D.o.B. 25.08.2015, 12.30pm
SEX: Female
  COLOUR: Brindle Parti



3 days - 532g


1 weeks - 722g



2 weeks - 1140g



16 days



3 weeks - 1500g



4 weeks - 2020g

5 weeks / 2670g


6 weeks - 3250g

7 weeks - 3920g

8 weeks


Siraya has been to the town yesterday. I carried her all the way and she was just there to have a look at our busy world. She done so very well and was interested in everything. She was not bothered about all the people, traffic, birds, children .... All good :-)
Mum had to get a few things from a shop so I decided to sit with Siraya on the floor for a break - my arms where tired lol
But Siraya was not in for the break and went for a littler walk. She is not lead trained and so she did not came back to me once she realised that she had a string attached to her neck :-/
I then decided to set up my camera and see if she would "play" with me :-D
Needless to say, that I am very proud of her <3 <3 <3


Siraya has been to the car boot sale together with Jasper. She done very well and was also very interested in what was going on, bless her. Jasper was a very good boy too, but he was not to impressed with the puppytraining and would rather like to play lol He had his playtime after the "work" We also stopped at a local shop on the way back home so I walked the doggies up and down on the green so that Siraya could see the traffic and all the people. That too went very well :-D


10 weeks - 37cm




Siraya had a few busy days, bless her. Her brother Sari and her Sister Sassenach have both moved out on Saturday so it was now time to do more training with Siraya. But I am very happy to say that my little girl is doing so very well and that the bit of training which I already done with her - and the Sunshines - has now paid off. Siraya is a dream in the car and will sleep most of the time but she also enjoyes to just look out of the windo. She was cage trained with in 4 days! That´s the fastes cage training so far :-) Her Puppy-Trick-Training has started which is is loving and she is enjoying her 1-to-1 walks with me, bless her. Siraya will now be walked on her own for several weeks or even months, well, for as long as she needs to learn everything. She surly is keeping me bussy but all of this little trainings will help her to grow into a great family pet <3 <3 <3

Here are a few photos and videos from the last days xx

The Sunshines have always been fed seperated from my doggies. They where most of the time kept in their Puppy Pen in the kitchenn while they enjoyed their meal and I was feeding the doggies. So now Siraya had her first meal with all of my doggies - they all enjoyed their tracheas. Siraya was not nearvous at all nor did she try to just swallow her peace of meat in one go. I think she felt very safe and comfortable and she surly took her time with working her way through the trachea :-)


Siraya has also been to the town where she had the chance to see our busy worl but also the ducks. She is very fascinated by the ducks and pigeons so she surly needs to learn, that they are just part of our life. She can look at them but strictly no hunting ... It will be interesting to see how will win this "game" lol She or me :-D


Here is just a video og Kijara playing with her daughrer <3 <3 <3

Siraya and me have also been for a little walk at the mainroad while Mum did some shopping :-) And then we just waited at the shop and watched people go by. She done very well and is very interested in whats going on. But this also means, that I have to give her plenty of time to see everything and to realize, that nothing will happen. To rush is impossible when I take her out and about <3


And the last bit of the update ....

Here is a small video of her 3rd Puppy-Trick-Training which I do with her before we go to bed. I would normaly do this in my bed room, but this is not possible as Joy would start crying as soon as she can see, that Siraya and me are doing trick training and she is not allowed to join in, bless her. I want to give Siraya a bit more time to learn and understand and I still need to train her to "stay" for as long as I want her to stay. I will be able to work with her and Joy together once Siraya is really in for the game and has learned to stay untill its her turn :-)


We took Siraya to the car boot sale yesterday :-) She done so very well, bless her. I still carry her a lot as she needs time to see everything so I am able to give her all the security she needs while she investigate the new situation. She does start to show me, that she wants to get down on the floor and walk and I do put her down then. I wait for her to tell me, that she wants to get down as I know then, that she is also ready to work with me :-D Siraya is a very inteligent Puppy so she needs a bit longer to check it all out hihihi But its well worth to give her that extra time as she is a dream once she is ready for it <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 Siraya, Sassenach, mummy Kijara and Sari <3 <3 <3



My sweet girl Siraya has turned 7 months and so it was time for a proper groom and new photos :-)

She has turned into such a beautiful young lady. She is so proud and graceful - just like her daddy Castiel. Siraya stands at 58cm which is a nice size for a female but I am sure that there is just a bit more to come especially as she still needs to fill out but that´s not gone happen untill she is at least 1.5 yars old lol Standard Poodle Puppies do not fill out untill they finished growing so the only way to get a Puppy which looks like an adult dog is to feed them overweight! And that is a no-no in our house! All Puppies get their time to grow and devellop and I wish more petfamilies would understand how very harmful it is to have a FAT or even CHUNKY Puppy :-( Siraya is just PERFECT in weight :-) Nice Rib cage, nice abdominant tuck, full of energy and just a happy-go puppy <3 <3 <3 Everything else will come in time when the yound Prencess devellops into a beautiful Queen.


