I am very proud to say that my Queens are all living a very comfortable indoor life as part of the family. I dont have a cattery where my girls are kept if they are not expecting. All of my cats and kittens are very friendly and socialised. As soon as the kittens are old enough to run about they get introdused to the normal life. This is only possible because my girls have enough room to avoid each other if one has a bad day. There are also plenty of toilets acrose the house and there are more places for the cats to go if they are thirsty. It is also very importand to keep toilet, food and water away from each other. Cats normaly don´t like to eat where they dring and they find it also disgusting to see there toilets while enjoying there meal.

But I think that Asis is also holding a big key role. She has been a fantastic cat from day one with a very special carracter.  She is giving her very best to her babys and so are the kittens giving there best. And if a Queen is such an adoring mother then the female kittens will also turn into fantastic mothers who are giving there babys the very best start -  and thats where the circle clouses.  


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