We are planing a stunning litter of brown Miniature Poodles for later in the year. Rhapsodie has finally decided that it is time for her to come in heat and therefore, if all goes well and if Rhapsodie gets pregnant, we will be able to welcome her and Murphy´s Puppies in the middle of Oktober.

Murphy is DNA tested clear for prcd-PRA

Rhapsodie has a clear eye screening and should be clear for prcd-PRA through parantage but I will still get her DNA tested to know for sure.

This will be an all brown litter with hopefully some brown Phantoms, brown Mismarks and brown Phantoms with white markings.

Murphy does carry Apricot so if Rhapsodie carries the Apricotcolour too, then we can get Apricots in solid and mismarked - this Puppies will have brown points.

Rhapsodies aunt (her mothers sister) has produced some stunning Tri Puppies so all fingers crossed, that Rhapsodie carries the Partigen too and that we will get Tri Puppies. 





I am totally over the moon. Rhapsodie had her Puppies today. She is doing very well for a first time Mother. Rhapsodie and Murphy are the proud parents of 6 stunning boys :-) We have 2 Brown Phantoms and 4 Brown Mismarked Phantoms.

Its always funny to see how the gens line up in a Puppy. It was a 50/50 changse to get a Phantom Puppy and we have a whole litter of Phantoms. and it is always a 50/50 changse to get a boy or a girl and we have a whole litter of boys - WOW

Here are the first photos and some infos. I will get induvidually photos done within the next few days.


Please klick on the Puppies name.

JOSHUA /sold    JOCKER/living together with his brother Jayden     JABARI/sold  

   JAISON/sold     JUMANGI/sold     JAYDEN/going home with Sue


First photos from the birth.




Puppies are 2 days today. All are growing nicely and Rhapsodie is a very proud mother. This boys are sooo very quiet and relaxed. Its nice to have such an easy litter as Lillys Puppies were far to lively lol I enjoy to just sit by Rhapsodie and to watch her and the Babys, just too cute. The Puppies are to young at the monent to tell which one has inheritated the deep brown colour from Rhapsodie. Some of them look quite light in colour but the flashlight makes the colour a bit lighter too. Some Puppies might get darker in color as they grow, we have to wait and see. The Phantom pattern will also come in much better as the Puppies grow and I am sure that all of them will have a nice and clear Phantom pattern in their face once I start to trim them - this chocolate boys need time to show their true colors :-)



Puppies are 1 week today. All are growing nicely and Rhapsodie is a great mother. I think that we have 3 good sized Miniature Poodles in this litter and 3 Klein Poodles :-) The colours have also changed a lot. Jumangi is now a very very drak brown, almost black <3 Joshuas colour is also darker now and he looks like his mother. The other 4 are also draker then at birth but not as dark as the other 2 boys - they seem to take after Daddy. The Tan pattern is also coming in nicely on 4 of the Puppies. The other 2 Puppies look very solid coloured now? They all had the Tan colour undermeth their tails at birth and the legs also looked different so we have to wait and see what this 2 boys will show us once I started to clipp their little faces.



A nother week went by. All boys apart of 2 have opend their eyes but it will still take a while before they can see. The boys are getting more aktive by the day and start to crawl around in the nest. Rhapsodie is still a great mother but she does not stay with her Puppies that long. She will feed and clean them and once they are all asleep she will come and join us all again, bless her. My little family has their nest in a big Puppypen with the door left open so Rhapsodie can go to the boys at any time. lol Lana and Castiel have also found out that the door is open so each time when we go into the garden this 2 will jump into the Pen and willl check the Puppies before going out with us, they are sooo sweet. Rhapsodie does not mind Lana and Castiel but she will tell off any of my Standard Poodle girls and Jasper, bless them. However she is happy for Adoro to say HALLO to the babys when she is in the nest too. Its so nice to see how they sort this all out without any fight or very bad aggressions - Rhapsodie is the Mother and if she says NO than its a No and my other dogs respect this :-) But luckely it is not that much longer before the Boys will join the pack for a little play and cuddle so then everyone get the changse to Puppysit :-)



Jocker and his brothers are 3 weeks today. All are fine and growing nicely. They now had their first Puppytrim :-) Awww they look soooo sweet. The Tan colour on Jayden and Joshua is just stunning. But Jumangi, Jabari and Jocker are also develloping Tan colour - its just not that visable on the photos but I hope it will get more within the next weeks. Little Jaison is not showing any Tan colour apart of the Tan colour underneth his tail.... time will tell what he will be. Rhapsodie is now a very relaxed mother and all of my other dogs are now allowed to take care of the Puppies. The only time when she "clears out" the Puppypen is when she things its time to feed, bless her. The boys are now able to walk and they get more aktive by the day. Its so cute to watch and hear them playing, I think the Boys belive that they are very biiig and strong dogs lol I have started to handfeed them a few times a day with fresh tripe which all of them enjoy - the positive effect is, they loooove me so much already and are bright awake once they know that I am in the nest :-)




The Puppies are 4 weeks old and are slowly growing into little "monsters" They think they are very big and strong :-) They bark and growl at anything and are ready to fight - typical Puppies. No I am just joking this little babys are no monsters - okey they do growl and bark hihihi. Lillys Puppies have been very fast in their devellopment and therefore I am more then happy to have this very sweet and easy boys, bless them. I have set up the Puppytoilet a few days back and it works very good, the boys are quite clever.



