I am really proud to announce the safe arrival of "Parti Pinto Kijara vom Annenhof" and "Parti Pinto La Vita vom Annenhof"

It has been a very long time but now as they are here with us I know that it was well worth to wait for them. A very speacial "Thankyou" to Carmen who made all this come true by entrusting this very special girls to me. There are no words which could describe my feelings - I think I am the happiest person on earth and I do hope that you know how much this girls mean to me.
It was a pleasure to meet you Carmen and of course the "Chaos-Team from Annehof". We had a very warme welcome and enjoyd the four days at the "Annenhof" which unluckely went by to fast. Carmen done her very best to show me as much as possible about my girls and how she is hadeling her dogs - which I thought is amazing. And she wasn´t tired about all my questions and of course was more than happy to share all her knowledge with me. It is very nice to know that I didn´t just meet a nother breeder but a friend instead. 

Also a very special "Thankyou" to my Dad who was so kind and stayed at home to take care of my dogs/cats. This really did put my mind on rest as I knew that my pets are in very good hands. My journey wouln´t have been half as good if all of my pets would have been in other people hands.

Thankyou very much Mum to do this long journey with me. It was really nice to have you on my site especally as you where able to see for your self that it is very possible to handle a pack "zwinker" 

It makes me speechless by thinking how much you all are beliving in me and that all of you where helping me sooo much to make my dreams come true and I dearly hope to make you all proud one day.



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