Abby is my pick of Asis first litter.

She has been tricoloured from birth on !!!!! Her coat is full of glitter and shine and she is sooooo silky.

Little Abby is a bit shy and needs time to get used to people. But she is learning fast and relaised that cuddels are great. She was about 10 weeks old when I heared her purring for the first time!!!!! But I belive that she will have a great character when she carries on as she is doing. Abby gets better from day to day and she starts to come to me when I watch TV.


Abby is about 10 weeks in the following photos

   Sorry I cut the head of, but I think it is still a nice photo

     where is the toy !?!?

 Mum and daughter



Abby with 17 weeks   

   "I spy what with my little eye, something beginnin with ....................... ..........." Yes thats right, beginning with "T"   "TOY"

 Now relaxing with mum.

Abby has turned into a stunning young cat. She loves to play and dose know no fear while she is playing. My little girl still dosen´r realy like to be stroken, but she loves to sleep in my lap and welcomes me every time I enter the room where she already is. Abby also welcomes visiets, what makes me really happy so who ever comes to visit us, will be able to see her.

Abby dose know that she is our princess LOL  She has got her own mind and thats what makes her so special. Abby will come when she wants and she will go when she wants to go.

There is only one Toy what makes Abby turn into a wild tiger and that is my old horse whip. She gose mad for it and can play for hours and hours with it. 


13.01.2009 Some new photos of Abby. She is 5.5 month old.  Now as Atreju found his pethome, Abby starts to show more of her self. She is much more aktive and attached to me LOL

17.01.2008 My cats got a new toy and Abby had to try it and thought that the box is much more fun LOL



04.05.2009 Abby is now about 9.5 month young.



31.05.2009: Yes a true Bengalcat- Abby loves to play with water



09.08.2009: New photos from Abby. She is now 1 year and 2 weeks. Abby is a stunning young cat with a lot of glitter and shine on her golden short coat. Her coat is as soft as silk.



Take a look at this stunning photo of Abby. I just love all the golddust and shine on her.




Abby will be 2 years in nearly 3.5 month. She has turned into a great cat and I am looking forwart to her first litter this year.



My shadow Abby :-D




Here are a few new photos of my dear girl Abby :-D




A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very special girl :-D

I hope that there are many more years for us to share <3


.... no words needed ... abby knows how much I lover her <3 She is so very special to me <3



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