OMG 5 weeks already. This boys seems to get more handsam by the day :-) They are still very easy and calm Puppies. All 6 of them are as happy as can be if they get some playtime a few times during the day. They play and run untill they are tired and then they will come and cuddle up with me or they will go and have a cuddle with Kijara or La Vita - it is sooo very cute. I am very proud of my dogs and it dows make me speachless at time when I see who they all look a´fter the youngsters. I could not belive my eyes when I saw that the boys are even allowed to suckle  on La Vita !!! She is such a fantastic girl <3 The boys are quite happy with the grooming now, but I still trim them every other day to make sure that they stay used to it. Nail klipping and brushing is no problem at all. All Boys have got very thick caot. When I brush them, they are almost double site :-D so far there has not been one negative thing about this great boys ... well but noone is perfect ;-) Eventhought that all boys where Phantom at birth and for the first days after birth, I am now quite sure that 4 boys will completly outgrow their Tancolour. So that leave Jayden and Joshua as the only Phantoms in the litter.




The Puppies are all fine. Just wanted to share a "few" photos with you :-) It is such a joy to watch the boys and to play with them. The following  photos are from yesterday :-)

        Pschhhhh Puppy is asleep :-)

The next Photos are from today. The Puppies enjoyed their Chicken Carcasses. It was their first time that they had to work the meat off the bones and they all done so very well - like little Wolves :-)




6 weeks and 2 days .... They boys are growing nicely and truly start to bring life into the house :-)




Awww Puppies are 7 weeks now and its not gone take that much longer before the first boys gone leave us. All 6 of them have turned into very stunning Miniature Poodles and I am sure that they all are a very good example of the breed. They are very playfull and aktive too and know no fear :-) They are very easy to groom now and are used to the whole grooming process, they just have to learn to sit still lol Hoover, TV, dishwacher, tumble dry ... they know it all and are fine with it.




Legend. Iluandra, Castiel, Rhapsodie and the Boys have all been to the Vet today. All of them have been as good as gold and everyone loved the Puppies :-D The boys are all of a good quality and their lungs and hearts sound perfect but unfortunately we have 5 Umbilical Hearinas and 2 bit faults :-( The Boys are still young and this faults can sort them selfs as they get older, but yes its a bit disappointing for me....On the other side, this faults will not lead to any medicaly faults and are more classes as a cosmetic fault so I am very happy to say that my Puppies are all in good health. Here are a few photos and please scroll down to the botom of this page for a Video of the other doggies who all fall asleep while my Vet was busy with the boys, bless them.




9 weeks ....

We still have 5 very stunning and playful Boy who are waiting for their forever home. BUT pleeeeease bear in mind, that this boys are not JUST FOR CHRISTMAS !!! They all deserve the very best families.

Here are a few Photos of Jocker and Joshuar :-) The samlest Puppy and the biggest Puppy.



The J-Boys are wishing everyone a Merry Christmas :-)

They are 11 weeks old today. All of them are fine and have enjoyed their first Christm,as with us.




The boys will be 12 weeks in 2 days :-) I have now started with the 1-to-1 lead/follow/recall training and I am totally over the moon with their first leason. I did get a realy good idea about the Puppies character through all the interakting, playing and watching the Puppies and I am very happy to say that each puppy has proved me right in their 1-to-1 training :-) Please see their induvidually pages for photos, videos and infos.



Our remining 4 boys are 15 weeks today. All are doing very well and are enjoying the snow :-)





Playing in the snow :-)


Thought I will share some photos from our daily Puppywalk :-) Jabari, Jocker, Jumangi and Castiel. Castiel is NOT available, he is just enjoying the extra traininmg.


***** 09.04.2013****

The boys are now 6 months old.

a few more photos. Puppies have been great at the car boot sale and enjoyed a nice walk at the lake :-)







4 weeks done and a nother 5 weeks to go :-) Rhapsodie is fine and loves to be cuddled but she also enjoyes her walks and of course her food lol I will not take Rhapsodie for a pregnancy scan as her tummy clearly shows that she is in Pup, we just have to hope that all goes well.




5 weeks done and a nother 4 to go :-)




Awww only 3 more weeks :-) Rhapsodie is getting quite round already and loves to eat, eat and eat all day long, bless her.





We are now getting to the end of the pregnancy and I am sure that Rhapsodie will be very happy once her Puppies are born. She realy had enough and seems quite uncomfortable with her babytummy.