Abby is now the proud mother of 2 lovely marble boys, one in snow and one in brown. The birth went very well apart from his huge gap inbetween the 2 kittens. Caecilia is not sure about the babys and is trying to play with them but Cielo is absolutly fantascit with little Kittens. He has hellped Abby through the birth and with cleaning the first Baby. The secound baby came in the middle of the night and Cielo was far asleep so I helped Abby a bit.


Elias, brown marble, 92g, D.o.B. 19.06.2011  12.43 pm

Elay, blue eyed snow marble, 94g, D.o.B. 20.06.2011  01.56 am




Mummy and Kittens are doing very well. Abby has her babys in a little basked which was standing on my bed, well I was hoping to be able to move the basked out of my bed for the night. So I put the basked on the flor next to my bed and Abby was very happy...... well as long as I had my arm in the basked. Once I turned over to the otherside Abby grabed little Elay and jumed up on me. So I moved over to one side of the bed and put the basked next to me in the bed. Abby stayed with her babys the whole night. I did not hear her leaving the basket nor did I feel her walking over me. I did woke up every now and  again and saw that Cilo stayed with Abby for most of the night. It is so nice to see how well they get along even with the newborns. My doggis have also been able to see the babys and they liked them too :-)



Both kittens are growing nicely and Abby is again a fantastic Mother. She is not worried about her babys and even the dogs are allowed to see them. The boys are also used to be handled from me now, they don´t hiss anymore but do curl up in my hand instead.


Elay - 215g


Elias - 197g, he has statred to open one eye. Looks very funny



We are 2 weeks old now. Eyes and ears are open. Both of them are growing nicely and are spoiled by all of my cats. I normaly wake up in the morning and see that Anny and Caecilia are borth in the basket with the boys. Cielo normal stays in my bed for the night but will go and cuddle up with the 2 kittens during the day. Abby likes to hide undernath the blanket

Elay - 2 weeks 305g

Elias - 2 weeks 299g



Abby has decided to "move houses" with her babys. She is now living in a drawer but still in my bedroom. The funny thing is, is that this drawer was Caecilias bed !!! Maybe abby wants more company and thought its better to move in with Caecilia :-) The boys and Caecilia are not bothered about it.



The kittens will be 4 weeks in 2 days so it was time for new photos. If you are intrested in this 2 boys then please get in touch with me. I am looking for a home for both of them together.



The 2 brothers are doing very well. Abby keeps carrying them around. She either puts them into my bed or she will bring them to me in the frontroom when I watch a bit TV in the evening so we all have a gib groupcuddle :-) The kittens are not bothered about the dogs anymore and do start to walk after them. It will only take a few days for them to find the way from the bedroom to the kitchen or frontroom now as they started to wander around.



The boys are still not eating yet as Abby has plenty of milk for her babys. But they did had a try on chicken hearts which they quite thought were good. Both are getting more and more aktive by he day and truly enjoy our evening cuddles. Elias has found the way out of my room but only once so I think that was a kinf of accident LOL Yesterday I found Abby, Caecilia, Cielo and little Elay in the kitchen. Abby will take her boys whereever she wants them.



The boys have finally started to play now as they are 5 weeks old. Both of them run around the house together with the dogs. They are not scared and my doggies are very gently to them. The brothers will get more and more aktive by the day and now its where the joy and fun startes. They are not to keen on the cat food but both love chicken heats and chicks. The chickes are still very big for them but they will sort them out in a little while LOL Today was there very first "play time" so ofcourse i was taking the opportunity to take photos and some videos. Please KLICK HERE to the them.



And some more photos :-) The kittens and Abby feel very comfortable and safe in the kitchen with the dogs.



The boys are 8 weeks today and I just did not really have the time to update the photos :-/ Both of them are fine and are racing in the house like mad. They are very playfull now and get along with the dogd verywell. They will soon get there first vaccination and vet health check and hopefully will also find there new home(s) i really want to place them together so please feel free to visit us und meet the boys.



Both available




Here are a few photos of Elay. I will try to get some from Elias too. Both boys have develloped into stunning Bengals with amazing characters. Elay is still looking for his own family. He would be a great Studcat.

Elay has now found his forever family. He will be a much beloved familycat. Take good car of my boy xxx







Elias with just under 5 years <3 <3 <3



My sweet boy is cage trained too loool Well, he surly is clever to know how comfortable the dog beds are, bless him.



Mein kleiner Tieger hat sich super git in Deutschland eingewöhnt. Schon am selben Tag gingen wir gemeinsam raus um die Gegend zu erkundigen - zu zweit fand eres wohl doch am sichersten hihihi Die ersten paar Wochen ging er auch immer mit uns Gassie aber seiut nun rund 4 Wochen werden unsere gemeinsamen Gassierunden immer seltener und er fängt an selbststänig herrum zu streifen. Natürlich fehlt er mir beim gassie gehn, aber nun weiß ist, dass auch Arschi so richtig angekommen ist <3 <3 <3