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Cassy and Co are 7 weeks now. They are very aktive now and can easely play for an hour in one go !!!! I do find my self wondering sometimes where I would find the battery :-D I have also started the Puppytaining. "Teaching" the Puppys there name, recall and sit. Cassy is not sure about it so need a few more days to devellop but all the others are great and I am totally amazed by Casper.The next days will show if he really is so clever or if it was just beginners luck LOL I only have 2 photos of each Puppy on there page. They would just not keep still anymore. I had to wake them up to get this portraid photos and you can see they have not been to pleased with it, poor Puppys. But its best to visit the Puppys anyway so you can see for your self what cheeky monkeys they are. And now as they are so aktive and are enjoing to run around and chase each other I thought it was time to show them our dog´s garden. The 5 of them have been a bit quiet and would not wander around as they would do in our garden. They where not to sure about the new place and all the space but I am sure that this will change with in the next few days.














We had lovely weather today so i though I will take some more photos LOL








The Puppys had there third deworming now as they are 6 weeks already. They have also been shaved several times to get them used to the shaver, they are getting the hang of it. Ronja is not feeding her Puppys anymore, they are only allowed to have a drink every now and again, poor Puppys LOL But they do love there minced meat and chicken wings and are slowly getting used to dry food - they do not realy fancy that stuff. They also use the Puppytoliet now to about 75% and are going outside for toilet too which makes it much easyer for. They do love to play with me and the other doggies but are also happy to play with them selfs or alown with a toy. They are very nice Puppys which are a pleasure to have around apart from the little fight we get every now and again as each Puppy want to be Top-Puppy. The Puppys are going to bed at 9pm and are sleeping through the night untill 7am and there is only one or 2 "eccidents" in the Puppypen :-) I normaly let the adults out straightaway after I get up but now they have to wait until the Puppys are in the garden. All 5 of them are quiet and sleepy until they hear someone in the house then I really have to be fast so all of them do there morning toilet in the garden - they learn so fast. The weather has not been to good so the playtime was limited to not more the 1/2 hour in one go but they still enjoyed it. I don´t have a lot of single photos of the Puppys for this week and the photos from outside are not really good either but I have a lot of Photos instead and if we get more sunshine I might be lucky to get some good photos at one point during the week. There are still 3 Puppys looking for there own family so please do get in touch if you are intrested in one of them or if you have any questions - my Puppys would be happy to welcome more visitors.


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07.05.2011 - UPDATE

The Puppys have been in the garden today as the weather has been so nice. So here are a "few" more photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as the Puppys enjoyed the garden. The Puppys also had a nibble on venisone bones to the dislike of Ronja and Adoro who really did not wanted to care with the littlens and keept telling them off. The Standards: have bben more clever - they went a bit firther away with there bones :-)

Conner and Charly

Conner Charly

2 Photos of Ciana

Cassy and Casper

Ciana trying to take foods if Adoro - she did not had any luck, bless her

Cassy, Ciana and Casper

Ciana, Conner and Cassy

This are photos which I have collected during the week. Its so nice to see the Puppys playing or to play with them. They are still young so theirs playtime is normaly not longer then 15 minutes. Once they had enough and are getting tired they come and climb on my lap to sleep :-)




Ronja is due in about 7 days. She is very happy and still aktive - maybe not that fast anymore LOL



Ronja is now the proud mother of 3 boys (2 black, 1 brown) and 2 black girls. All 5 and Mummy are doing well even thought that the girls are quite small. I could not belive my luck as I saw the brown Puppy. So Ronja is holdin the brown gen :-)

All of her Puppys carry the parti gen, creme/apricot and there is 50% possibility that they also hold the brown coloure gen.

Ronja woke me up at 3am and had her first Puppy at 4:45am. Her last Puppy arrived at 6.39am I was very happy that Ronja was in such a hurry as that gave me the chance to go to work - today was my last day at work before going on a weeks holiday to be at home to take care of Ronja when she is having her Puppys - well Ronja was faster then I thought but Mum was so kind and was taking care of my new family.