Another wonderful walk with Siraya. She also has a new hair stile :-)




Siraya is growing and develloping nicely <3 I did shave her a little while ago to get rid of her very soft Puppy Coat and to make it easier for me due to her not being able to stay clean loool But her coat is growing back nicely and she will surly have a nice jacket again before we go into the winter.



It was Siraya´s first birthday a while ago which she has spended with lots of playing and extra treats :-D She has also been through her first season and is now a young Lady <3 <3 <3 Siraya is by far not perfect but she has everything to produce healthy and stunning Puppies so we are all looking forward to her Puppies in the future, if she passes her hip scrooring! Her VGL test is much better then that from her mother and we will continue to improve the genetic diversity <3 <3 <3



Siraya had another (well needed) groom and is now ready for the winter :-). It´s amazing how much her colour has changed but just look how beautiful she is <3 A true young lady <3 <3 <3 



Siraya ist nun auch schon 2 Jahre alt! Sie ist eine wunderschöne und elegante Hündin. Auch sie muss noch auf HD und ED getested werden und wir drücken alle die Daumen für ein gutes Ergebniss.

Siraya has turned 2 years! She is such a beautiful and elegant lady. I still need to get her tested for HD and ED but we are all keeping our fingers crossed for a good result.



Vor ein paar Wochen war es endlich soweit und Siraya wurde mit 4 Jahren und 8 Monate auf HD und ED untersucht. Ein bisschen bange war mir schon, da sie ja schon recht "alt" ist für diese Untersuchen- man könnte nämlich schon mit 18 Monate testen lassen! Aber wenn ein Hund gesund ist, ist er halt gesund - auch im Alter :-D

HD "A" und normale Ellenbogen ... da bleiben keine Wünsche offen <3 <3 <3


Siraya got her HD end ED test done a few weeks ago. She was 4 years and 8 Months old at that time. I was a bit nervouse due to her beeing "so old" for this test - here in Germany  we can test as young as 18 month and it is even 12 month in the UK! But age is no problem for a healthy dog :-D

HD "A" and normal ellbows ... that leaves nothing to be desired <3 <3 <3





Bei Siraya kam nun auch die Winterwolle runter :-)


Eeeeeendlich Zeit gefunden um das Baby zu schneiden :-D Es war zwar viel Arbeit, aber ich bin froh, dass ich es geschaft habe, Siraya recht gut über den langen und feuten Winter zu bekommen. Nun ist sie bereit für den Frühlich <3




Heute ging es Raus mit den Brüdern Hunter und Hieronymus. Sie wurden von Oma Siraya begleitet πŸ₯°
Die Runde war Heute - bis auf ein paar rufenden Kühe - sehr unspektakulär und somit habe ich mehr Zeit mit etwas Lernen verbracht πŸ˜ƒ
Hieronymus hat es sehr rasch verstanden, wann er etwas mehr laufen darf und wann er bei mir bleiben muss. Dank Siraya, hatte er ja auch ein sehr gutes Beispiel hihihi
Er hat sich sehr bemüht alles richtig zu machen und die Leckerlies halfen auch πŸ˜‰
Hunter hat es wohl auch etwas verstanden.... aaaaaber es duftet überall so toll und "Fuß" ist eher langweilig. Aber er blieb viel dichter und schaute öfters zu mir/uns. Also alles gut 😊





Heute haben wir einen sehr schönen Familien-Mädel-Ausflug gemacht πŸ₯°
Oma Siraya, Mama Lisi und die Töchter/Enkeltöchter Honey, Hidaya und Happy.
Wir haben uns mit einer sehr guten Freundin im Park getroffen und sind dort spazieren gegangen und anschließend ins Cafe.
Wenn man mal vom Leinengewusel absieht und von den gefühlten 1000x wo ich stehen geblieben bin, um in Ruhe alles zu sortieren, hat die Truppe das richtig toll gemacht πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
Es gab kein gepöbel an der Leine. Es wurden keine anderen Spaziergänger belästigt. Die Kutsche konnte in ruhe an uns vorbei fahren. Die Wasservögel waren zwar sehr interessant, aber alles im normalen Rahmen. Und Fahrräder gehören einfach im Leben mit dazu.
Auch m Cafe waren sie meeeeega 😁
Selbst als andere Hunde etwas lauter wurden, blieb die Bande ruhig. Die Köpfe gingen zwar hoch und es wurde gehorcht, aber das war auch schon alles.
Sie habe viel geschnüffelt, geschaut, gehorcht und die neue Umgebung wunderbar aufgenommen - einfach herrlich.
Was will man als Hundemama mehr πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°




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