples, carrots or bananas. On that day it was bananas

Tea-Time :-)

My Doggies are all behind the stair gate in the dinning room and the Puppies stay in the kitchen with me while I get the dog´s food ready. I keep the Puppies busy during feeding times with meaty bones, fish or tripe :-) They are now strong enough to get a full meal during this time so they do not need anything else for tea which is great as the Puppies feeding is all done when I finished feeding the Dogs :-D 


The Puppies meeting Adoro and Pery <3 <3 <3




The Puppies are 8 weeks old today. We all had a few busy and wet days. nearly 5 days of raining makes it quite a big task to exercise 10 Puppies and the Doggies lol. This photos are from yesterday - we still had no sun but at least it was dry. The Vet visits have also started and 4 Puppies have already left for their new homes. Its very sad for me to see them go, but I am also very happy for the Puppies and the new families. I Wish them all the best and hope that they all gone have lot of joy and fun with their "Curly Friend" xx



This photos are a few days old. The Puppies and me have been playing a bit in the front garden while we where waiting for Sandy´s Family come to pick her up xx



The Puppies are just under 9 weeks old and have left for their new homes. The time has surly gone too fast and at the moment I am not sure whether to just cry as they are gone or just be happy and joyful as my Puppies have been so lucky to go to great families. This was surly not my first litter and I am still learning and try to find an even better way of raising my Puppies to help them grow into amazing characters. I have changed a few little things with raising the Sunshines and WOW the difference is just amazing. I had more work to do but it paid off in well balanced Puppies who where a pleasure to have. Calm and easy-going characters and Puppies who just take it as it is. They all have a strong bond to me and humans and sury enjoyed their good-neight-cuddles. I am also very happy to see a lot of Castiel´s character in this Puppies - makes me feel very proud and emotinal.

The Sunshines are also the first Puppies who I raised on 100% raw ... and I will not go back to kibbles again. Not only did the Puppies look great, developed nicely but it was also much cleaner hihihi

All of my dogs still look quite scruffy and they all need a groom. But I hardly had the time nor the energy to work my way through them. They are all clean and not MATTED! Just not in shape hihihi I could use some of my dogs for grooming competions, thats who long their coats are! 

I hope that my little Sunshines will all settle fast into their new homes. That they will bring the same joy and love to their new families which they gave to me.