D.o.B. 10.08.2010, 02.46pm, birthweight 71g

Asis´s her last born daughter and the smallerst of the litter. Caecilia defenately was not in a hury to be born . We had to wait almost 5 hours for her but as good things need time I am sure this little darling will be a stunning girl.  She has nice colours like her brown siblings. I am not to sure at the moment whether Caecilia is glitterd but she defenately has a great head with nice muzzle. Her tail is also very promising.


14.08.2010 - 4 days old, weights 115g



Our sweet little Caecilia at 11 days:


Caecilia with 19 days. She is getting quite fuzzy now. She has got a nice thick, short tail with a round tip. Her ears are tiny and round. I am more then pleased with such a lovely girl.



Now with almost 4 weeks it is getting harder for me to take good photos of Caecilia as she woun´t keep still LOL Caecilia is always on the move.




Sweet little Caecilia with almost 6 weeks.

Hey sis !!! How did you get up there??!! 


Caecilia is still the smallerst of the 4 but she does not know about it ;-)



Caecilia with 8 weeks. I really love her black colour and she seems to get the same colour then her halfbrother Atreju. I am sorry that I only have 2 photos showing Caecilia, but she just woun´t keeo still LOL






Caecilia is No.4



Caecilia is an absolutly stunning girl. She has a wild head with golden eyes, nice tail, the softest pelt I haver seen, is covered in glitter and shine and - to top all this - a great marble pattern with a nice flow which is mils away from the classic tabby pattern. I am/was planing to keep Caecilia for my breeding program but I am also happy to let her go to a small hobby breeder.


The only christmas Photo which I have LOL



As our garden is now complitly fenst up 2m high I tought I will give the caecilia a bit of a freerun. She realy enjoyed it and was happy to run with the dogs. It is still possible for the cats to climp over the fence so therefore I only take one cat at a time into our garden - just in case LOL



Caecilia with 7 month. She is a very friendly, playfull and cuddely young cat. She loves to play in the garden and to climb up on the trees - a true Bengal



Caecilia is almost 9 month now and has all what I was hoping for. A pattern second to none, (well Cielo can beat her easyely) and a character which is anbelivable. She can be a tiger now and the little baby in the next second. Always frindly to anybody - even visitor she never meet before. Caecilia is still a small lady and has to do some growing but I am already looking forward to her kittens in 2012.

Caecilia has been chasing a fly and then had tio learn that she in not able to walk ower the water LOL But that was not a problem for her as she is a Bengal.


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