We all had a good start to the year and the Puppies had a busy start to the year too lol

Primus and Phoenix had a few days off so I had the time to work on Prtentiss which went very good! And then we had a group training with the 3 Puppies today which has been good too. And here are the photos and videos :-)


This is from Sunday. Mum, Dad, Castiel, Zaphira, Prentiss and me went to the market in Felixstow. Some areas wher busy and then it got quiet again so ideal for Prentiss as she always got time to look around, but also had to get used to busy surroundings. She was not too happy about the first dog contact, but then she stated to get interested in other doggies, bless her. 

Prentiss had another busy day on Monday. She went to the Needham Market Lake together with Zaphira and Rhapsodie and she done so very well :-D Her recall was great, she was friendly to tohers and stayed in touch with me <3 <3 <3 The best was, that when ever we stoped to give her time to "check out" a situation, she would just stay with us and then - oncy she was finish - she would come next to me and sat down :-) I then praised her and we carried on with our walk. All this stop and go did made the walk cost more time BUT it is sooooo important for a puppy to get through the situation and to have time to see that everything is ok <3 To rush is the worst thing one can do! And I tell you, there is A LOT to look at by the lake lol


We also had to stop at a shop after our lovely walk at the lake :-)


Yesterday was a very quiet and relaxing day. One reason for that was, that we had to stay at home due to a delivery and the other reason was that it was raining almost all day long :-(

Khalan has found a new pillow lol And the secound photo is a puzzle - which head belongs to which body ;-)



Daddy is the best <3 <3 <3

And then finally my order has been delivered .... at 5:30pm grrrrr And thats why we had to stay at home!!?? A roughly delivery time would be very userfull :-(


And this is from today :-) Prentiss, Primus, Phoenix and me went into town :-D It was a good walk, but also a bit of a complicated walk as handeling 3 leads was a great task for me lol All 3 Puppies are in a different "training stages" with Primus having the most training and Prentiss just started a few days back.

We first had a little walk and play on the fields to give the puppies ther chance to go potty and to get rid of some energy lol


We walked all the way through the town to get to another shop - Mum went in and the 4 of us waited outside hihihi


And back at home - a new batch of hooves filled with chicken :-D

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